Heartache || Louis Tomlinson

Jaime Bean is a 15 year old girl who goes to St.Marks All Girls Boarding School. When she's in year 10, St.Marks turns into St.Marks Boarding school. Now the school has boys. When Jaime and her friends meet 5 boys fights, break ups, love triangles, and problems happen.


10. Why Didn't She Tell Me?

We are back at school and it turns out Mrs.Flemming said that me an Lou have to share a room, so that we can think of ideas on what we should do next.

We had a meeting which the school supervisors and me and Louis were on our way there, and Mrs.Flemming drove us there.

Me and Lou were having a conversation on a fundraiser until Mrs.Flemming interupted us. "Any ideas so far? We are almost there!" she asks. "Uhm, yes! We'll tell you when we get there!" Louis replies. "Great! Can't wait"

We drove into some parking lot of a restaurant called 'Pierres'. I suppose it's a french restaurant, I am guessing by the  name.

Okay, I doubt it's french! It was an Italian restaurant.

"Welcome to 'Pierres', how may I help you!" said the girl at the front desk. She had a blonde pixie cut hairstyle, and she was very short, I could see she was checking Louis out. Back off my man, he's apparently not single. I quickly grab Louis hand and hope she would notice. And of course she did and I gave her a death glare and she quickly look away.

"Yes! Were looking for a table for 6. We are waiting for people." answered Mrs.Flemming. "Right this way!" pixie cut girl, also known as Courtney by her name tag, guided us to the booth. We sat down and waited for the school supervisors. And soon enough, they arrived within minutes.

We told them about having a bake sale for charity and school supplies. They agreed and we ate our food.


Me and Louis were in our dorm. "So Lou, I think we should half the room. I get one side. and you get the other! Deal?" I ask. "Deal" he says shaking my hand and I quickly put the tape across the floor. I put all my stuff on one side of the room and pushed the bed aswell. "There!" I say falling back on my bed.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. Louis opened it to see Harry; eyes red from crying and black circles around it.

"Harry! What happened!" I ask frantically. "Mads said that she got a scholarship for college." Harry replied in between sobs. "Thats not bad." Lou says confused sitting him down." I know! But if she wants to keep the scholarship, she has to go this weekend. I'm gonna be all alone again. I actually thought I found someone who will love me." he says crying into my shirt and hugging me.

"How come she never told me this! I'm one of her best friends!" I say on the verge of tears. How come she never told me this!? I'm one of her best friends! I get up to change my shirt from Harry's tears. I take my extra uniform top and go in to washroom to change it and put my tie back on. Yes! The girls wear ties too! I fix my make-up but don't put too much on, and return back out.

"Harry it's okay." I say calming down. "Everythings going to be alright" Louis comforts him again.


Hey guys! I finally updated again! I need a name to call you guys!

I will have a contest, you guys comment about 3 names below and I will choose! The winner will be featured in my story and will be dating Harry. So good luck guys!!!

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