Lie To Me

Annabelle seems like your average 17-year-old girl, she has a good friend, a great brother who she’s really close with, a mother that just wants everything to be perfect, and a dad who’s a hero. But she has a secret that she can’t bear to tell anyone. No one knows who Annabelle really is, not even her. You see what she wants you to see. That is until she meets Liam, the undeniably hot boy who just so happens to be in the soon-to-be biggest boyband in the world. He breaks down all her walls, and helps her realize it’s okay, and everything will be all right. What you see is her perfect little world, but once you peel all of that away, your left with a girl who’s scared of her own parents, and is scared to let anyone in. What will happen when her secret is exposed and everything she holds dear is gone?


4. Chapter 3




When I woke up on saturday morning, well more like Saturday afternoon, all I could hear were my parents shouting at each other. That was unusual, my parents never fought. I decided to go down to see what was going on. The second they heard me coming down the stairs the voices stopped.

"Hi honey!" My mom said, in a voice that was so happy you knew it was fake.

"Hi." I said

"Did you sleep well?" my dad asked.

"Eh, it was okay." I said, I wasn't interested in their questions; I wanted to know what was going on. "So what's wrong?" I asked my parents, looking both of them in the eye.

"Wrong? What's wrong? Why does something have to be wrong?" My mom replied a little to quickly. "Do you see something wrong Bill?"

"Nope. Nothing wrong in sight." My dad said. Ok…, I thought. My parents were acting like teenagers who threw a party while their parents were out of town and they were trying to cover it up.

"Ok... Where's Jake?" I said trying to change the subject.

"Oh, he's at the park playing basketball," My dad said casually.

"Can you get him? He needs to eat." my mom said

"Well, is it okay if we play for bit? And don’t forget we’re both going out tonight." I asked,

"Of course, but I don’t want you guys staying out too late." My mom replied.


When I got upstairs to get changed into some appropriate clothes, I found that I had no clean clothes except a pair of really old running shorts and my school hoodie. I didn’t really care what I was wearing. I was only playing basketball.


About three quarter's down the path; you could already start to see the park. I walked down like any other day. But this time when I could start to see the court, I saw Jake, playing basketball with five other guys.


I walked up cautiously, as I couldn’t see any of the other guys faces, I knew Jake was there from the back of his head. I stepped onto the court and the ball bounced towards me, as I picked it up all the people playing turned and stared at me.

"Oh, hey Annabelle." Jake said

"Uh, hi?" I asked.

"You wanna play?" He said.

"Sure, but who are they?" I whispered, pointing at the boys

"Well, that ones Harry and Louis, and Zayn and Niall," He said, and from behind my brother was Liam, “And you remember Liam right?”

"Hey Annabelle," Liam said. "Me and my friends were just teaching your brother a thing or two about the game."

"Is it bad that I find that very hard to believe?" I asked, the rest of the boys chuckled.

“Believe what you want, but it’s the truth.” Liam said giving me a smile.

“So, you Jake, my brother, whom I have known for fifteen years, just took advice from random people about your game. While I your sister, whom you have known you whole life, you don’t listen to me, ever?”

“Yup, that’s pretty much right.” Jake said.

"Well, why are you here?" I asked Liam, I haven’t seen him all week and now he just shows up.

"Well, you know, we were hanging around, getting some fresh morning sun and I saw Jake here standing practicing all by himself." Liam explained.


I was happy and confused all at the same time. I was happy that Liam was here, but I was also kind of suspicious. Why was he here? A lot of questions were going through my mind. I guess that I didn't realize it, when I had zoned out.

”Annabelle! You in there?" Jake asked snapping his fingers in front of my face.

"Huh? What, oh yea sorry." I said, completely embarrassed, this was the second time I've embarrassed myself in front of Liam, and this time it was in front of his friends as well.

"Zayn and them were just telling me about their party tonight." Jake said.

"You are coming right?" Liam said.

"Of course." I said.

“Jake," I said, "mom want you back now, she made breakfast and you haven’t eaten yet." I was trying to get some alone time with Liam, it wasn't the most stealth way of doing things, but it worked.

"Well, aren't you coming?" Jake asked, I could tell he was starting to get annoyed with me.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a sec, just wanted to practice for a bit."

“Can I come? I’m hungry,” I heard Niall, mutter. The rest of the boys laughed in response.

“Come one, we’ll go out for breakfast.” Harry said backing away, “Liam you good here? Yes? Bye.”


"Ok, fine." Jake said starting down the path. In a few seconds he was gone, behind the trees, and I was left alone with Liam. I couldn't believe it, I was so nervous to be around him. I was never really like that with guys, I hadn’t had many boyfriends, but with the ones I did have I never felt this way with them. "So...." I said, trying to make some sort of conversation, I could already feel this awkwardness between us. "21?" Liam said.

"What?" I asked.

”You wanna play 21? You know, the basketball game." Liam said, clarifying.

"Oh, ok." I said. I was suddenly aware of my appearance, no make up, old clothes. Not the best things to be seen in, but I couldn’t really do anything about it. Liam passed me the ball and I lined up at the three-point line, Liam in front of me preparing to block. I lunged forward, he stepped back, and so I shifted my weight back and made a free throw shot. Nothing but net.

“Nice shot.” Liam said, complementing me.

“I know.” I shrugged

“Modest aren’t we.”

“But of course.” He passed the ball to me one more time and said: “It was a good shot, but I’m not gonna let it happen again.” We played and played for what seemed like hours, the game was almost done and it was 17-20 for him. I tossed him the ball, and he started dribbling. I managed to steal the ball and take back to the three-point line. I started forward Liam kept shuffling to block me, I turned around and Liam grabbed me by the waist. “Illegal blocking,” I shrieked as he picked me up and spun me around. He put me down and I looked at him and he looked at me, both of us panting. We both leaned forward, our perfect moment.

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