Heartache || Louis Tomlinson

Jaime Bean is a 15 year old girl who goes to St.Marks All Girls Boarding School. When she's in year 10, St.Marks turns into St.Marks Boarding school. Now the school has boys. When Jaime and her friends meet 5 boys fights, break ups, love triangles, and problems happen.


2. New Friends

"Hi. I'm Jaime Bean, and I am head girl,"I said with a grin.

"Hello St.Marks All Girls Boarding School! Or should I say; St.Marks Boarding School,"everyone started laughing sarcastically when Ms.Flemming said that.

"Welcome to a new year with boys now joining our school. This year our head students are Louis Tomlinson and Jaime Bean. They will be planning everything we are going to do and what places, we can go to for trips,"she explained.

"Now go have lunch. We have changed our menus and now there are many more choices. Hope you all get along with each other,"she said with a grin.

"So, would you like to meet after school and plan where we are going to?"Louis asked.

"Uhm,sure,"I answered with a smile.

"Okay, see you later!"he said as he was running up to four boys and walking out.

"He totally likes you!"says Madison making me jump.

"No. I guess you could say we're just friends. Nothing is between us."I said as all five of us headed to the cafeteria

"So. Anything between you and head boy?"asked Victoria."Nah, just friends."I said.

We all finished our lunches and all of us headed out to the front of the school.

"Ooh, there's the head boy!"cooed Isabella.

"He has a name. It's Louis Tomlinson!"I scowled.

"Well sorry! I just want you to have a boyfriend.Your fifteen! You're ready and single,"Isabella explained.

"Then why don't you go out with him!"I mumble.

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