A wife's broken heart

A wife confront her husband who she has been with for fifteen years, the couple have been married for nine of those fifteen years and have one daughter together. Their daughter Destiny, is one that you would call a miracle baby. The wife found out something wasn't right and confront her husband about it, as she confronts him, she tell you some of the hardship that they face.

This piece is from the wife's view, but as I add more it will unfold and more details will be reveal about the situation and how the confrontation came about.

I hope you enjoy it.


4. Does mum know's best?

Oh Debbie, hi mum, how are you doing? As good as can be mummy. Hello princess, Hi grandma, look how big you have gotten, how old are you now about three, no, maybe two, oh grandma, am I five. Five, you are a big girl now aren’t you, yes I am.

Why don’t you go on inside, I got the neighbours children over for you to play with, I know you were found of them last time you where here, thanks grandma.

Let’s take a walk Debbie, I don’t want to leave Destiny, your dad is inside and she’ll be fine what do you think is going to happen to her; oh mum you know what I mean. So let’s go for that walk then, mum I am so tired, can we just sit on the swing in the back.

Well at least that’s progress. So tell me, how are you really feeling? The truth, humiliated, betrayed, destroyed, embarrassed, crushed all the above and more. Darling it wasn’t your fault; you weren’t the one that cheated.

Well if you ask Wesley he’ll say otherwise, can you believe he had the nerves to say it’s because I wasn’t there.

Am sure he didn’t mean it that way. Mummy, his words were, “can you not see I wanted my wife, but you stayed at home to be a mum, than to spend time with him”. Baby he has a point; you don’t ever want to go anywhere any more, since you had Destiny. Mummy please do not tell me you are taking his side, I cannot believe I am hearing this from you, you are supposed to be on my side, I am your daughter after all, me not him.

Debbie, calm down, I didn’t mean it like that. Then what did you mean it like mum.

Debbie you have been neglecting your duty as a wife, you have lost you free spirited spark, there was a time when you wouldn’t let anything or anyone get in the way of you and Wesley, I should know because you ran off to London without saying a word to me or your father until you got there.

Mum I was twenty three I was an adult. Adult that was still living at home, at twenty three, with her mother and father. You knew your dad and I did not approve of him, but it didn’t stop you, did it. Mum, you should know that when you tell a child no it just mean that they go for it that much more, but that’s not the point.

He knew where I was, there were times when he was two hours away and he could have drove down to see me if he wanted, there were times when he had the next day free and it wouldn’t have killed him to catch a flight to come see me.

You are being unreasonable Debbie, mum, I came down here to catch a break and clear my head to think about what I am going to do next, but you making out as though his cheating was my fault.

I love my husband, I love Wesley mummy, he’s the only man I have known for the last fifteen years that we have been together, and me not going on a flight to see him or driving to see him in a hotel was no reason for him to cheat.

Mummy I am tired and I haven’t even taken the bags out the car or said hi to daddy as yet, your dad don’t mind he knows what is happening.

Am just going to go inside and take a nap, I am really tired and it has been a very long drive coming down here.

How long will you be staying for? Am not sure, well you can stay for as long as you need.

Thanks mum, and I do love and appreciate you, you know that right. I know baby, I know.

Hi daddy, hello baby, come give your old man a big hug; awe, it’s been a while since I had a hug like that from you.

I know, am sorry dad; I will come down more often to visit. How was the talk with your mother; everything ok? It has left me more confused than every dad, if am being honest. Well; sometimes your mother has that effect on people. Don’t I know it?

Can you keep an eye on Destiny; I just want to take nap, am just so tired right now. I can honey, you just go rest your pretty little self.

Thanks dad.

Good morning darling, good morning, dad, didn’t realise I slept through the whole evening, I guess you had a lot on your mind; I sure do. Where is Destiny? She is in the dining room with your mum having breakfast.

Thanks daddy, don’t mention it baby.

Hi mum, hey Destiny, how are you doing? Am okay mummy, grandma make me pancakes for breakfast, I see.

Did you sleep well, yes mum it’s one of the best I have had in a long while. It is just good to be away for a while and just to be around different scenery.

what are you going to do for the rest of the day, I was thinking of taking Destiny around town and meeting up with some old friends whilst am in town.

