Life Letters.

Dear Reader:
This is a journal type of thing where Daisy and I ((Jasmine)) will write online letters about our selves and the events that take place in our lives.



Dear Daisy,

Awesome.!!! This has been a really crazy week. It went by pretty fast for me to keep up with. Today i didn't go to school because i had to go to my grandpa's funeral :( he died from a blood clot last Thursday. Not only that but ,my aunt brought her annoying kids to the funeral today and they ruined everything.! They played, talked, and screamed through the whole ceremony and when i told her to get her children under control she told me i was being disrespectful to my grandfather because i was "trying to start and argument at his funeral." Now lets froget about the bad and focus on the good; I got to see my cousins Abby, Tito and Suzanna today so i was really happy, and today was the 1st time i've seen my parents get along ever since the divorce.! Like i said; this was a really crazy week. I do this thing where at the end of everyday i dedicate a song to how i feel. The song that describes my feeling right now would have to be; 'Tonight Tonight' by Hot Chelle Rae; because "its been a really really messed up week, 7 days of torture, 7 days of bitter."  LITERALLY.  i hope to hear how your week went so write back soon.!

Sincerly, Jasmine :x

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