Perfectly Imperfect

Jess was an ordinary girl, who lived in a small town. Nothing good ever seemed to happen to her until the unimaginable happened.


4. New life

Last night I stayed in the guest bedroom. I got up and went to my suitcase to pull out my gladiator sandals, my high waisted shorts, my neon pink tank top with a dream catcher, and my brown beaded bracelet. I went to the bathroom and turned on the water. I turned around to get a towel, but was suprised to see a familiar face. "Aunt Jenifer!'' I screamed. "Jess, my favorite neice!"she said happily. We exchanged hugs and she said she would let me take a shower and get ready and we would talk later. I got out of the shower and put my hair in a messy bun and got dressed and brushed my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom and put my clothes from yesterday in a pile. I went downstairs to find my aunt Jenifer and my mom. I greeted them and walked into the kichen to get a glass of orange juice. I was about to walk out when I saw Bailey standing there texting. I said good morning and gave him a quick hug and walked back to the living room. I sat down and looked at my mom who was giving me the same look when I first got here last night.I didn't know what her problem was, but I know I dind't do anything. For the rest of the morning we all talked about my experiance in the UK and all the things I have accomplished over the past 2 years.

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