Destiny in the Rose

This might be your conventional epic story, another story that tells the tale of someone. The story of someone who is going to make great achievements in a war-torn land. This is Katherine Renard’s story. Many obstacles she will encounter, 3 missing people she will come across, to reveal many secrets about her ancestor’s past. Many people will support her cause and explain these turn of events, through clashing of swords and magic.


10. Adrian's Arrival

Matthew was really confused at what Katherine had told him 3 weeks ago, when both were outside waiting for Anna to tell them if Claire was ok. What Katherine really wants now is to go to Ethitram which is a crucial place to go because she will get more people to join the army, she wanted Matthew divert himself from Claire’s accident and wants to find a long-lost friend called Adrian. Adrian was a son of a maid who labored at the Arcadian Castle; His father was a general in the country’s militia. Both were really busy working and couldn’t take care of Adrian so, Matthew’s Mother, Queen Zara, agreed to take care of him. However, the Iselian Massacre struck. Many nobles had to go and aid their allies. Arcadia had to aid Iselia. Queen Zara decided to go and aid their ally. Unfortunately, she died with Adrian’s Father. Adrian’s mother, shaken by their death, she took Adrian with her and installed themselves in Ethitram. Katherine had heard of him a lot when she was living at the Arcadian castle and Matthew would talk so fondly about him so she decided to look for him to lighten Matthew up.
When they arrived at Ethitram, Katherine asked some nobles if they could look for him so he could meet Matthew. Claire who couldn’t move a lot she said she could look for him.

“Ok, guys. We have to look for a guy that is named Adrian. He might help us with some things like strategies, paths, routes and stuff like that. So if you see someone whose hair is dark brown, tanned skin and hazel eyes…follow him and say that Prince Matthew or Princess Claire is looking for him.” Katherine ordered.
“Katherine, I want to help out. I feel fine. Don’t worry about me; I can take care of myself.” Claire pleaded.
“Well, I don't know. I can’t put you into danger and I don’t want Matthew to be worried about you. You could have died that day.” Katherine reasoned.
“But I didn’t Katherine…don’t worry. I’ll be really careful. Please let me go to look for him, besides, I will recognize him when I see him.” Claire begged.
“Fine, go look for him but don’t push yourself too hard.” Katherine requested.
“I won’t.” Claire smiled.
“Well! You all know what to do. Dismiss.” Katherine said, as the rest were leaving.

Everybody left the place to look for Adrian. Adam saw that Claire was looking for him too. He tried to catch up with her and stopped her by saying:

“Claire, what are you doing in here? Aren’t you supposed to be resting in the infirmary?” Adam asked.
“I know, but I asked Katherine permission to join the group so I could not be in that hideous place and to look for Adrian, besides, I know him.” Claire explained.
“Good point, but does Matthew know that you’re here and that Katherine gave you permission? I’m afraid not.” Adam said, *Shaking  his head
“I don’t want to be in the infirmary. I feel suffocated being in there and I'm being treated like a child. They are over exaggerating my injuries.” Claire complained.
“Over exaggerating? Claire, Katherine found you lying on the floor covered with blood and look at you arm, it’s covered of wounds. For some reason Katherine and Matthew are worried sick about you.” Adam said.
“Well, It was my irresponsibility to let myself into danger. Don’t tell Matthew that I was here please. I don’t want to worry him.” Claire pleaded.
“Don’t worry, you have my word.” Adam assured him.
“May I look for him with you? Katherine told me that I shouldn’t push myself too hard or I would surely faint.” Claire asked.
“Uh…sure. Actually, Katherine knew that you would appeal her to go to look for your friend and since she is still worried she asked me to take care of you.” Adam admitted.
“What? Alright, let’s go.” Claire replied.

Adam and Claire were walking and reached the market. It was all crowded and barely made it to the other end of the market. Suddenly they hear some yelling across the market. There was a young man running from 5 soldiers right behind him. They were chasing him because he had stolen a sacred tome. He wasn’t looking where he was running so when he lifted his gaze he saw this girl right in front of him and bumped with her making both fall to the ground. It turns out that this girl is Claire. Adam gets surprised by this and tries to help her stand up. The young man tried to get up but the soldiers surrounded him. Claire and Adam saw him and realized it was Adrian. One of the soldiers was going to lift him up and take him. Then Claire replies:

“Adrian…? Is it really you?” Claire asked, excited to know it was him.

Adrian turns and sees that she is Claire and rejoices.

“Claire?” Adrian asked.

Adam approaches to the soldiers and reveals his identity. Some recognized him as a Raleighian noble. He then tells them that they should leave him, for he had sent him to look for that tome but Adrian sent someone to tell him that the soldiers didn’t allow him to get it for him so he had to enter and steal it. The soldiers apologize and gave him that tome. Adam, Claire and Adrian apologize and get out of that place. When they reached a safe place, Adrian and Claire hugged. Adam just stared at them and smiled.

“Okay, Claire, Adrian. We have to go back. Katherine will get more worried about you. If Matthew finds out that you’re gone, he’ll kill Katherine and me for being careless.” Adam replied
“Alright, Adrian you have to meet someone.” Claire added.

Claire and Adam took Adrian to their camp. Adrian saw a young woman accompanied with a young man. Both hear some footsteps and turn. Matthew sees his sister with Adam and his old acquaintance. Katherine sees that Adrian lit up Matthew’s face. She smiled at that scene; friends reuniting themselves after years without communication. Adrian seeing that Matthew and Claire were here he saw that someone was missing. It was Gabrielle.

