Destiny in the Rose

This might be your conventional epic story, another story that tells the tale of someone. The story of someone who is going to make great achievements in a war-torn land. This is Katherine Renard’s story. Many obstacles she will encounter, 3 missing people she will come across, to reveal many secrets about her ancestor’s past. Many people will support her cause and explain these turn of events, through clashing of swords and magic.


8. Katherine's version from Iselia's Fall

3 months have passed after that battle. Dante was double-checking if everyone was inside the perimeter but he saw that Katherine was missing and goes to look for her. He saw her crying nearby and tries not to scare her. Anyway, he failed to do so because he stepped on a branch and she heard him. She quickly wiped her tears; she didn't want Dante to know that she was crying.

“Dante, what are you doing here?” Katherine asked, while wiping her ears.
“I was exactly going to ask the same thing.” Dante remarked.
“Let’s go back to the camp.” Katherine requested.
“Umm… Katherine, can you go talk to Matthew?” Dante asked.
“What's wrong with him?” Katherine asked.
“He has been absentminded lately. I wish you could talk to him about the matter so he can feel better about what’s worrying him…can you do that for me?” Dante asked.
“Why don't you talk to him?” Katherine asked.
“He’ll never talk to me about what's worrying him; on the other hand you are his childhood friend. He’ll feel more comfortable talking to you.” Dante explained.
“Ok, I’ll talk to him right now” Katherine agreed.

Dante and Katherine went back to the camp and went inside Matthew's tent. Katherine saw that Matthew was still awake. Dante decided to go to his tent and leave them alone, talking.

“Matthew, may I come in?” Katherine asked.
“Katherine? What are you doing here?” Matthew asked.
“Dante told me that you were feeling down.” Katherine answered.
“I am sorry for making you worry about me.” Matthew apologized.
“What is that distresses you?” Katherine asked.
“It’s about our plight…Our parents are gone, we have no guidance from anyone to help us, how to distribute our strengths in this army, and when I’m in trouble I've got no one else to turn to except my sister, Claire. I don't want her to carry my burden.” Matthew said.
“Matthew, you’ve got us…your friends, family and some are loyal to you. Please, don’t think you have to do this all by yourself.” Katherine comforted.
“You’re right, but…” Matthew said.
“But?” Katherine asked.
“I can’t keep thinking about what my father said 2 years ago.” Matthew said.
“What did he say?” Katherine inquired.
“That I was inexperienced, not prepared, not trained, how could I lead a nation if I can’t lead an army?” Matthew admitted.
“Matthew…you don’t have the natural ability to lead an army, no one has that. You only learn how to do it. I've heard that many rulers in Iselia, were people who were new to this; even young children of ages like 13 or 14 automatically went to the throne when father, mother or both died. Still they pulled it through. Of course he or she would have help of an adviser of the past king or to-be king's most trusted person. The point is that you will lead a nation with your own experience. We are all going to gain it here, we are not born with experience we gain it throughout our life and I think that you will be an excellent ruler.” Katherine said, easing Matthew. 
“Do you think so?” Matthew asked.
“Yes, because you look for others necessities and you are kind, compassionate. To give you an example June and Anna came in here for help you help them and both were appealed to stay here to help us and to be safe.” Katherine explained.
“But many think that we are way too young to rule an empire or to lead a group of people who want to end this.” Matthew replied.
“Matthew, leave your insecurities behind. You’re right about us being young and having to lead people who are older than us. Still, we were left in charge to do this. Remember that your father had told us to create an army and free the other lands. As I said before, you are person who looks after others…and you have discovered your light side.” Katherine said, blushing.
“What are you talking about?” Matthew asked, confused.
“My father had taught me that people have a Light and a Dark side, but it’s you who decides on which side to act upon…That's who we really are.” Katherine explained.
“Thanks, Kathy…for cheering me up” Matthew said.

Katherine rose up to her feet, Matthew got up, but Katherine unexpectedly hugged him. He only blushed and hugged her back.

“I am here for you, Matthew. I guess I’ll go back to sleep, see you tomorrow.” Katherine said.
“Yeah, see you tomorrow…sleep tight.” Matthew replied.

Both moved away and Katherine left the tent. Matthew just felt a little weird because, Katherine is a good friend but she never showed this kind of affection. He is glad and appreciated her care and went back to sleep.

Next morning Katherine and the rest were practicing each other to increase their skills and then Adam proposed something…

“You know, Matthew I am feeling bored sparring with the same person every day.” Adam whined.
“I think that Adam is right (Turns to Matthew) not that I don’t enjoy sparring with you…so don’t get me wrong.” Katherine replied.
“Let’s practice with different partners today, then” replied.

Everyone exchanged partners. In the end they were really tired and directly went to their tents and slept. Not long after that, Katherine went to a nearby tree and sat in there, Weiss was looking for Katherine because Claire told him to remind Katherine to go to her tent to talk about some details. Weiss went near that tree and told Katherine to go to Claire's tent. Katherine thanked Weiss. Weiss and Katherine ended up talking and it seemed that both were getting along really well.

“Weiss, you’re so reliable, I can’t believe that people say that you are always serious and shy.” Katherine remarked.
“I usually hide my true identity to prevent others to see my weaknesses.” Weiss admitted.
“I see.” Katherine replied.
“Lady Katherine…Dante had told me that you were crying when he was looking for you.” Weiss replied.
“I’ll tell you about it, but promise me that you won't tell no one.” Katherine pleaded.
“I won’t.” Weiss promised.
“I was crying because of my parents. They died in the Iselian Massacre. They are gone now and since that incident I had always blamed myself for it, until the adoption came. My father’s brother, Uncle Damian, had made a promise, to adopt us if something happened to him and mom. King Carlyle knew about this and the least he could do is to adopt us. When both met, they discussed this for a while and agreed to do this: Uncle Damian was going to keep us for some time and he was going to send us to Arcadia, to be trained and raised as nobles along with my brother. When I went to Uncle Damian’s estate, there was boy living with him, his name is Kamui. We used to play a lot; we shared a lot of experiences. When I was leaving I felt really sad, so was he. I made a promise with him; the promise was that I will go back there again. I left there and I went to Arcadia. I felt really weird because you know, I didn't know King Carlyle. When I arrived, I saw 2 little kids of my same age, it turns out that they are Matthew and Claire. Both saw and felt our sorrow and condoled with us. We adapted in there; I almost felt that those days weren't going to end. Matthew, Claire, Ky and I were on our way to the Illian Plains but Kain was there and told us to retreat. Suddenly Carlyle, Matthew and Claire’s Father, came and protected us. But he died against my parent's murderer. I don't know his name because I can't recognize him. Fearing that that he attacked again, I used my magic to form a shield so no one could get hurt and Claire helped me to create something quick to distract him. We fled to the castle to tell Gabrielle, Matthew and Claire’s older sister, to flee with us, but she said she couldn't because it was her duty to stay here. We tried to persuade her to come with us, but she was so obstinate. In the end, she was left behind and we fled to the nearest kingdom: Dales.
“I see. Now I understand, thanks for telling me this.” Weiss said.
“Ok, see you tomorrow.” Katherine said.
“Yes, see you…Wait!!” Weiss replied.
“What’s wrong, Weiss?” Katherine asked.
“Lady Claire told me to remind you to go to her tent.” Weiss replied.
“Oh, I completely forgot! Thanks Weiss.” Katherine said

Katherine left the place and hurriedly ran to Claire's place.


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