Lie To Me

Annabelle seems like your average 17-year-old girl, she has a good friend, a great brother who she’s really close with, a mother that just wants everything to be perfect, and a dad who’s a hero. But she has a secret that she can’t bear to tell anyone. No one knows who Annabelle really is, not even her. You see what she wants you to see. That is until she meets Liam, the undeniably hot boy who just so happens to be in the soon-to-be biggest boyband in the world. He breaks down all her walls, and helps her realize it’s okay, and everything will be all right. What you see is her perfect little world, but once you peel all of that away, your left with a girl who’s scared of her own parents, and is scared to let anyone in. What will happen when her secret is exposed and everything she holds dear is gone?


1. Prologue


“GO AWAY!” I screamed while walking out of the house, I turned and looked away. I mean how could I look at him? I stormed down the front steps onto the lawn; it was a cool summer night, like many that I had spent with him. I was at a friend’s party, I didn’t know how he found me, but he always said he would if we were ever apart. By the looks of it, he had kept his promise. “Ana come on please, let me explain.” Liam pleaded. “Don’t. Don’t ever call me that.” I said; cringing when he called me the nickname I used to love.

“Look, just give me a chance to explain.”

I turned to look at him; I stalked forward looking him straight in the eye, when my eyes met his, he looked down, unable to look me in the face. “Explain what?” I shouted into the warm summer air, there was no one outside; we were all alone. You could hear nothing, but my voice echoing through the trees.

“Explain how right after you said you loved me you bailed the next day? How you left without saying goodbye to me or to anyone else?” Even if I was angry with him, it was like he still had this power over me. I felt like at any second I would crumble, I was so scared of falling back into his spell.

“Well if you just give me a chance to say something…”

“No, I’m done talking Liam, I’m done.” I whispered. I was determined to stay angry, determined not to fall back into his spell, because if I did, I was scared that I would get my heart broken again.


“Liam, I haven’t seen you in over a year, what do you want me to say to you?” You could hear the hatred in my voice.

“Look, don’t say anything, but please tell me you remember.”


I turned away from him once more, tears forming in my eyes, of course I remembered. It was as if it happened yesterday, not last year. I remember the nights we spent together, the laughs we shared, but I also remember crying myself to sleep every night for weeks after he left. I remember feeling hollow, empty inside. After he left, everyday was a struggle not to cry, every minute it was hard for me to breath, because of that I hated him, I truly hated him. He had broken my heart, shattered it into a million pieces, and it had taken me forever to pick up the shards.


I had changed so much since he last saw me, both inside and out, he, on the other hand looked exactly the same. The same brown hair, a little shaggy, but that’s the way he liked it. The same chocolate brown eyes, the very ones that drew me in the first time I saw him, and the same smile. The one I would look to for comfort, reassurance, love and everything in between.


“Of course I remember,” I said quietly, turning to him with tears in my eyes, “I have done nothing but remember, when all I want to do is forget.”

“Ana, don’t say that, please don’t say that.” He inched forward, attempting to comfort me with his touch. I cringed away.

“What do you want me to say? I can’t just stand here and talk like we’re old friends. I can’t tell you how my life has been for the past year. There is so much I want to tell you, but I won’t, because you lost the right to know me the second you left me.” He stood there in silence, looking down at his feet then straight up into the sky. “Why are you here?’

“I don’t know okay? I don’t.” He said frustrated.

“Then, good bye.” I said walking away.

“Wait!” Liam called after me. I turned and looked at him one last time and said, “Don’t you get it Liam? I’m done waiting for you.”

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