“Matthew, where’s Gabrielle?” Adrian asked.
“Adrian…Gabrielle sacrificed herself so we could get out of the castle. She was kidnapped.” Matthew replied.
“What?” Adrian asked, not believing what he heard.
“I’m sorry, Adrian. I couldn't do anything either.” Matthew replied, lamenting himself.

Adrian then stares at the girl who is next to Matthew. Katherine asks him what’s wrong but he replies that it’s nothing.

“Matthew, Claire, Adam, I have to go to my brother’s tent. I want to talk to him. I hope that you don’t mind that I leave.” Katherine excused herself.
“Oh, Don’t worry, Katherine.” Matthew replied.
Yeah, I’ll leave too. I am supposed to aid Hadrian and Anna to arrange some stuff.” Adam replied.
“Don’t worry. Go ahead.” Claire replied, happily.

Adam and Katherine left the place and Katherine replies.

“We have to leave them alone for a while” Katherine replied.
“Yeah, they' haven’t seen each other in years so they deserve a little privacy.” Adam reasoned.

As both were leaving, Adrian was wondering who was that maiden. Matthew and Claire could tell that he was getting suspicious about Katherine, so Matthew asks.

“Awed by her presence?” Matthew asked.
“Or By her Beauty?” Claire replied, teasingly.
“Yeah…” Adrian aimlessly answered.
“Really?” Claire asked.
“Wait. What!!! That’s not it!!” Adrian replied nervously.
“Calm down, don’t get yourself all worked up!” Matthew replied.
“We were just joking.” Claire replied.
“…” Adrian remained silent.
“Moving onto another subject, Adrian, I’m glad that you’re alright after these years.” Matthew replied.
“Yes, after the Iselian Massacre, we lost contact with you. But let’s leave those hurtful memories aside.” Claire replied.
“Yeah…by the way, why did you guys wanted to look for me?” Adrian asked.
“Well, you see, I can’t tell you. Katherine will tell you.” Matthew answered.

Adrian, Claire and Matthew talked and tried to restore their almost-broken friendship. They talked about their lives since the Iselian Massacre.  After they were talking for hours, Adrian

“Ok, I will go outside to get some fresh air. I am a bit tired.” Adrian replied.
“Ok, By the way, if you run by Katherine, tell her to tell you what she has to tell you.” Matthew added.
“Okay.” Adrian replied.

Adrian left outside and looked for Katherine. While he did, he thought about his father and Matthew’s mother. He remembered those hurtful scenes.

“Why did I remembered this when Matthew mentioned that girl? Was she involved in the Iselian Massacre? That day…I don’t want to live that day again...” Adrian thought.


                         ~Beginning of Flashback~

Adrian was inside a camp with his mother, Cassandra, helping her to heal some of the wounded at Arcadia. It seemed that the enemy had gained some reinforcements and attacked Iselia and Arcadia too. Everyone inside that crowded tent made the atmosphere look so sad. Some soldiers were moaning and screaming from the pain. This atmosphere made Adrian's mother worry about her husband. He was out in the battlefield, and who knows, is he ok? Is he wounded? He felt these questions run on his mother's head. He got out of that tent and left his mother. He kept running and from a distance he could see many soldiers fighting for Arcadia, some were falling on the ground, motionless. Others were agonizing, trying to get up and fight. He then caught a glimpse of his father and, surprisingly, Queen Zara was with him. He saw them fighting together but apparently one of them receives a wound and aim to some woods nearby to hide. Adrian felt the need to go and see his father. He began running, trying to get caught by the enemy. When his father heard noise from behind and unsheathed his blade, he saw Adrian. He dropped his weapon and hugged him. Queen Zara was relieved to know that Adrian was safe.

“Father! Nanna! Are you ok?” Young Adrian asked, worried.
“Yes, we are. I just got hit, but it’s nothing serious. Don't tell Gabrielle, Claire or Matthew that I got hurt. They'll get worried.” Queen Zara replied, as she was trying not to make her pain so apparent to Adrian.
“I will not tell them” Adrian replied.
“Son, how did you get here?” His father, Gabriel, asked.
“I was in a tent, nearby, with my mother. She was called in to heal some soldiers who were wounded.” Adrian explained.

Suddenly they hear some soldiers coming. Gabriel tries to lift Zara and whispers to Adrian:

“Adrian, go back to the tent and hide!” Gabriel replied.
“But father...” Aaron pleaded.
“Adrian, please go. Nanna and I will be fine. Now, go!” Gabriel replied, as he pushed him into the bushes.
“Father, Nanna, Ok.” Adrian obeyed.

Adrian left them in there, and saw some soldiers with a black armor. He didn't move, he just hid in the bushes and the slaughter began. Adrian had never seen his father fight in the battlefield. He was awed by how he beat the soldiers. One of the soldiers was going to hit Nanna, but his father shielded her, making him receive the wound. Adrian was about to move but he remembered what his father said. He stayed put seeing his father fight. Adrian had high hopes for his father. His father fell down to the floor. Zara tried to help him but the soldier hit her. She tried to move but failed to do so. She fell on the ground, motionless. The remaining soldier left. Adrian got out of the bushes and saw his father and Nanna there, lifeless. He began crying, bitterly. 

                                           ~End of Flashback~

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