Destiny in the Rose

This might be your conventional epic story, another story that tells the tale of someone. The story of someone who is going to make great achievements in a war-torn land. This is Katherine Renard’s story. Many obstacles she will encounter, 3 missing people she will come across, to reveal many secrets about her ancestor’s past. Many people will support her cause and explain these turn of events, through clashing of swords and magic.


12. A Strange Girl...

After all that confrontation, they continued their way to a nearby region called Sirenia, which was famous for its large forest. They all stopped to wait in there and wait for a letter that Jared is going to bring. Katherine had sent scouting groups to investigate the forest and see if the enemy had gotten nearby. Matthew left with the selected group because he didn’t want Katherine to be hurt like last time. He joined with Dastan and Leon to protect anyone from behind. He also wanted to form new roots with Dastan, now that he is a relative of his. Suddenly they hear a noise a few trees in front. The whole group stops, Matthew motions Dastan to look for the source of the noise. They hear a girl scream:

“Somebody help me please!” the voice yelled.

When both tried to look for that girl. They saw her hanging from a branch, which was about to break. Dastan saw her legs being scratched and bloody, so he yelled.

“Hey! The branch is about to break, let go of it.” Dastan yelled.
“What?, I’ll hit my head or break something.” The girl replied.
“Don’t worry! I will catch you.” Dastan assured.
“What if you don’t?” The girl feared.
“Don’t worry about that!” Matthew yelled.
“I can’t let go…aaah!” The girl yelled, trying to hold onto the almost breaking branch.
“Trust me!” Dastan yelled.

As that girl was slowly starting to let go of the branch, it breaks and she yells. Dastan thinks quickly and caught her.

“Good Dastan! You managed to catch her.” Matthew congratulated Dastan.
“Hey, you see? I caught you---” he trailed off.

The girl’s hair was short with a dark tone of grey, dark blue eyes and dark blush of pink showing all over her face. Dastan took long to realize she was uncomfortable and so he let her go, but she flinched, jumping a little further, causing to embrace him.

“My legs are burning.” The girl replied, justifying herself.
“Oh, okay.” Dastan said.
“Wait! W-what are you, I---” The girl was cut off.

Dastan took her with his arms and took her outside this part of the forest. When they reunited the rest of the group. They were all amazed they found a strange girl, alone in the Sirenian forest. They all saw him and the girl blushing madly because their stare was more than they could handle. Dastan noticed that she was beginning to faint of the strong pain she felt.

“Hey, whoa! Don’t fall asleep.” Dastan pleaded.
“…And she fell asleep in your arms.” Matthew replied.
“Ughh…okay, I’ll carry like this all the way.” Dastan said.
“Are you sure about that?” Matthew asked.
“I’ve carried heavier weapons than her. It will be okay.” Dastan answered.

The group of scouts went back to the camp, to tell Katherine that they might have found a new recruit.

“Are you telling me that you found her pleading for help hanging onto a branch? Well, that’s odd.” Katherine replied.
“I guess, I made my point.” Matthew answered back.
“Where is she now?” Katherine asked.
“She is resting inside my tent.” Dastan replied.
“I will ask her questions later.” Katherine said.
“Okay. I am leaving now. I will just go and check on her.” Dastan said, leaving Katherine and Matthew behind.
“Someone is worried about the new girl.” Katherine said, in a funny tone.
“Maybe that’s the case.” Matthew left.

Matthew chased him back to his tent and saw Dastan and that mysterious talking. Both seemed to enjoy their company to Matthew’s eyes, but he could help but wonder about this girl. He felt as if she has something to hide.

“Matthew!” Dastan yelled.
“Dastan, hey. Did she woke up already?” Matthew asked.
“Yes, I was recently talking to her.” Dastan answered.
“What did she say? Did she explain why she ended up in that tree branch?” Matthew asked.
“Well, she said she didn’t remember.” Dastan replied.
“That’s odd” Matthew said.
“Indeed.” Dastan agreed.
“Well, Katherine will come here shortly to ask her.” Matthew said.
“Matthew. I don’t know but I feel like if I know her.” Dastan said.
“What makes you say that?” Matthew asked.
“I just feel like I saw her somewhere.” Dastan said.
“We will find out more as we get to know her.” Matthew replied.
“You are right. I am leaving. My back is killing me.” Dastan said.
“See ya later, then.” Matthew replied.

