Lie To Me

Annabelle seems like your average 17-year-old girl, she has a good friend, a great brother who she’s really close with, a mother that just wants everything to be perfect, and a dad who’s a hero. But she has a secret that she can’t bear to tell anyone. No one knows who Annabelle really is, not even her. You see what she wants you to see. That is until she meets Liam, the undeniably hot boy who just so happens to be in the soon-to-be biggest boyband in the world. He breaks down all her walls, and helps her realize it’s okay, and everything will be all right. What you see is her perfect little world, but once you peel all of that away, your left with a girl who’s scared of her own parents, and is scared to let anyone in. What will happen when her secret is exposed and everything she holds dear is gone?


3. Chapter 2




“Hello? You in there?”  One of my best friends Zayn asked.


“Well, I was just wondering if you, you know, wanted to go for lunch, but now I wanna know what you were thinking about.”

“It was nothing.”

“With you it’s never nothing.” Damn I thought, he knew me to well. I haven’t  known Zayn very long but him, Louis, Harry and Niall are the closet thing I have to brothers.

“It’s just that girl.” I said answering Zayn’s questions

“Again?” Louis said. “You’ve been thinking about that girl non-stop all week.”

“I know.”

“We’re getting tired of hearing you talk about her you know.” Harry chimed.

“So you’ve told me.”

“Well if you know, then why don’t you just go ask her out?”

“I would if I could, you know. I haven’t seen her since that day.”

“Well that’s not good.” Niall said.

“Ya think?” Sometimes my friends new the right thing to say, now was not one of those times.

“Well do you wanna go get some food?” Zayn asked again

“Sure. where do you guys wanna go?”

“I don’t know” Harry said.

“I don’t’know” Louis said.

“You guys, we have to pick somewhere” I said looking at them.

“NANDO’S” Niall immediately screamed. We all chuckled in response.

“Fine” I said.


On our way back from Nando’s all five of us just rolled down the window and blasted the music, it was crazy to think that next year out album was gonna come out. We asked the record label to put off the CD because we didn’t want to be touring while we still had school, so it was a good thing we were all graduating this year. When we got home, Harry immediately shouted, “Idea!”

“What?” Louis asked

“We’re gonna have a back to school party.”

“Great idea” Zayn said.

“Why?” I asked, curious.

“So you can see this girl, hello! I though you were supposed to be the smart one?” Harry said.

“Well what are we gonna do? We have no idea how to throw a party.”

“We could you know play Katy Perry, stay up all night, kiss some girls, break some tables.” Zayn said.

“PARTY TIME!” Louis said, running around the house

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