A wife's broken heart

A wife confront her husband who she has been with for fifteen years, the couple have been married for nine of those fifteen years and have one daughter together. Their daughter Destiny, is one that you would call a miracle baby. The wife found out something wasn't right and confront her husband about it, as she confronts him, she tell you some of the hardship that they face.

This piece is from the wife's view, but as I add more it will unfold and more details will be reveal about the situation and how the confrontation came about.

I hope you enjoy it.


3. Head-to-Head

Wesley I cannot begin to comprehend the reason you gave for stepping out, if you love me as much as you claim you would have never done that.

Debbie please don’t do this, it wasn’t supposed to happen. But it did happen, didn’t it. When you are on the road and on the set doing what you doing, do you know where I am? I am home holding down our business, looking after our child, the same child that we didn’t know was going to make it into this world after five miscarriage.

I have been home and I have missed you and yearned for you but I didn’t drop my draws for anyone, not a soul, because the truth is no one has given me the years of joy and happiness that you have, you should have thought of that before you started thinking with your downstairs head.

I don’t know what else I can say to you Debs, I don’t know how else I can show you I am sorry, there is no other women that come close to you. Evidently not, because you have been carrying on with your mistress for the good part of six months, six months Wesley, six freaking months, you have been freaking behind my back with this woman and lied and lied about it until you got caught. Tell me how am I supposed to forgive that, unh, how am I supposed to lay with you and not have nightmare about the fact that you have been unfaithful, how can I make love to you when I know what you have been doing.

Can you not just take a moment to see where I was coming from Debbie, can you not see I wanted my wife with me, but you choose to stay home and be a mum than come and spend some time with your husband.

I was lonely without you and she was just there when I needed someone, she made me feel wanted again, and I just needed that from you Debs, I just needed that from you. every time that I was with her it was always you that I was thinking about, it was always you that I wanted to be there with Debbie, we can get through this I know that we can, I will fight and fight for you.

Wesley I think you have said enough, believe me if  you say any more I may have to draw for something to knock some form of sense into you, because if you can’t see what you saying right now is just making matters worse, then I do not know what else to tell you.

I need a break, I need some space and I need time, am taking Destiny and we are going to be staying with my mother for a while, please just leave me be for a minute, please don’t come by the house and don’t call because I need my space.

Debbie you don’t have to run off, I’ll leave the house if it’s space you want, why so you can go back to your mistress. Please don’t do that Debs; do what? If am doing anything it’s all because of you.

I am going to my mum and that’s final and I have already told here am coming and whether you leave or not I just need to be out of this city.

What am I supposed to do without you both here? Do what you always do Wesley.

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