Perfectly Imperfect

Jess was an ordinary girl, who lived in a small town. Nothing good ever seemed to happen to her until the unimaginable happened.


6. Shopping with Zayn

''So where do you like to shop?''my aunt asked him.''I really like to shop anywhere I guess, but something cheap.''he said. ''Hey I don't think I ever caught your name.'' I told him.''It's Zayn, Zayn Malik.''he said. ''Oh, I'm Jessica, Jess for short.''

Zayn's POV

I was out shopping for a shirt with out a doubt the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. She had long dark brown hair and was with her aunt. She obiously wans't from here though. I knew if I showed her to the boys, they were bound to be jealous!


Sorry this is kind of short I couldn't really think of anything to write:/ 

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