I’ve been living in this box for all my life. Being quiet and shy. Never talking to my mom. People taking so much pity on me. I just want them out of my life. Even my mom… Especially my mom.
Kassie has been going through hardships ans she realizes she no longer wants to be the geek, the person everyone takes pity on, the creepy girl who cuts herself, ugly. And from that decision, everything changes...


2. David


Wow. I mean look at her smiling and blushing and all. With her bright blue eyes shimmering. She is and always has been the most beautiful girl iI know, but sometimes she just doesn't notice it. I’m supposed to be Mr. Cool Guy and I don’t even have the nerve to ask her out. Anyways, with all that’s happened in her life and all that is happening, Kassie doesn’t have time for those extras, right?

                        “So are you excited for grade 12?” she asks.

                        “Not really,” I say “How about you? Are you excited for grade 11?”

                        “You know my answer to that.” Kassie says. I hug her and say “I know your answers to everything.” She laughs as the bell starts to ring and we head for our classes.

Now, a bit about myself. My name is David Barnabes (it's French). I'm 17 years old and... well... that's pretty much it. Over the summer my mom was diagnosed with cancer (I haven't told Kassie this yet), and my dad's been depressed but trying his best. At least its a curable cancer.


Anyways, do I have math or English? I check my time table which proves that I have math.Yay. One of my least favourite subjects.




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