Heartache || Louis Tomlinson

Jaime Bean is a 15 year old girl who goes to St.Marks All Girls Boarding School. When she's in year 10, St.Marks turns into St.Marks Boarding school. Now the school has boys. When Jaime and her friends meet 5 boys fights, break ups, love triangles, and problems happen.


3. Introducing Ourselves

Isabella's POV

Who was she talking about!?Was she talking about the guy with black hair,or the one next to him with a small looking quiff.Because if she was talking about the one with the quiff,I actually like him!So I decided to go off to him."The  one with the quiff Jaime?"I asked pointing to him."Yeah!He looks like he's perfect for you!How about this guys,we all should go there and meet them.That way we could introduce ourselves!"Jaime said with a big grin on her face."Ok..."all of us said but Jaime.So we walked off to them."Hey Louis!"I heard Jaime said as she was introducing us to him."Louis,these are my friends.Madison,Isabella,Victoria and Julia."Jaime said pointing at each of us.The boy with the quiff was looking at me.Wait,no.It cant be possible."This is Zayn,Niall,Harry and Liam"Louis said pointing to each of his friends."Hi!"Madison said to the boy with curly hair,I think his name is Harry?"Hello Madison.Im Harry."Harry introduced himself to Madison.We all got along for the past weeks and me and Liam started to date.Julia was dating Zayn,and Victoria is dating Niall.

*Month Later*

Jaime's POV

"So Louis.I thought we could go to Italy."I suggested.We were planning on where the Year 10 classes should go for a  second trip."I had the same idea too!Wow..."he said with a smirk.I still think Isabella and Madison were wrong.But for sure NO!

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