Destiny in the Rose

This might be your conventional epic story, another story that tells the tale of someone. The story of someone who is going to make great achievements in a war-torn land. This is Katherine Renard’s story. Many obstacles she will encounter, 3 missing people she will come across, to reveal many secrets about her ancestor’s past. Many people will support her cause and explain these turn of events, through clashing of swords and magic.


2. Arcadia's Fall

Aaron’s brother, Damian, had heard about his death so he tried to go to Iselia as fast as he could. He promised Aaron to protect his children. In the adoption room he saw a scared boy and a crying girl with one bandaged royal knight taking care of them. Those were Ky, Katherine and the injured knight Lester. He also he saw another familiar face; it was Aaron’s childhood friend, King Carlyle. Both talked about the adoption of the royal siblings.

“Damian, long time, no see.” Carlyle said, as he was approaching.
“Same here, Carlyle.” Damian answered.
“So, I heard Aaron and Isabelle died at the mass massacre in Iselia.” Carlyle said with a grimaced look.
“Indeed…” Damian replied.
“No one knows where Serene and Siegfried are, as Lester lost track of Noah.” Carlyle added.
That’s why I came here. I would like to make an agreement with you.” Damian replied.
“Tell me.” Carlyle answered.
“Since Katherine and Ky are probably the sole survivors of the House Renard, because no one knows where Noah had left with Serene and Siegfried; They must learn the ways of royalty, and you are fit to do this task.” Damian explained.
“Why don’t you get a governess to teach these young children?” Carlyle asked.
“You know that I can’t do that because probably they are already searching for me, and I don’t want them to hurt my young nephew and niece.” Damian replied.
“Okay, here’s the deal, you stay with them for 1 year and then I’ll take them in my Castle.” Carlyle reasoned.
“Very well, then.” Damian accepted Carlyle’s offer.

Damian saw the children, and smiled at them. Little Katherine extended her hand onto Damian’s palm and smiled too. He took them with him and brought them to his estate. He made sure that none of the siblings could remember such tragic events, so he used hypnosis. The siblings lived happily during that one year.

“Why do we have to go to Uncle Carlyle?” Young Ky asked, curious.
“That’s because you can’t be in my estate.” Damian replied.
“Why not, Uncle Damian?” Katherine asked.
“That’s because I made an agreement with Uncle Carlyle. I said I would keep you for some time but then you would go to his castle to be there and play with his children.” Damian answered.
“Really?” Katherine smiled.
“Yes, yes, I believe they are your age.” Damian smiled.
“Yay!” Ky answered.
“Okay, get in the carriage and we’ll go to Arcadia.” Damian answered.
“Okay!” Katherine and Ky answered in unison.

This was dramatic change for Katherine and Ky because they were being taken to a foreign country to live as nobles; they didn’t have a relative in there. Damian left, in hopes that these children could be safe together under Carlyle’s care. Carlyle introduced his children to them and eventually they became friends and grew together.

8 years have passed…The enemy thought that they killed their objective during that war.

“Matthew, where are you taking us?” Claire asked, exhausted from all the walking.
“To the Illian plains.” Matthew replied.
“But why? What is it interesting to be there?” Ky asked.
“I am sure we won’t do anything in there” Claire replied.
“Oh come on, we don’t know how it will look like, so don’t complain.” Katherine replied, trying to support Matthew.
“Okay, since anyone won’t go and see it, let’s go back.” Matthew said, disappointed

Katherine, Matthew, Ky and Claire went back to the path of the castle; protected by Kain, a royal knight. On their way back, they found a strange man with a dark cloak blocking the path back to the castle; he appeared to be a dark mage.
“It’s a surprise that I found the heirs of Arcadia and Iselia.” The dark mage replied.
“Katherine, stay behind me.” Matthew motioned.
“You will not get past here.” The dark mage replied.

He started attacking them, but they saw a shadow coming, it was King Carlyle. He attacked before the blow landed on them.

“Father!” Matthew and Claire yelled.
“Matthew, take care of your sisters, take Katherine and Ky with you and flee now!” King Carlyle exclaimed.
“What? Why?” Matthew asked.
“Just do what I say…The kingdom of Arcadia is falling.” King Carlyle replied, bitterly.
“It’s good that you realized that!” the dark mage replied.

He attacked again, Katherine had made a barrier to shield all attacks, and of course her barrier wasn’t going to resist all of them now that her magic was too weak and unstable. Carlyle tried to protect them for he made an Oath to Aaron. That mysterious man tried to get Katherine and kidnap her. Carlyle didn’t permit that so he sacrificed himself, dying.

“Princess Katherine, Prince Ky, you must leave with Matthew and flee to Dales. You must free the land at any costs. Reclaim your rights and the glory of Afaeld.” Carlyle uttered.
“We will, Uncle Carlyle…” Katherine replied, on the verge of tears, Ky just hit his fist on the ground.
“Matthew, help them with what you can. Claire, don’t cry. I will always be with you, Matthew and Gabrielle.” Carlyle said with his last breath.

The king passed away while the dark mage replied,

“Remember this name…Brach.” The mage replied, as he vanished into thin air.

When Matthew saw him die he felt anger, despair, hatred and sadness all mixed up. Some enemy soldiers were beginning to appear.

“FATHER!!” Matthew yelled, while Claire cried.

Katherine made an illusion to confuse the enemy and ran as fast as they could to the Arcadian castle. They found Gabrielle protecting the castle from harm, she told them to take their most prized belongings and leave the castle immediately!

“Matthew, Claire, I am glad you are fine” Gabrielle said with a tone of relief.
“Gabrielle we must flee!” Matthew yelled.
“I can’t Matthew.” Gabrielle replied, bitterly.
“What? Gabrielle, the castle is in ruins, the kingdom of Arcadia is falling, Father is dead. He said that I should take you and flee to Dales. Gabrielle…” Matthew pleaded.
“I can’t do that , because many people died to let us live, I can’t leave them alone.” Gabrielle smiled.

She had told Jillie and Kent to protect them and aid them to find a place to keep them safe. In the end Gabrielle stayed behind in the castle and Matthew, Katherine, Ky, Claire left to nearest kingdom, Dales, a southern kingdom, the only one which hasn’t been invaded, yet.

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