A wife's broken heart

A wife confront her husband who she has been with for fifteen years, the couple have been married for nine of those fifteen years and have one daughter together. Their daughter Destiny, is one that you would call a miracle baby. The wife found out something wasn't right and confront her husband about it, as she confronts him, she tell you some of the hardship that they face.

This piece is from the wife's view, but as I add more it will unfold and more details will be reveal about the situation and how the confrontation came about.

I hope you enjoy it.


5. An old friend for a reason

Debbie! Debbie, hi it’s me Kimberly Parker, Hey Kimberly, how are you, my mum did say you were back in town.

Am great, couldn’t be better, I come to town often to visit mum since dad pass away. I am sorry to hear of your dad passing, how’s your mum doing? She is great, it is just a little hard for her not having dad around, and they have been part of each other lives since they were young, so it is hard for mum not having her soul mate around.

I hear you, am not sure what mum or dad would do if either of them was not around any more, so I guess am thankful for the fact that I have them both around.

So, I hear you and Wesley have separated and on the brink of divorce that’s what most of the magazines saying. I believe in the concept that you should not believe what you read in the magazine; unless it is coming from Wesley or I you shouldn’t believe it.

So did Wesley really cheat on you? I guess that is the only thing the magazine got right.

I told you he was cheat, and you didn’t believe me and our friendship broke up over him. Our friendship didn’t break up over Wesley Kimberly; you know full well the reason why we stop talking.

what you did was go and spread rumours to Eric that Wesley and I was dealing with each other, when you knew it wasn’t true and the fact that you wanted to have Wesley in your life and he never paid you any attention made you mad, because he choose to be my friend than you boyfriend, you saw what happen with Eric, I was in hospital for a week plus and it was all down to you and not to mention that you was carrying on with Eric well before we ever ended. So please do not stand here and give me your crap about Wesley being a cheat from day one when it was you trying to push yourself unto him and every time he said no, you come up with a more ridiculous rumour about him and me.

If that’s how you want to remember it, then I will let you have that. No Kim, you will not let me have nothing, you are compulsive liar;  that is what you are and you do not like to be confronted with the truth, you can get all defensive and act all miss goody, goody, but the fact still remain the same that you are one spiteful and jealous bitch.

Well, at least my husband didn’t cheat on me with some two penny whore, that’s rich coming from you Kim, when all you do is sleep about like there is no end to how many man can enter into your hole.

Furthermore, how many divorcé have you gone through, oh that’s right three, three divorcé Mistress Kimberly Parker, three; I have been married to the same man for nine years, it will take two hands to count that Mistress whore, nine years and we have been together for fifteen years, now if you can count am sure you’ll realise that you need more that two hands to count fifteen on. What’s the longest you have been in a relationship for unh, sweetheart; this is not a competition but if it was I would win hands down.

Gosh knows why you and I was ever friend seriously, you are just vindictive and spiteful and I cannot see how anyone would want to be with you.

well, at least none of my husband has never gotten a mistress pregnant, word is Wesley little mistress that he was freaking with for six whole months whilst you were at home playing house is pregnant with Wesley’s baby, bet you didn’t know that now did you? Oh cat got your tongue Debbie, you haven’t got nothing smart to say now have you, I thought so, that shut you up good and proper now.

If I were you, I wouldn’t go about talking about anyone else’s business and divorcé when your husband can’t even use protection to sex with a two penny whore.

Kimberley, it takes a two penny whore to know one, and I can assure you that you are not me, you are not in my league, am what they call class and you will be the trash, you have been married three times and still not one want to stay with you, not one want to ride the storm out with you, I guess the novelty wore off real quick when they got into bed with you.

You may think you have something on me, but the fact is you have nothing whore some more Kimberly, I got my stuff through hard work and determination not through laying on my back or getting down on my knees.

Now I think it’s time for you step out of my face before I make you because it’s not going to be pretty, I will knock you down like I did before and this time I will hospitalised you. I cannot believe I was actually going to come and see you to see if we could actually rebuild and friendship, guess I had a lucky escape once again, you are just the type of person that I do not need or will ever need in my life, you are the type of friend that no one will ever trust or ever invite anywhere.

Have a good life two penny whore, thank you for that phrase, it suits you so well.

Debbie, you may think you know me but you don’t, am not the same girl I was in high school when you beat me down, and I tell you this for sure, you can never do that to me again so if you want to go ahead and try be my guest but let me tell you this prepare to get your ass checked because I don’t mess around no more, and as for the two penny whore remarks, at least am getting mine and you are just getting played.

oh sweet, I didn’t realise you have big talk Kim, you got a little brave, but get this, you see like how am all over the place right now, I will be all over your face with these bitch ass slaps, do not temp me and by jolly don’t test me, I will mess you up like the plates I just broke, just give me a reason and watch what I will do. Am sure you getting paid for sucking some dicks, but I bet once you get checked out you’ll have some STD’s too. Am sure it’s time for you to make a call in somewhere, you can’t have all these rich man waiting on you now otherwise you won’t be getting paid.

Debbie, you and I shall cross path again and guess what I will have the last laugh, believe me when I say that, you will wish you never cross me.

We’ll see about that mistress two penny whore can’t get enough of that.

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