Same Mistakes ~Zayn Malik Love Story~

Melody Carington has been bestfriends with the famous british boyband One Direction ever since they met one day at Starbucks, but what happens when Melody develops feelings for one of the worlds most hottest boy, Zayn Malik? Will everything still be the same? Will she even tell him? Read On To Find Out


10. ☯ 8 ☯

** Melody's POV ** 
I thanked the nurse and I started walking towards the rest of the lads. I gotta love Lou, he knows my fashion sense: [polyvore] . I smiled as I spotted Zayn and Harry talking. ' Hey, guys! ' Liam said putting his arm on my shoulder. I giggled as I playfully pushed Liam off me. ' Okay so the nurse just told me that Niall woke up today! ' Liam said excitedly. ' Really?!? ' I said jumping up and down. Everyone stared at me like I was crazy . ' What ? ' I asked calming down. ' Ello beautiful ' I heard an irish voice say behind me. I yelped and ran over behind Harry and Zayn. I looked over and saw Niall looking at me confused ... oh my god, he was so cuter in person! I felt butterflies in my stomach and everything .... IT'S NIALL FREAKING HORAN! ..... He called me beautiful . ' What's up with Melody? ' He asked everyone after they signed the release papers for him. ' Long story ' Zayn said sighing . Niall nodded his head and he sat beside me in the car on our way home. I yawned a little and I rested my head on Zayn's shoulder who was also sitting beside me. ' Helloo ' He said smiling. I giggled once more and looked back up at hin ' Ello mate ' I said smiling. He smiled and I closed my eyes before dozing off sound asleep.

** Zayn's POV **
I was gonna actually start being all Zayn Malik flirtly with her but you know .... She fell asleep. Haha, it's kindof funny though. She looks cute when she's asleep. I shifted in my seat. I tried to be careful and not move Melody much so I just put her head on my chest and I looked over at Niall who was smiling and staring at Melody. ' What? ' i whispered. ' She doesn't remember a thing about you and she's already sleepinng on your shoulder and chest ' he whispered back. I felt my face get hot as I noticed that. I smiled as I turned to look out the window. Who said I can't try and help her gain back her memory ? I mean, it's not that hard, right?.

- skip to getting home - * Zayn's POV *
i gotta tell Melody ... now. Before she finds out any other way. I sighed as I saw her going to the living room. She was taking a tour of the place and she looked lost as ever. I laughed alittle and then i went into the living room ' Ahh Melody... There's something. I really need to tell you ... ' I said quietly. At first she stared at me confused and then she sat on the couch. I felt my whole body tense up as I tried to talk... ' okay. Umm, ne and you ... Before the accident... We.... ' I started... ' we ?? ' Melody said, she actually wanted to know what I wanted to say. ' WeWereTogether ' I said really fast.

** Melody's POV **
I felt my body tense up and I suddenly felt myself having that feeling of being sick in their stomach .... not because I didn't like him but because I couldn't remember it! Meaning me and him can't be together if I don't even fucking remember the relationship. I opened my mouth to speak .... but nothing came out... Zayn looked at me, like he understood. ' Melody, you don't even remember us kissing do you ? ' he asked. I looked everywhere in the room, I closed my eyes trying to think. COME ON YOU KISSED HIM, YOU'VE GOT TO ATLEAST REMEMBER THAT ! I said to myself over and over again. I opened my eyes and the tears escaped. ' I don't even remember meeting you guys .... ' I said. Zayn turned away from me but I could tell from how he clutched his fists that he was getting fusturated too. I immediately got up and ran out the back door. How do I not remember anything ?!?! I walked for what seemed ages and I finally looked up and saw the beach ... Whoa, they live near a beach? I wiped the last of the tears and I started walking in the sand barefoot. The sound of the waves seemed to be calming me down a bit. I breathed in deeply as I sat on the sand. I wonder how the rest of my life is gonna be like now .... Suddenly I felt someone's arms around me and I immediate yelped. Oh my god who's on me ?? ' Shhhh, it's just me Jason ... ' the voice said. I stared at him confused and then he smiled ' Im jason, your boyfriend ' he said. ' Very funny " I said getting up. I may have lost my memory partially but I sure as bloody hell knew Jason. He stared at me and then he grabbed me by my waist and He pulled me towards him. ' Wanna play hard to get? ' he said licking his lips before pinning me on the sand and kissing me. ' Get off! ' I snarled at him before punching him. He groaned and then continued to kiss me ' How'd you know that turns me on ' He growled into my ear before ripping my shirt off. I continuiosly screamed and kicked him ' GET OFF ME JASON ' I yelled once more. I closed my eyes shut as he moved lower and lower on my body. Suddenly I felt the extra weight lifted off my body and then I heard Jason yelling. I opened my eyes and saw Niall ontop of him ... ' DON'T. EVER. TOUCH. HER. AGAIN ' He snarled while he lifted his arm to punch Jason in his face. ' NIALL STOP! ' I yelled grabbing Niall from Jason. Jason immediately ran off the beach. ' Nial- ' Suddenly I was overwhelmed with a pair of soft lips on mine. I opened my eyes and realized the pair of lips belonged to Niall ... Oh my god, I'm getting kissed by Niall freakin' Horan! KISS HIM BACK YOU IDIOT! I said to myself. I felt Niall smile as I kissed him back ... 

** Zayn's POV **
Niall and I decided to look for Melody since it was an hour later after she had left. ' The beach ' Niall said already out the door. She was probably at the beach. She seemed to be walking in that direction. ' Alright, just wait here and I'll be back with her if I find her ' Niall said turning off the car. I nodded my head as I saw him run off. 7 minutes passed by and I got tired of waiting. What could be taking them so long?? I thought. I grabbed the keys and I walked out towards the sandy beach. I looked towards the quiet part of the beach and that's where I saw it... Niall and Melody ....


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