Perfectly Imperfect

Jess was an ordinary girl, who lived in a small town. Nothing good ever seemed to happen to her until the unimaginable happened.


2. On the Plane

It was awkward at first, being on a plane for 10 hours with no one I knew. I looked out my window and saw the last bit of the UK before we started flying over the ocean. I never I was scared of heights until that moment, I could feel my legs shaking. I took in a big breath and tried to relax and pretend like I was unaware that I was thousands of feet in the air! I took out my Iphone and plugged in my headphones and listened to Foster the People to keep me occupied. After about 30 minutes I was fast asleep."Hello?Ma'am!" I was rudley awakened as the flight attendent was going around with her cart."Would you like something?" Her italian accent rang through my ears."No thanks," I responded and fell back asleep.

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