Perfectly Imperfect

Jess was an ordinary girl, who lived in a small town. Nothing good ever seemed to happen to her until the unimaginable happened.


5. A day out

Aunt Jenifer said she would take me out so I can get more used to where I would be living for awhile. We first went to this cute vintage store and then we went to get coffee.We got our coffee and sat at a table outside.''So how are you liking it so far?'' she asked. ''It's alright, but i've only been here for a day so I don't really know what to think, you know what I mean?'' ''Of course, you know, i'm not from here either. I came from a small town in Texas with your mother and all of our siblings. We moved here after your brother was killed, I thought it would be a good idea to you know explore more and enjoy life while we have it. But then, your mother was going mad and was put into a mental home. We were all scaed we didn't know if the move made her go crazy, or the fact that she lost her oldest. At first we were considering moving back to Texas maybe to help her out a bit when she got out, but her doctor said that would only be worse. We don't know why she went crazy, but it was very life changing.'' I took a sip of my coffee trying to prosses what she was saying. I realized that while I was thinking about all this I was spilling all over the table. I quickly ran inside to get some napkins when I bumped into someone spilling there coffee all over their white shirt.''Oh my god! I'm so so sorry!"I yelled.''He turned around showing his spilt coffee and his goregous face. He was tan and had perfectly styled black hair, which looked like he had spent hours on.''No, its fine I should have went to sit down instead of standing in the middle of the shop.'' his accent buzzed through my ears sending chills down my back.''No, it was my fault I should have walked.''I said stuttering. My aunt Jenifer came through the door and yelled,''Jess what happened, I thought you were going to get napkins?'' I gave her a '' Don't you see that amaxingly cute boy right next to me'' look. She quickly scanned her eyes to the boy next to me and winked and walked out the door back to our table. "sorry about that, that was my aunt I came in here to get some napkins for our table that is covered in coffee too.'' I said looking into his chocolate brown eyes.''Do you need help with cleaning it?''he asked."If you want to, but the least I could do was buy you a new shirt." I told him as I was staring at his messy shirt."We have a deal.''the mysterouisly handsome boy said.

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