A wife's broken heart

A wife confront her husband who she has been with for fifteen years, the couple have been married for nine of those fifteen years and have one daughter together. Their daughter Destiny, is one that you would call a miracle baby. The wife found out something wasn't right and confront her husband about it, as she confronts him, she tell you some of the hardship that they face.

This piece is from the wife's view, but as I add more it will unfold and more details will be reveal about the situation and how the confrontation came about.

I hope you enjoy it.


2. Wesley's response

Debbie, please listen to me, I told you I am sorry and I really meant it, you mean the world to me and it was reckless and foolish of me to step out on you. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love and respect you. From the age of twenty two you have been the only woman I have been with until recently, I know it is not an excuse, but you weren’t there on the road and on the sets with me, you weren’t there when I was staying in the hotels at night by myself.

I called you so many times when I was away and ask you to get a sitter for Destiny so that we could have our time like we use to do, baby am sorry for the hurt and the pain that I have caused you, it wasn’t my intention to embarrassed or hurt you, I know all of what I am saying to you is no excuse for me cheating, I just wish that I could take it all back, I wish that I could have told you how I was feeling when you blew me off to stay at home with Destiny. You have always been the one to hold me down, no other woman than my mother have done for me what you have, I have never loved another woman the way I have loved you. Debs, don’t let this be the end of us, you and I have been through a great deal together from the moment we met when we was sixteen and you was with Eric, we became close friends, so inseparable, everyone thought something was going down between us even though we told them nothing wasn’t happening.

I was there for you when Eric got jealous of our friendship and put hands on you and left you in hospital for a week, I was the one who knocked his front tooth out and make sure he never laid hands on you again, from that moment on, we went through crazy stuff together with all the females getting jealous because of you, and not once did I choose any of them over you, not once did I let any of them disrespect you, you have always been my best friend, my companion and my partner. For all the hurt I put upon you with stepping out on you, it breaks my heart to know that I caused you so much pain, when all I ever wanted was to make you happy, to make you smile, to cherish every part of you and give you the very best of me.

Why do you want it to end like this, I saw our future together, where we grow old and die together, where we watch our baby girl grow up into a fine young woman and I walk her down the aisles whilst, you stand there crying watching your baby get married, this is the future that I saw with you Debs, you and only you. Don’t let this one mistake takes away fifteen years of marriage, don’t let it take away twenty two years of friendship.

Deb, remember I was there with you through all the miscarriages you have when we were trying for a baby, I held you every night when you was crying and blaming it all on yourself, even though the doctors told you it wasn’t your fault. When other man would run a mile, I stood by your side, even when you tried and tried to push me away, I stocked around for you, because you needed me and I wanted to be there for you, I didn’t want to see the woman I love hurt in anyway and I am sorry for hurting you.

Debbie baby, you and Destiny are the only women I need and want in my life. I gave up playing games for you, I gave up late night sex with any girl for you, you have been the only woman I told I love and meant it whole heartedly.

Debbie, am not saying goodbye to you, am not going to walk away from what we have and what we will have, and not leaving you and am not leaving Destiny, you are both my whole life, without you both am only half a man, I am worth nothing with either of you in my life.

Whatever it takes I will do to prove to you, I don’t want this to end and what I did was just a big selfish mistake on my path.

I won’t give up Debbie, I just won’t let it end like this.

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