I'm the boss.

Harry Styles Fan Fiction. 16 years old Scarllet Sophie is perfect in every way. She is polite, charming and charismatic. Everyone loves her and wants to be like her. Both of her parents are successful lawyers; they are one of the most wealthy families in Europe. Simon Cowell is her godfather and her dad’s best friend from childhood. He asks her to come for a holiday in London to meet his fiancé, but she know it’s just an excuse for something else…


1. Long flight


{My first fan fic here. I hope you like it.}

I close my eyes, sigh and lean my head against the cold car window. I've been in a car for almost two hours now, and my feet really hurt. It’s dark outside and almost 6 a.m. when the car stops.

“Are we here?” I ask almost irritatedly.

“Yes, we are at the Zürich airport,” my driver Max says kind. He is my driver since I remember. He drives me from Munich, where my boarding school is, home, to shopping centres, my trainings itc.

“Thank you.” I say dryly and wait for him to open my doors.


My mother insists that I fly from Zürich, because she believes that they have one of the safeties airports in the world. And that means that I have to drive 3 hours from Munich to the damn airport, yes.

I have a flight in less than 10 minutes, so I just go on the plane. Max took care of my luggage.


“Champagne, miss?” asks the blond air hostess with a fake smile.

“No, thank you,” I answer with the same fake smile, but she immediately turns and walks away.


 I again close my eyes, but don’t fall asleep. I sit there with closed eyes, praying that nobody knows me, so I won’t have to talk with anybody.


I’m finally in London after 2 hour flight.

A sigh of relief escapes from my mouth when I’m in the car that Simon sent me again. I hate hectic places as are airports, shopping centres, even super markets.


“Hello, darling,” I hear Simons voice when I answer the phone.

“Nice to hear you, again,” I smile a bit.

“I know you are tired, but please come in my office, so we can talk.”

“OK. See you in 30 minutes,” I look through the window “oh, make that an hour or so, I have a feeling that we’ll be stuck in a traffic jam.”

“Can’t wait.”







“You’ve grown so much,” Simon laughs when we hug.

“I have 10 cm heels,” laugh and kiss him on the chick.


We talk about everything for almost two or three hours.


“So, what have you wanted me for?” I ask.

“Oh, you smart girl. I have a bit of a problem and I think you’re the right person to solve it.”

“Interesting,” I nod.

“You know who One Direction is?”

“Yes, few of my schoolmates are listening to them. Some pop group, right?”





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