Heartache || Louis Tomlinson

Jaime Bean is a 15 year old girl who goes to St.Marks All Girls Boarding School. When she's in year 10, St.Marks turns into St.Marks Boarding school. Now the school has boys. When Jaime and her friends meet 5 boys fights, break ups, love triangles, and problems happen.


11. Annabelle

So guys, I'm back. Again. Please share this and go read my other book on Wattpad! My username is celestialclifford its a cute username but yeah. My story is called 'Infinite Love' and I would appreciate it if you read it and shared it! Well here's another chapter!





Harry's POV:

"Thanks anyways guys. I'll see you tomorrow." I walked out of the room slouching looking down.

"Okay then bud, feel better soon. We'll be in our dorms when you need us. Or one of us." Louis always brought a smile to my face, he's like a brother to me and sometimes he's like a phsyco human being that I hate. But that's what I like about him.

"Bye Harry, I need to have a little chat with Madison." says Jaime.

Once I left, I heard dialing in Jaime's dorm.

I continued walking to my dorm watching people rushing to class and dropping books. All of a sudden I heard a name.

"Harry will never love you. In fact he loves me! If you stop lying, you do not want to know what I'm going to do to you. Maybe even him! Or your family. I know you better than you know yourself, Madison. So you better watch out. I need Harry to want me and not you!" I was absolutely offended and why would this person threaten my Madison.

Something was not right.

Of course something is not right! Some girl is threatening your best friend's girlfriend! My sub-conscious states the obvious.

"Well too bad, you can't tell me what to do! In fact I bet you can't even spell your own name, Annabelle!" So it was Annabelle threatening her. "And if Harry loved you better than me, he probably would've went to you. I can't believe we used to be friends. You betrayed me, got me in so much trouble with my parents, and your parents, I can't even go to a normal school, so I have to stay in a boarding school where I now live and my family doesn't want to see me! And its all your fault." she snaps at Annabelle.

If your wondering who Annabelle is, she's a troublemaker. She always got what she wants. She even forced the principal to give her, her own dorm that's bigger than all the other dorms. She's a brat. But her parents still respect her and think she's an angel. They don't even know that she has her own room.

And how come she never told me about this? Her parents don't want her.

I decided that I shouldn't go and interrupt because it would just make a problem.

I'll just ask Madison next time.



So this is a very short chapter. I think last time I updated this was a year ago. And I plan on putting this book on wattpad instead so yeah.

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