Destiny in the Rose

This might be your conventional epic story, another story that tells the tale of someone. The story of someone who is going to make great achievements in a war-torn land. This is Katherine Renard’s story. Many obstacles she will encounter, 3 missing people she will come across, to reveal many secrets about her ancestor’s past. Many people will support her cause and explain these turn of events, through clashing of swords and magic.


6. Alliance with Princess Jane

Next morning they parted to Jane’s Castle (It’s located in Ald’lora’s border) because Katherine told Matthew that she can help then on their quest by supplying the army, uniting troops also this kingdom was an old alliance to Iselia, Arcadia, Raleigh and Friedrien.

“Okay, we will have to make an alliance with the Ald’loran princess, Jane.” Matthew stated.
“Who do you suggest we send?” Adam asked.
“I will send Katherine and Sarina to do the job.” Matthew answered.
“Why them? Don’t you think you should go too?” Grey asked.
“Its best that Katherine goes there, instead of me.” Matthew answered.
“Don’t worry Matthew, I’ll go there with Sarina and we will make that alliance happen.” Katherine answered.
“I trust in you. Take care.” Matthew said as he sent them off.

He sent Sarina to ride the Pegasus with Katherine to go and talk with Jane as the representative of the Rebel Army. When they were on the sky
“Lady Katherine, you seem quiet. What’s troubling you?” Sarina asked.
“It’s nothing, Sarina. I was just thinking how the others are faring down below and whether will Princess Jane will agree with our alliance.” Katherine wondered.
“Don’t worry, we will do fine.” Sarina comforted her.
“Yeah, we will do.” Katherine replied with a smile.
“…Hmm? What’s wrong, buddy?” Sarina asked, looking at the Pegasus being uneasy.
“Sarina, watch out!” Katherine yelled.

An arrow was being shot at them, which made the Pegasus feel danger and drove both of them to the forest.
“S-Sarina, a-are you alright?” Katherine replied as she was reeling from pain in her left arm.
“Yes, I am okay; only a few cuts on my legs. The Pegasus has very few wounds.” Sarina answered.
“That’s good to hear.” Katherine managed to choke those words.
“Katherine, you are bleeding from your arm! Let me bandage it for you.” Sarina said alarmed.
“Not so fast.” A soldier said, with some others behind him.
“Let me bandage her arm, she is badly hurt from her arm.” Sarina said, calmly.

The soldiers took them to Princess Jane’s castle. Meanwhile in the army, Matthew felt that Sarina and Katherine were in danger but then he is calmed down by Claire and Ky.

Katherine and Sarina were badly hurt, the soldier escorts them to a narrow, but long passage and they finally reach the throne room, the other soldiers who came along, they bowed in front Princess Jane. Katherine and Sarina were awed by her magnificence and patience to treat people.

“Who are these, fair, young maidens, what are they doing here, and why are they badly hurt?” Princess Jane asked.
“They were infiltrating the country of Ald’lora, your highness. We attacked them. Also, they came with a Pegasus that is being taken into custody.” The soldier replied.
“Nonsense! We didn’t come here to invade you!” Sarina yelled, while Katherine remained silent.
“Quiet, you!” the soldier snapped.
“Soldier! Where are your manners! You don’t talk to a lady like that! And how come you didn’t treat their wounds. Did you even let them explain their reason being here?” Princess Jane angrily remarked.
“I am sorry, milady. No we didn’t.” The soldier apologized.
“What are you waiting for? Treat their wounds here, in this instant! Now, you. Why are you quiet?” Princess Jane asked.
“Milady, what my companion, Sarina, says it’s true. We didn’t come here to invade your country, in fact we came here to make an alliance with you and 5 countries.”
“Alliance? With which countries?”
“An alliance with Arcadia, Raleigh, Friedrien, Dales and lastly, Iselia.”
“Wait, you said Iselia? That’s impossible, Iselia was annihilated 10 years ago! I know the children of other kingdoms survived the attack, but Iselia? Where is Iselia’s representative, because as far as I’m concerned, the king, queen and royal children and mostly all of its inhabitants died during that battle.” Princess Jane reasoned.
“You are looking at Katherine Renard, one of the royal children that survived the attack.” Katherine said.
“You?! If you have your ancestor’s necklace I can truly believe you.” Princess Jane said.
“Okay, here it is.” Katherine said as she showed the necklace to the princess.
“I am assuming that your companion is a fellow soldier isn’t it?” Princess Jane asked.
“No, she is the princess of Dales.” Katherine replied.

The rest of the soldiers gasped and murmured about her existence. They even regretted the fact that they treated her poorly, along with her companion.

When Princess Jane saw Katherine she realized that she was the reason why the continent of Afaeld was attacked by 2 allies 10 years ago. Katherine started to negotiate with Jane and showed a Silver Sword symbolizing Alliance with Iselia, Arcadia, Raleigh, Friedrien and Dales. Dusk had already arrived when they bandaged their wounds. Jane checked if the guests were fine but she noticed that Katherine was missing. She saw her on the balcony gazing at the stars, Jane approaches and asks:

“Katherine what are you doing?” Princess Jane asked.
“Oh, I was just praying that my brother is fine; he worries me a lot…” Katherine admitted.
“I see.” Princess Jane replied.
“Jane, I have a question for you” Katherine replied.
“What is it?” Princess Jane said.
“How do you think this is going to end? I know it’s too soon to even foretell events, but I would just like to know something to keep me going on.” Katherine said.
“I don’t know, but I keep praying that this ends peacefully. Come on lets go to sleep. Tomorrow, you need to send a message to Prince Matthew about my alliance and full support to your army.” Princess Jane said kindly.
“Ok, I will try to sleep.” Katherine said.

When Jane and Katherine were about to sleep, a nearby enemy attacked the castle because they found out that Katherine was there, but luckily, Matthew had arrived with the army and they defeated the enemy. The Princess Jane decided to go with them. Although she knew that she couldn’t leave her empire but she went anyway because she’ll be in danger. They went to the camp to rest and get some sleep and in the next morning, they packed their belongings and left.

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