I’ve been living in this box for all my life. Being quiet and shy. Never talking to my mom. People taking so much pity on me. I just want them out of my life. Even my mom… Especially my mom.
Kassie has been going through hardships ans she realizes she no longer wants to be the geek, the person everyone takes pity on, the creepy girl who cuts herself, ugly. And from that decision, everything changes...


7. David

I don't care if Kassie told me not to. I have to talk to Peter. I can't believe he did that. Why can't he understand how precious Kassie is. As I debate on what to do a familiar voice says "Hey bro, where's Kassie?"

Right away I know who it is. That asshole. "I guess you wouldn't know because you were to busy making out with Sophia!" I say angrily. "Woah w-wait dude, don't t-tell me she saw me." he stutters. "Okay then i won't. I'll just make up another explanation of why she's currently bawling her eyes out in the girls bathroom!!" I shout. I can't take this ediot anymore. He can't just go around breaking girls' hearts as if they're not worth anything. But then the unexpected happens. Peter begins to cry.

"Dude it was a dare..." he says through sobs.

"I really loved her, more than anything. More than I thought I could ever love someone. I know I'm kinda a player but Kassie changed that. I'm falling for her."

I can't believe what I just heard. And honestly I have no idea what I should do. I'm lost.


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