I’ve been living in this box for all my life. Being quiet and shy. Never talking to my mom. People taking so much pity on me. I just want them out of my life. Even my mom… Especially my mom.
Kassie has been going through hardships ans she realizes she no longer wants to be the geek, the person everyone takes pity on, the creepy girl who cuts herself, ugly. And from that decision, everything changes...


10. David

I look around the school for Kassie. She must of went home, I can't find her anywhere. Guess I'm skipping school because she needs me right now. I run all the way to her house and by the time I get there, I start regretting it. I mean what if she doesn't even ant me there? I guess I'll have to find out...

I ring the doorbell but no one answers so I check to see if the door is unlocked, which luckily it is. I go up to her room to see her lying on the floor, blood dripping from her arm.

Why would she do that to herself? Doesn't she know she's beautiful? That idiot Peter is nothing close to being worth her tears. I kneel beside her and caress her cheek as tears slide down my face. I wish I could just hold her and kiss her. Or at least just stare at her, forever. I slowly lean down and kiss her forehead, then she wakes up.

"Wha- what?" she says drowsily. 

"Umm.. Hey." I say queitly, "I saw what happened.."

"Could you just leave?" she snapped.

I'm sorry but I was a little taken back. "If you had just listened to me you wouldn't have been in this mess."

"Excuse me?" she said, "If you didn't hear clearly I told you to leave."

I looked deep into her eyes. She was furious and hurting. Why did I always say the wrong thing. My gaze slowly fell to her lips. I pulled her close to me and kissed her neck. "I love you." I said then I crashed my lips into hers. For a moment she kissed me back but then she pushed me away and in her eyes I saw confusion.

"Get out of my house now!" she screamed through tears. 

Tears began to stream down my cheeks. I got out of her house. She hates me. The girl I've been completely in love with for the longest time, hates me. And it was my fault.

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