Same Mistakes ~Zayn Malik Love Story~

Melody Carington has been bestfriends with the famous british boyband One Direction ever since they met one day at Starbucks, but what happens when Melody develops feelings for one of the worlds most hottest boy, Zayn Malik? Will everything still be the same? Will she even tell him? Read On To Find Out


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** Melody's POV **
I woke up ... I had no idea what day or what even happened! All i knew is that my head hurt like shit and I was in a hospital. ' Nurse? ' I said attempting to sit up ' Hello Ms. Carington ' she said helping me ' Please, call me Melody ' I said smiling. She nodded her head and asked me if I had an headaches. ' Haha, reading my mind ? ' I joked, she laughed and she excuses herself while she went to go get some aspirin. ' She's awake ' I heard a difference female voice said. ' Hmm, maybe Abby came to visit me ' I said to myself and I laid my head back on the pillow and I hear some guys voice talking .... british accent .... that voice sounded so familiar ..... where have I heard it ??? I looked up and saw a guy looking at me, I swear I've seen his face before. I bet I looked confused or something.... Who is he ?!? I gotta ask -__- ' Uhm ... not trying to be rude or anything but who are you? ' I asked him sitting up. He stared at me like I was crazy, his eyes got wide and his eyes got watery from what I could see ' Oh my god, she doesn't remember him ' hushed voices said from the doorway. I frowned and I stood up walking towards the door. Once I reached the door I gasped .... No... It can't be . ' Y-Y-Your Harry S-Styles ' I said trying not to fangirl; I knew how much he hated it. He smiled and then he walked over to me ' Hii Melody ' He said giving me a hug. I hugged back and I felt my head hurt again ' Oww .. ' I said holding my forehead. ' Alright, come on love. We gotta get you back into bed ' the familiar british voice said, I looked up and saw his face ... his cheekbones ... his hair... his eyes *___* ' Zayn Malik ' I said to myself. ' Yes? ' Zayn said looking down at me before he let me down on my bed. I giggled as I laid back ' That was supposed to be only heard by me ... ' I said smiling. Zayn smiled and he left the room, to get the doctor I presume. Harry was left in the room with me and I just stared at him trying to make sure I wasn't dreaming of anything. I mean it's not everyday that you wake up in the hospital and Zayn Malik is there with Harry Styles all worried about you! Oh my gosh! I wonder where Niall, Lou, and Liam are ! I smiled to myself as I thought about Harry .... okay so maybe Harry was my dream boii ... SO WHAT ?! ' What? ' Harry asked. I snapped back into reality and I looked up at Harry ' what? ' I said back even more confused, Harry laughed as he put away his cell phone. Zayn walked back into the room with the rest of the lads ... except Niall . Where could he be? . ' Hii Melody ' Liam said smiling. I smiled as I stood up again ' Ello ! ' I said. Lou hopped in front of me and said ' Hey ! '. I giggled as I looked up at him ' Heeyy ' I said. I frowned as I noticed again that Niall wasn't with them. ' What's wrong? ' Liam asked me looking concerned himself. ' Where's Niall? ' I asked softly looking around. The guys' smiles quickly turned into emotionless faces. ' Ah ... he's been in a coma.. since the accident ' Harry spoke finally breaking the silence. I felt my jaw drop. Accident???! ' W-What accident ' I asked sitting back down on the hospital bed. I looked up at Zayn who was looking like he was gonna break down crying. ' What accident ! ' I said louder this time. I felt a tear fall down my cheek. ' Yesterday you and Niall drove to McDonalds to buy some food and on your way home you guys got caught in traffic and .... ' his voice trailed off and he looked everywhere but at me. ' WHAT HAPPENED !?! ' I said loud. Liam sighed and put his head in his hands ' Niall's car got hit by a speeding car. Niall jumped ontop of you so you wouldn't get hurt but that wasn't enough. You got hit on the head by debris from the crash, got knocked out. Same with Niall. ' Harry spoke. Zayn was in tears now. I felt my jaw drop again.... WHAT ?! Niall freakin Horan risked his life just to protect me !?! Oh my god. ' Holy Fuck ' I said softly. I felt the tears streaming down my face now. I couldn't help it! I've got to see him, NOW. I wiped the last of tears and looked up at the guys who were trying to keep Zayn calm. Zayn smiled as he looked up at me... his smile .... it's so .... Addictive.

* Zayn's POV *
I smiled as I looked up at Melody, she smiled back. How was I gonna tell her about us ? .... What we had before the accident.....


Okay so it's a filler ... SO WHAT ?! . I'm short in time and I didn't want to leave you guys without a beautiful .. and wonder chapter . Don't hate me please! D: .

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