I Need You Here With Me Now

This story is partly true. I do live in Australia, do have a puppy, Mum and Dad and a little sister. I did, however, not move to London and become the girlfriend of Niall and friend of Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn! I wish ;P Enjoy guys! xx


2. Running away?

I looked out my bedroom window, sighing as I packed the last of my things into the cardboard boxes one of the staff from the supermarket had kindly given us. Today was the big day. I really would miss this place. I know I always complained that nothing exciting ever happened here, and that there was nothing for teenagers to do to amuse themselves, but the whole moving situation had really changed my mind and I now realised what a great city this was.

I began day dreaming, and the words Mum had told me last weekend began running through my head, like someone had recorded that conversation and clicked the replay button. You will make new friends, I promise. And you can always keep in touch with your old friends here.... How did she know that I would make new friends? She didn't know that for sure!

The reality of what I was about to do suddenly hit me. In a few short hours, I was moving across the country, leaving my school, leaving my friends, leaving my family back in Australia because of a small chance that I could have the friendship with the boys I had always dreamed of having. I mean, what guarantee did I have that they would see something unique in me and want to become friends? Plus, I was only seventeen. The boys were 1, 2 and 4 years older than me!

An idea started forming in my head. I could run away. I was 17. I could get a job and buy an apartment. My family could still move to London. Just... Without me. This wasn't a very reliable plan, and I didn't know if it would work, but I didn't have much time and it was all I could think of.

I smiled to myself, grabbing a pen and paper from my drawer. I began writing Mum a letter

Mum, I can't do this. You don't know how hard this is for me, having lived in this very town, this very house my whole life. This is all I've known. Maybe it would have been okay if you had have told me, say, a few months earlier. So I could have some time to adjust to this whole situation. I'm sor- 

I stopped short. For the first time since I had thought of running away, I thought about what I was actually doing. I couldn't run away. It would tear them apart. I had to move. For myself. For them.

I had to accept the fact that I was leaving my friends, family, and the town where I had spent my childhood. I had to move on. Create new memories. With new friends. In a new home.

What the hell? I thought to myself. What is wrong with me? I hate this stupid town. I can't wait to move to London. To be in the SAME TOWN AS THE BOYS.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed as my head started to spin. I was feeling a little dizzy now. Was I really going to be living in the same town as One Direction? Or was this just a dream? It couldn't be real! I pinched myself a little too hard and whispered "Ouch" as I realised that this was REALLY, TRULY happening.

I started spinning around, jumping on my bed and screaming that I was going to be living in the same town as One Direction. I was halfway through screaming that for the sixth time when Mum stepped into my room, looking amused as she watched me having a fan girl moment.

"What's got you so happy?" She asked curiously.

"I'm just happy to be moving to London, that's all" I said with a huge smile on my face.

"Okay, well we're leaving in ten minutes. I'll meet you in the car" She told me.

I nodded and went back to fangirling. After ten more minutes of jumping around my room shouting excitedly, I collapsed onto my bed, panting heavily. I stacked two of my boxes on top of each other and carried them out to the removalist truck, trying my best not to send the heavy boxes toppling to the ground. After dumping the first two boxes, I headed back to my room to get the other two. I grabbed the two boxes and took one last look around my bedroom, letting a few tears escape my eyes while I transferred the two remaining boxes from my room into the truck.

I hopped into the car and pulled my puppy onto my lap, stoking her head comfortingly; she hated car trips! I rolled the window down and felt the cool air blowing my messy hair around my face as Dad drove us to the airport. Mum, Caitlin, and I hopped on the plane while Dad took care of our luggage. I got the window seat, then there was one seat in between Mum and me, and Caitlin was sitting with Dad behind us.

I stared out the window as the plane wheels left the runway and the plane flew upwards. My joy of flying for the first time was overshadowed by my joy of moving to England. I stifled a yawn, and decided that this would be the perfect time to sleep. I placed my purple jumper over my face and closed my eyes. I could hear the other passengers murmuring quietly, but there was one voice that stood out the most. It was a familiar Irish voice, and it sounded closer to my ears then the other voices did.

"Excuse me love, may I sit here?" The familiar voice asked politely. "You looked pretty bored, so I thought I would come over here and keep you company". I didn't realise the voice was talking to me until I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder, softly shaking me.

I took my jumper off my face and opened my eyes. I was about to speak, when I realised who was standing next to me, and why his voice sounded so familiar. My eyes widened and my mouth fell open as I took in his perfect features.





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