Katherine was on her way to where the girl was being held. She entered the tent and saw her, sitting on the bed. Katherine smiled at her and so she did the same.

“Hey. You must be the girl Matthew and Dastan had helped.” Katherine said, as she was accommodating herself on the bed.
“Yes. I am.” The girl replied.
“What’s your name?” Katherine asked.
“…Athena.” The girl replied.
“Athena, I am Katherine.” Katherine said, introducing herself.
“Nice to meet you.” Athena said, greeting her.
“Anyway. Do you know how you ended up in a branch?” Katherine asked.
“That’s the thing. I don’t remember how I ended up in there. I think I was attacked by something. I am sorry.” Athena apologized.
“Well…I think it’s alright.” Katherine said.
“I’m sorry if I couldn’t help.” Athena replied.
“It doesn’t matter, okay. I have something to offer you.” Katherine said.
“What is it?” Athena asked.
“Will you join my army?” Katherine asked.
“Your army? You own this?” Athena asked, astonished.
“Yes. I co-own it with the blue-haired guy you saw when you were saved by Dastan.” Katherine replied.
“Matthew is his name?” Athena asked.
“Yes.” Katherine replied.
“I see…but with what can I help you?” Athena asked.
“Don’t worry. We will train you with what you can specialize.” Katherine said.
“Would it be wrong if I want to specialize on two things?” Athena asked, quite shyly.
“Sure.” Katherine said.
“I would like to specialize on magic and on a sword.” Athena said, determined.
“On both? That would be physically tiring!” Katherine said, surprised, because she knew that herself.
“It doesn’t matter, I want to rely on both things in case I can’t hold a weapon with my hands or I’m too tired of using my mind. I don’t want to depend on someone else to endanger that person’s life.” Athena said, quite determined.
“I see.” Katherine replied.
“So may I?” Sienna asked.
“You may. I will look who will be willing to teach you how to use a sword and I will find someone else to teach you how to use magic.” Katherine said, smiling.
“Really? Thank you!”
Athena said.
“It’s okay, and welcome to my army.” Katherine said.
“Thank you!”
Athena said.

Both girls smiled and walked out of the tent. Katherine showed her around and introduced her to all the army.
Athena noticed that a medium-sized group gathered around and greeted her. All of the boys approached Athena and began asking her questions. She became popular with everyone. Dastan just saw her from a distance; Katherine came by and asked him.

“Why aren’t you there, trying to protect her from all that?” Katherine asked.
“I don’t know, she has to know everyone and well, I just can’t get a thought out of my head.” Dastan said.
“Which is?” Katherine asked.
“I just feel like I know her from somewhere.” Dastan said.
“I see.” Katherine said.
“If you would let me, I want to train her with a sword.” Dastan said.
“Permission granted. I just have to look for someone who would teach her magic.” Katherine said.
“Why don’t you tell Isabella to teach her?” Dastan asked.
“I don’t know, she might pervert her with all the crazy ideas that runs inside Isabella’s head” Katherine said, worryingly.
“Hahaha!” Katherine and Dastan laughed.
“Oh well, it will be her, anyway. She will take care of her.” Katherine replied.

Dastan just turned around and went back to the tent.
Athena began her arduous training with Dastan and Isabella for 3 months. During that time, they had been traveling cautiously because the enemy was already aware of their existence and they had to protect Athena until she was ready for combat. She had to do scouting missions with all of the members to familiarize herself with everyone; also she took part into performing strategies for the army. Katherine and Matthew were grateful for her help. Soon, they had to move to an important place that would be the stepping ladder to their victory. They had to go to Mathar, where an enemy camp was settled in. This is where a mysterious turn of events occurs. 

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