Life Letters.

Dear Reader:
This is a journal type of thing where Daisy and I ((Jasmine)) will write online letters about our selves and the events that take place in our lives.



Dear Daisy,

Well i guess i'll start the 1st letter. My name is Jasmine, i am 13 years young. (: My favorite colors are red, blue, orange, black, grey, and many more. I love to listen to music, mostley rock and rap. I am currently in the 8th grade and I have advanced classes. I guess that means i'm smart.! :D I'm a scene kid and I love to skate. I have an obsession for One Direction, zombies, skating, Bam Margera, and doing crazy stunts. Anyways that's just a little bit about me.! i hope to hear from you soon.!

Sincerly; Jasmine :x

p.s: i have another Movellas account; the user-name is: Jay is a Scene Kidd.


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