Crazy Love

Niall and Liam are engaged to be married. Everybody's happy. Everybody but... Harry.

Harry loves Niall, and with no sign of getting him, he decides to take fate into his own hands.

Warnings: Kidnap, Abuse


1. The Act

This is my first story here, what do you think?


They were doing it again. Niall and Liam grinding up to each other as they danced Niall, because he was delirious with alcohol and happiness, and Liam, because he was overly happy. Liam had proposed to Niall the night before, and the blond sobbed in happiness and said yes, much to Harry's annoyance.

Who did Liam think he was? Niall should have been his boyfriend. Not Liam's. His. He should be the one stroking those blond locks at night or have that adorable face bury into the crook of his neck in scary films or when he was homesick him kissing him in the morning making him breakfast, making passionate love to him. It should be Harry doing those things, not Liam. Now that his love and enemy were engaged Harry knew he had to do something. And soon.

Liam held Niall's hand and twirled his fiancée round and round smiling as the blond stumbled giggling. Niall snuggled up to him holding his hand and burying his face in his chest. "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else you make me complete and I'll never leave you for as long as i live." He declared loudly, the people around them awing and saying things like "oh bless them" and "Oh young love" and "The very best with your relationship lads"

Harry glared jealously from where he and Louis were having fun dancing like idiots. Or at least where Louis was having fun. When he noticed Niall and Liam dancing looking very much in love he had stopped abruptly, stomping over to them. He stopped short when he heard Niall proclaim loudly "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else you make me complete and I'll never leave you for as long as I live." He growled angrily under his breath as he heard this, then applause and the good wishes given to the young couple and he just snapped.

As quick as he could he dashed to the toilets rubbing his eyes. Niall was obviously off his arse with booze and didn't mean it. Niall couldn't actually be so in love with Liam it wasn't possible. It was possible but not to Harry. For three years the curly haired lad had been convincing himself that Niam were only temporary, that Niall was only dating Liam because he couldn't reject him. Hearing Niall say that had shattered his fantasies and something snapped inside him as the next thing he knew he was texting Niall asking him to meet him round the back of the club.

Niall smiled as a young man, about twenty four, just two years older than himself, wearing a cross and a white vicars collar came up to him and drew a cross on his forehead. "May the lord be with you and take care of you and your partner my son." And with that he walked away. Liam had seen the exchange and smiled, a man of God had blessed their relationship. It made both their tummy's bubble at the thought that they were accepted even in the religious community.

After all in four years a lot had changed. The US had a gay president, Angelina Jolie's adopted child had been gay, there had been several homosexual music sensations and a lesbian actress. Many celebrities had came out as bi and the homosexual community had become accepted.

Niall's phone vibrated in his pocket and he looked at a text message that had popped up. Meet me out back, tell Liam you're going toilet. He won't want you to come outside alone and i need to talk in private. Haz x.
"Li, i'm just going toilet i'll be back in a sec." He said giving his fiancée a kiss on the cheek.

Harry pressed himself up against the wall behind the door he had seen Niall walk up the corridor and approach the door. Harry clenched the bottle in his hands tightly lifting it over his head as the door opened and a familiar blonde head came out. He waited until the blond was directly in front of him before crashing the bottle on top of Niall's head, knocking him out. "I'm sorry Niall but it's the only way my darling," He whispered as he grabbed the boy under the arms and dragged him to his car smiling as he saw some rope in the boot from a fishing trip. Grabbing his phone he texted Louis. Hi mate going home absolutely wacked need sleep good luck with that blond, just saw Niall in the bogs, told him I'm going my apologies to Niam for leaving their engagement party early. Haz x.

He hoisted the smaller boy up and lay him in the boot of the car. "It's the only way. It is the only way." He repeated to himself as he slammed the boot shut on Niall and drove off to the small house he'd bought for himself.

Liam was worried. Niall hadn't come back from the bathroom in twenty minutes. He went off to look for his Irishman but all the cubicles were empty and no one was at the urinals. Louis came in then and told him what Harry had texted him. The two boys scoured the bar but couldn't see Niall anywhere. They managed to pick up Zayn.

Although it was an engagement party only the boys had been invited. Liam and Niall didn't want too many people. Liam was not very good at handling the whole showering with love thing. Niall was, he was seen as the baby even at the age of twenty two women in their forties and fifties came up to him pinching his cheeks and ruffling his hair, the more dirty ones slapping his bum and kissing him. He'd been christened the one with many cutesy nick names after a while. The fans nicknames ranged from sex god to baby Nando's.

He was also very physically fragile and would sometimes have to be protected by the boys rather than security. It didn't matter and no matter what happened Niall was always gonna be Baby direction something a fan had nicknamed him once.

Panicking as he surveyed the club and realised Niall wasn't in there he got out his phone and dialled his fiancées number, which he had learnt off by heart. He listened to it for a bit before sighing as it went to answer machine. "Hi babe it's Li, give us a bell and lemme know you're ok. Love you bye," He blew a kiss softly into the receiver.

Louis popped up noticing his friend's expression. "C'mon bro let's go home he's probably fine." Liam reluctantly got in a taxi and was driven to Niam's nook as Louis called it. He climbed into bed and tiredness hit him like a car and he was asleep before he could even think about Niall.

Harry scowled as he looked at Niall's phone as he heard message Liam had left. He smirked glancing at the Irishman in front of him, still passed out and unaware of what was going on. He smiled as he heard Niall stir. This was gonna be fun.

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