Same Mistakes ~Zayn Malik Love Story~

Melody Carington has been bestfriends with the famous british boyband One Direction ever since they met one day at Starbucks, but what happens when Melody develops feelings for one of the worlds most hottest boy, Zayn Malik? Will everything still be the same? Will she even tell him? Read On To Find Out


11. ☯ 9 ☯

** Zayn's POV ** - 3 days later - 
Me and Melody hadn't talked since I saw her and Niall kissing on the beach. They don't know I saw them . And I haven't talked to Niall since either. Well only if it involved interviews of anything that was LIVE . I didn't wanna talk to anyone, much less her. Niall and Melody started talking more after that day. She tries talking to me but usually I change the subject or just tell her that I'm busy with song-writing.... Of course it hurts ignoring her but it hurt much more when I saw him and her kissing! It was like getting stabbed in the chest and being left there to die! I shifted in my bed not wanting to get up at all. It was around noon already and everyone was up. It was like any other day here. I closed my eyes as I put in my earbuds and started listening to music. Music eases my mind alot ... alot. Just as I was dozing off the sleep again Cody Simpson came on, my eyes immediately shot open and I looked down at my iPod. This song was playing, Angel by Cody Simpson

I felt my heart flutter and my body was starting to feel the way I used to feel about Melody . Oh god, no . I wanted to skip it but some part in my brain just told me not to. I listened to the song and I felt even more confused than ever.....
One question kept running through my mind over and over again as I got up and opened my door to go into the world everyone called ' life ': When is Melody gonna get outta my head?!?

** Melody's POV **
I sat on the couch and I turned on the tv. I had a major headache and not even Liam's smile helped. The guys all went out to go check on how their album was working out, all except Zayn ... guess he's still asleep or something. I couldn't help but feel bad for kissing Niall .. I mean I was actually starting to like him . Not that  I like Niall or anything. Like the only reason Niall kissed me was so if Jason decided to come back he'd see that I'm all about Niall not him. Honestly I still like Zayn... just the problem is that .... I think Zayn saw me and Niall kissing because he's been really REALLY quiet lately . Like he's not talking to me anymore or even Niall . I heard footsteps coming I looked up and saw Zayn, he turned and saw me but turned away as he walked into the kitchen ... Melody, this is your chance. Go over and talk to him! NOW ! I breathed slowly and then I got up and made my way to the kitchen. I smelled grilled cheese cooking and I practically ran into the kitchen. Zayn chuckled as I made my way over to the stove ' Yummy ! ' I said grabbing a piece of his sandwich. ' Hey! That's mine! ' Zayn whined as he grabbed it back before I could bite it. I pouted and I smiled as I grabbed it back starting to run into the living room. ' Ohh it's not that easy to run away from Bradford Melody ' Zayn yelled as he ran after me. Okay so maybe I'm not gonna talk to him I said to myself smiling as I hopped onto the couch. I split the sandwich in two and gave Zayn one as he jumped on the couch. He was panting like a freaking dog ' You need to work out, I swear ' I said giggling as I turned on the tv ' Well we all know how Harry works out ' Zayn said smirking. I looked at him weird and then he rolled his eyes as he got whispered something in my ear ' Sex, dummy ' . ' Eww! ' I yelled making a face and turning away. I flipped through random channels and then I saw that Paranormal Activity 3 was on. ' Oh gosh ' I said quietly as I grabbed the remote again to change the channel ' What? You don't like scary movies? ' He asked looking at me weird. ' Nope! I hate them ' I said smiling while I got up to go into my room. Suddenly I felt someone grab my waist and pull me back. I giggled as Zayn put his arm around me on the couch. ' Melody... I'm sorry .. for ignoring you ... I ... I just. I saw you and Niall kissing on the beach that day and I ... i couldn't believe it ' Zayn said whispering as he looked at me. You could see the sadness in his eyes ... it was killing him on the inside! ' It's okay Zayn... and plus Niall only did that to make sure Jason didn't come back ' I said smiling. Zayn looked at me for a few seconds later before finally smiling. I turned to watch the tv. 
- skip to the end of the movie -
' HOLY SHIT! ' I yelled as the scariest part of the movie came up. Zayn jumped alittle and then he held on to me tighter ... I love him ... i really do ... I screamed once more and then I opened my eyes and saw the credits rolling. I let out a huge amount of air that was bottled up inside ' I. Am. Never. Sleeping. Again ' I said my eyes big. Zayn chuckled as he stared at me. I just felt like attacking him and telling him I love him .. i seriously wanted to. Suddenly I felt a pair of lips on mine and I opened my eyes and saw Zayn was kissing me. I kissed back and I smiled as our kiss got deeper ... more passionate .... ' i love you ' Zayn whispered into my ear as he got ontop of me. I let a moan slip from my lips as he found my soft spot on my neck ... I bit my lip as i kissed him gently. He took of his shirt as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried he up the stairs and into his bedroom as he layed me on his bed ' You sure ? ' Zayn whispered into my ear as his hands reached my pants. I bit my lip as I nodded my head yes .. I bit my lip not wanting to tell him the truth about what happened between me and Louis the night after me and Niall kissed .... I just couldn't tell him ... I heard a door open and close as Zayn started unzipping my pants. I immediately sat up listening for the boys' voices. Zayn groaned as he heard the front door close. I quickly zipped my pants and ran out the room as Liam started calling our names ' Hey, your back! ' I said smiling as I saw the lads in the living room. Harry picked up Zayn's shirt on the couch and I quickly grabbed it putting it behind my back before he could ask about it. Harry looked at me wierd and I made him a face begging him to be quiet. He smiled and shook his head as he sat on the couch. I sighed in relief and I qucikly  threw the shirt at Zayn who was coming out his room again. ' Where's Zayn? ' Liam asked looking around. ' Probably in the bathroom fixing his hair ' I said as I sat between him and Niall. ' ... Someone smells like Zayn ' Niall said sniffing around. I shut my eyes and pleaded to god that he wouldn't sniff near me. ' That's because I'm done here too dumb ass ' Zayn said coming out the kitchen eating an apple. I let out a breathe as I gave him a look. He winked back as the boys looked away. 


This was gonna be harder than I thought ....


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