My perfect life(almost)

When Katie is playing soccer at her school, she sees Niall Horan. They get along well with each other . Until Harry comes in. Now Katie has to choose between Niall and Harry . Who will she pick?�� �� ��✨


1. OMG!!!!!!!!

I kicked the ball pasted an imaginary goalie and scored."yay! Go katie! Go, go!" yarelis cheered from the hill. I grabbed the ball and punted it half way across the field!" go Katie! Get that.. OH MY GOD IT'S HARRY STYLES AND NIALL HORAN!!!!" I heard her scream so I sprint up and trip on yarelis,who was kissing Harrys foot!" yarelis! What the.." I stopped cuz Niall was staring at me!" oh,uh,um,hi?" outside I smiled,inside I face palmed myself.i sounded like an idiotic,sweaty faced,loser!'I thought. Niall's POV: she was gorgeous! Even if she was covered in sweat,that girl was pretty!"Hey,uh what's your name?" I asked,staring at her curls."Katie Patterson."she replied.harry gave me a look. " niall,can I have a word with you?" I looked at Katie once more, then said,"Sure." Harry POV: I knew Niall liked her. A LOT!!!! He looked so.... Love struck!"Niall,how old is she? Cuz she is small!" Niall shrugged." I dunno." I guessed she was around 9-10. I mean, she was younger than us,so that ruins poor Niall's chance to date her! Yarelis POV: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE HARRY STYLES IS HERE!!! I mean,one minute I'm cheering my best bud on and the next thing I know, I'm kissin' Harry Styles foot! Katie POV: Harry and Niall talked for a little bit before asking me how old I was." uh,that's kinda private."I said,glancing at Niall."but if you must know, I'm 11." I frowned cuz I knew it blew my chances of dating Niall! Ow,I thought,never thought it'd hurt so ba-ad,Gettin' over you!.....
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