A wife's broken heart

A wife confront her husband who she has been with for fifteen years, the couple have been married for nine of those fifteen years and have one daughter together. Their daughter Destiny, is one that you would call a miracle baby. The wife found out something wasn't right and confront her husband about it, as she confronts him, she tell you some of the hardship that they face.

This piece is from the wife's view, but as I add more it will unfold and more details will be reveal about the situation and how the confrontation came about.

I hope you enjoy it.


1. Confrontation of the Truth

You promised me that nothing was going on with her, I questioned you about it and you said I was being silly, you lied to my face, you stood there and bare face lied to me. If you wasn’t happy with me and being in this relationship why didn’t you just leave, was it better for you to hurt and embarrassed me the way you did, if it was pain you wanted me to feel then believe me you have succeed.

There is nothing worst and despicable than a liar and cheat and you seem to have conquered both. I have loved you and have given you the best of me, but you will not see the worst of me, I will not give you the satisfaction to see me in any state. You made out that I was being foolish for asking you questions about your relationship with her, you said that I shouldn’t listen to the rumours or read the messages on the blogs, I trusted and believed you and I bypass all what the papers were saying, for you to just go about your business and out it, out there like you didn’t have a wife and child at home, like you weren't committed to our relationship and our family.

I supported you in all your dreams and aspiration, I picked you up when you was down and brought you back from the brink of death, when you couldn’t stop drinking and taking medications, when you lost your family in the accident, who was the one that was there for you to scream at, to hold you when you were weak and could hardly eat, who was the one that made sure that you didn’t kill yourself, it was me, it was all me all day and all night, I gave up so much of my time and my life to make sure you didn’t commit suicide, to make sure you succeed as the artist you wanted to be, to make sure you didn’t squander all of your money. It was me, your wife that was there for you, it was me, your best friend that was there for you and it was me, your trusted companion that was there for you.

for all the hard work I put into you, the best thing I have to show for it is the child you and I brought into this world, the child we planned and wanted so badly, the child that you are now walking away from, all because you choose to go out and put it about.

where is the love and respect we said we would always show to each other, where is the commitment we promised when we stood in church and said our vows, you have given up all of this and for what, for who and what possible reason could you have for breaking up our family. what happen to talking and communicating our problems if we felt as though something wasn’t right, you have really gone and done it now and there is no going back from this, you knew it would break my heart but you didn’t care about how I would feel, did you. All you cared about was getting your kicks and your thrills, but what would happen when I found out, did I not put it down enough for you, did I not cook for you and make sure your belly was always full before you left this place, you do not understand the pain I am feeling right now and I tired of your excuses and you saying you are sorry, because we both know you are only sorry because you got caught, if you were sorry you wouldn’t have lied about it when I questioned you the first time, you wouldn’t have lied about it when the magazine and blogs was posting stories of your rendezvous with her, you would have man up and be a man about it and told me the truth, you would have told me you weren’t happy and you wanted out our relationship, out of our marriage and out of my life.

This is the end of it for me, for fifteen long years you have seen and had the best of me, good luck with your life and good look with your girl, I will move on and rebuild my life, though it may take some time, it was good that I didn’t depend on you for everything now, it was good that I held down my job whist I was holding down this family, I guess I failed at holding down the home right, because it didn’t stop you from straying now, did it.

take care Wesley and it’s best not to contact me again, I won’t stop you from seeing Destiny, but don’t bring your girl around my child unless you are serious, am not looking for her to see multiple woman coming in and out your life.

It’s time you leave now and I will let you know how I will deal with all the assets we have together.


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