Letters To Juliet

Harry Hasn't been the same since hope left. he went for x factor and she was left behind. her mother never liked harry her father though he was too much off a player. what happens when hope learns the truth and goes on a quest across the country for harry?


1. Prologue !

Hope's POV

i gripped Harry's hand tighter we were young 16 year old and he was about to meet my parents before he went away to x factor
he was wearing a smart shirt buttoned to the top and dark jeans. we were out side the door as i had just walked to his house to get him
" I'm so scared" he whispered gripping my hand tighter. 
he hand was shaking and he had sweaty palms something that always happened when he was nervous. 
this was the last week before he heading off to x factor. 
he had an amazing voice and i knew he would get famous. 
i would just hope he would never forget me.
" they will love you" i smiled at him as we stood on the door step. 
" but what if they don't?" he asked
i turned to look at him 
" screw them.. i love you and i hope when you become big and famous  just don't forget me?" i said looking sad
" kitten....ill never forget you" he said putting his hand on my cheek. 
he lent in and we kissed. it wasn't a snog but a kiss and our lips lingered on each others for a while 
i heard some one clear their throat and we pulled away quickly 
my dad was stood at the door with a disapproving look 
" I'm-I'm sorry Mr Jackson" harry stumbled over his words 
i gave dad a hug
" give him a chance.. for me?" i whispered in his ear. 
"come in"harry shook my dads hand and walked into the house 
" its a lovely house you have here Mr Jackson" harry said trying to be his charming self 
dad just grunted 
i lead harry into the kitchen were mum was cooking
"mum this is harry" i smiled
mum turned on her heels and ran over giving harry a hug
" its so good to finally meet you!" mum said happily 
dinner went well we had fajitas. 
my favorite
Harry's hand rested on my knee then my hand on top of his. 
mum had asked harry a range of questions through out the night 
" so harry what will happen when you go off to x factor?" mum asked
dad looked intently at him 
"er.. i think we would take a break i mean hope deserves all the attention and i need to work really hard to get to where i can give hope a lot of attention" 
"so you will dump her" dad said shooting harry a look
" no but he wants to give me attention he cant and he wants the best for me" i defended him 
after a few more hours harry walked home
i closed the door and went into the living room
"so" i smiled
" i don't like him" mum and dad said at the exact same time
i felt like dieing right their 
" what..why?" i asked
" because he is dumping you next week!" mum said standing up
" NO HES NOT!" i shouted
"well i forbid it!" dad shouted
" I HATE YOU!" i screamed running upstairs to my room. 
i sobbed into my pillow and rung up harry
" hello?" he asked
i just cried into the phone 
"kitten whats up?" he asked
"they.....they...dont want ...me...to....see you!" i sobbed into the phone
" I'm coming over" he said hanging up. 
i went to my window and climbed down the vines ripping my dress as i climbed
"kitten" i heard harry say quietly and i ran over and hugged him 
he held me tightly
"they said they don't want me to see you?" 
" you know.....you could listen to them...i mean never see me again.....just forget about me" he said i could feel his tears on my shoulder through the rip down my dress.
" come on you can stay at mine tonight" he said holding out his hand
i took it and we walked to his
he opened the door and i walked through 
" where is everyone?" i asked
" mum and robin have gone to gemmas dance thing..... but let me stay cause of meeting your parents" he said kicking his shoes off
i kicked mine off too 
he put his hands on my hips pulling me into him. 
"so are you going to be good and listen to your parents?" harry smirked
my arms wrapped around his neck and i lent up and kissed him 
" i love you so much" i mumbled into his lips
" i love you too" he mumbled back kissing me 
" I'm ready" i said against his lips 
he pulled back "what?" he asked shocked
" I'm ready" i said searching his green eyes for emotions
"sure?" he asked 
i nodded 
his hands went to my cheek and pulled me into a passionate kiss
" jump" he said i jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist 
he carried me up to his bedroom and stripped me down to my stary underwear. 
he stripped to his boxers. 
we were both virgins and have been dating for a year. 
harry told me about 9 months into the relationship that whenever i was ready he would be ready to have sex. 
"your so beautiful" he said 
..... ;) 
harry rolled off of me a thin layer of sweat covered our body's
i covered my face with my hands
" whats up?" harry asked a little out of breath 
" harry i bled on your sheets... its so embarrassing" i said my face still covered
" no babe its normal trust me...." he said rolling me over so i could face him 
" but its embarrassing" i said snuggling into his chest 
"kitten trust me'' he said touching my cheek 
"can we change them then cause it feels weird knowing that in in a bed with my blood on the sheets" i laughed
" it is kinda weird isn't it?" he laughed
he stood up and threw some boxers on and he handed me one of his white v necks. 
"you look so cute... how was it for you?" he asked
" well apart from the blood great." i smiled
we changed his bed sheets and climbed into his bed. 
his mum always let me sleep over. she trusted harry. 
i drifted off to sleep in Harry's arm. 
i woke up the next day to shouting 
" I KNOW SHE IS HERE ANNE WHERE IS SHE?!" i heard my mum shout 
i shook harry awake quietly 
" harry harry" i said 
"hmm" he said opening his eyes sleepily 
"ANNA WHERE IS SHE!" my mother screamed again waking harry up more
i felt scared
i started to shake
" hey hey its OK" harry said pulling me into his arms 
" look i know i might not be able to see and i was going to give you this later but ill give it to you know" he said he pulled a little box out from his bedside table 
i opened it and it had a beautiful necklace 
"Harry!" i gasped as he put it around my neck 
we hugged as i heard my mother stomping up the stairs
" i don't wanna go" i cried
Harry's door flew open and robin, Anne, mum and dad were stood staring at me and harry cuddled in bed together crying 
mum gasped loudly and i looked at the bedside table and their was the empty condom wrapper we had used last night 
" I TOLD YOU NEVER TO SEE HIM AGAIN!" my mum shouted as i climbed out of Harry's bed
" I DON'T CARE I LOVE HIM AND I HATE YOU!" i screamed at her 
she looked hurt by my words 
" Ive always wanted the best for you" she said sadly 
" THEN WHY DON'T YOU WANT BE TO BE WITH HIM!" i shouted as i cried 
" BECAUSE HE IS NO GOOD FOR YOU!" Mum shouted back 
"I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE!" Anne said sternly 
i looked at harry who was stood next to me 
he was cute.. he didn't have huge muscles.. he didn't have abs but he wasn't fat. 
he had tears running down his face
i walked over and hugged him. 
he held me tightly to him 
" never forget me" i whispered into his ear
" ill always remember you forever and always" he said 
i looked at him and gave him a kiss
i walked over to where my mum was
" bye harry" i said sadly
" bye hope" harry replayed 
we got outside and the door shut
all i could here were Harry's sobs. 
his mum trying to calm him as he cried loudly 
and it was my fault. 
i played with the necklace he gave me as my dad drove us home

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