Heartache || Louis Tomlinson

Jaime Bean is a 15 year old girl who goes to St.Marks All Girls Boarding School. When she's in year 10, St.Marks turns into St.Marks Boarding school. Now the school has boys. When Jaime and her friends meet 5 boys fights, break ups, love triangles, and problems happen.


6. Caramel Hotels


Everyone was out in front of the school waiting for the bus to take us to the airport."When is it gonna come here!Im tired!"complained Louis."Its going to be here in about a minute Lou!Be patient and it WILL come!"I say and about second later the bus came.I was about to take my luggage but it wasnt there.So then I saw Louis putting it in the bus.Oh how I love my Boobear!"Come on JaiJai!Dont wanna be late for our flight!"he shouts from the bus door."Coming!"I grab my bags and then I feel arms wrap around me and guiding me to the bus!"I give Louis a glare and ait next to him.

"I call window seat!"I shout.

"Were just going to the airport,wont take long!"I had a deep feeling HE wants it.

"No I am having it!Not for you,my window!"I stick my tongue out at him.

Were heading to Italy now.I think were going to a hotel called Cammale Hotels.Niall calls it caramel Hotels. 

"Hello.7 rooms please."the receptionist did Mrs.Flemming's request and gave 7 keys."Thank you."she passed the money.We all headed to our rooms and took a shower.

"Louis,can you give me my PJs please?"I say to Louis who is checking tweets on Twitter."Of course love!Anything for you."I walked over,took the clothes and gave him a quick peck on the lips.


Sorry short chapter.Im really rushing to fast, so please favourite!

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