Your friend Kimberly just came back to town recently, I saw her with her mum in the supermarket last Thursday. I haven’t seen Kimberly since we graduated we just lost touch. She was your best friend wasn’t she; yeah we were pretty close, what did happen between you two, long story mum, it’s just a long story.

Have you called Wesley yet, Destiny; can you go and sit with grandpa, I think he is feeling lonely all be himself, okay mum, can I call dad please, in a while sugar, go and go sit with grandpa.

Mummy, why, why did you have to mention him in front of Destiny, I do not want her to know that her parents or having some trouble and may possible be going through a divorce. Divorce! Yes mum, divorce

Don’t you think that you are being a bit hasty, and he is her father after all Debbie, you cannot keep her away from him, what are you going to tell her when you spending another night her or maybe more unh, she is still a child and she still needs both her parents despite what you and Wesley are going through, so remember when you making you decision, think of Destiny and put her needs first and don’t use her as tool in your bickering with Wesley, I am being very serious now, you do not know what kind of problems you could put your daughter under.

Don’t you think I know that mum, why do you think I came down here to get some space from Wesley; am just trying to figure out what is best for me and most importantly what is best for Destiny, I just want to have a moment where I can think about something else other than my marriage falling apart mummy.

I do not want to think about Wesley and what he has done and what he is doing, I just need to reevaluate myself and the move that I am going to do next.

Am just going to get dress and take Destiny in town and just show her about the place for a bit.

Okay, but make sure she speaks to her dad today, because you didn’t call him yesterday so you need to call him today, so he knows that is daughter and you arrive safely.

I don’t think he cared about our safety when he was messing around.

Just call him Debbie.

Why don’t you call him and let Destiny speak to him, I don’t think that is unreasonable, I do not want to hear his voice or speak to him so it’s best you do it. Am going to get dress and then take Destiny out, you can call him whilst am getting ready.

I do not believe you; you are acting like a child. Mummy I am doing the best I can not to scream, and break some plates so I think am handling it well thus far.

I will call him Debbie; you just go on get dress. Thank you, for being understanding. Did I have a choice?

Destiny, grandma is going to call daddy so you can speak to him, if you go to the dining room, you can speak to your daddy now.

Are you ok honey, not really dad, mum is driving me crazy and she making it seem as though it’s my fault my marriage is falling apart.

She just love you Debbie, and she don’t want to see you hurt or your marriage end, she care about you all.

I am not looking for my marriage to fall apart too, when I got married,  it was my intention to get married forever, I wanted my marriage to last as long as yours and mum.

marriage take work darling, and you have to comprise a lot within your marriage because you are not thinking about yourself alone, you are thinking about another person, just as you would think to make sure, Destiny eat, she is clean and healthy. it’s looking at after your husband and your wife needs and not just your own individual needs, communication plays a big part of marriage and when you have a child together it just make it that much harder.

I know daddy, I know, and I have tried to be accommodating to Wesley’s needs, I have always looked out for him daddy, from the time we were children, to when we began dating and even in our marriage, but I have a lot that I have to deal with dad, and after my miscarriages life has not been the same it has not been that easy, but I thought that I was doing well and taking care of my family and my home, I didn’t expect my husband to stray and the fact that he was doing it for six months, daddy that’s a long time, it hurt it really hurts, all I want to do is burst out in tears but am holding it all back because of Destiny, I have to be strong for her.

Daddy, all I want to do is just break down and cry, and scream out loud, I just want to throw some bottles at a wall, go in the kitchen and break some plates, I have all this anger built up inside and I am just holding back, because of Destiny.

Honey you do not need to hold back your anger, holding back in what you are feeling is only going to make the situation worst, come here and give your daddy a hug, it is okay to cry baby, don’t be afraid to let it out and don’t feel as though you have to be strong for Destiny, she needs a mother that can show her emotions so that one when she is hurting she can come and talk to you without holding back.

Just let it out Deb, let it out and take a moment for yourself. why don’t you go an take a walk by yourself we’ll look after Destiny today, and we’ll take her out, it’s been a while so it will be good to show my granddaughter around town.

Thank you daddy, I love you so much. Its okay baby, I just don’t want to see you hurting, so take as much time as you need today, go break some plates, or throw some bottles, go and scream out if you want to, but go and take time out for yourself.

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