I’ve been living in this box for all my life. Being quiet and shy. Never talking to my mom. People taking so much pity on me. I just want them out of my life. Even my mom… Especially my mom.
Kassie has been going through hardships ans she realizes she no longer wants to be the geek, the person everyone takes pity on, the creepy girl who cuts herself, ugly. And from that decision, everything changes...


5. Kassie


Right now I’m walking to school thinking; This is the life I’ve been avoiding for so long. My phone is ringing. Urrgh! It’s my mom if I can call her that. She’s been calling me and stalking me ever since she saw me come home drunk. I never pick up though.

I get to school and set off to find Peter. I stop in my tracks. My heart starts to thump, my palms get sweaty, and tears begin to roll down my face. I see peter making out with some girl who doesn’t even go to this school. I don’t know what to do. He was the person who held me together, and now I’m just splattered all over the floor.

I see David. He looks at me, then looks at peter and I can tell he feels just as bad as I do. He starts to walk up to Peter, furious, but I softly shake my head, no, and run inside the school to the washroom. I sit and cry.

I don't get it. I can't get it. Why would he do that? Was he thinking about me? My feelings? Maybe he wasn't. Because no one ever does. No one cares. No one ever did and no one ever will. I pick up my bags and run home. But even home is hell. But I have no where else to go.

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