Same Mistakes ~Zayn Malik Love Story~

Melody Carington has been bestfriends with the famous british boyband One Direction ever since they met one day at Starbucks, but what happens when Melody develops feelings for one of the worlds most hottest boy, Zayn Malik? Will everything still be the same? Will she even tell him? Read On To Find Out


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** Melody's POV ** 
I smiled as Zayn played with Baby Lux, she was just so adorable ! Just as I thought that Lux looked my way and smiled. ' Hi Lux ' I said as I sat on the floor beside her. Zayn smiled as he stood up Lux ' Come on Lux, you've gotta learn how to walk someday ' He said helping her get up. I giggled as Lux stumbled on my lap. ' It's okay Lux ' I said just as she was about to start crying. I picked her up and I threw her in the air, she laughed as I threw her once more. ' Mumma ' she said laughing. Everyone immediately looked at me and Lux and I looked back at her ' What? ' I asked. If you haven't noticed she doesn't even know how to talk! ' Mumma! Mumma! Mumma! ' Lux repeated laughing and smiling. ' Noo . I'm not your mumma, you silly baby ' I said giggling as I handed her back to her real mumma ' This is your mumma ' I said facing her towards her. ' Mumma! ' Lux said bouncing up and down at Lou [ Her real mumma;D ] . ' She talked ! ' Lou said smiling . ' Because of the best future parents in the world ' Niall said winking at me and Zayn. ' Shut-up ! ' I whispered as he passed by us. ' McDonalds anyone? ' Niall asked picking up his keys. ' Meee ! ' I squeal as I make way over to Niall. ' Bring me a frappe and a big mac ' Zayn says playing with baby lux again. ' Kay . ' I said. The guys wrote down what they wanted down on paper and handed it to me. ' Bye babe ! ' Zayn said giving me a kiss before I left. ' Bye ' I said smiling. ' You look pretty today ' Niall said handing me my phone smiling. ' Really? thanks! I actually thought it was a bit too much ' I said looking at my hair in the reflection on my phone. [polyvore]  . Niall laughed and shook his head ' What? ' I said looking away from my phone. He looked at me and then at my phone ' Just like Zayn ' he said. Okay so maybe I wanted to know I looked pretty at all times, so what!? We drove to McDonalds and after ordering our food we left, food in hand. ' Traffic is gonna be terrible ' Niall said looking out towards the road filled with cars. I sighed and I texted Zayn

Text to: Zayn<3

We hit traffic, don't worry. Be home soon:)xx

A few seconds later I recieved a text from Zayn
Be careful please love . Don't stress it :)xx 

I smiled and I put my phone up. Suddenly we heard the honks of cars and the sound of glass shattering ' What the he-' Niall said turning around to see what's going on. ' What's wr- ' I said but I was cut off by Niall throwing himself on top of me. I screamed as the car suddenly started moving violently, glass flying everywhere and everything getting tight. Niall was practically putting his life on the line just to keep me safe. Suddenly something hard and sharp hit my head and everything started going black ... I'm so dead right now ...
- few hours later -

** Zayn's POV ** 
I just couldn't process the fact that both Niall and Melody were in the hospital .... they were both in critical condition! Melody was found with Niall laying on top of her, obviously he was trying to protect her from anything bad. I felt the tears come down my face again as I ran into the hospital . I immediately ran to the receptionist desk ' Melody Carington and Niall Horan? ' I asked softly . ' Mr.Horan's room is confidential as well as Ms.Carington ' She said slowly. I took of my shades showing my face, she gasped and immediately started typing on the keyboard. ' Niall came out of surgery just a few moments ago... Ms.Carington is now about to go in the surgery room ... ' She said. I felt my heart drop to the floor, my knees were getting weak ... everything just stopped and my head immediately started hurting ... ' Can we please get Niall's room number please ' Liam asked behind me. He held on to me as the nurse lead us to his room... I stood at the doorway of Niall's room, I just couldn't bare to see Niall on the hospital bed... ' He did great during surgery.. Right now his brain is trying to regain energy.. or in other words he's in a coma. ' The doctor said. I immediately broke down in the room ' N-n-no ' I studdered while the tears threatened to come out. The doctor left the room and Harry sat beside me on the floor ' Zayn, he's gonna be alright. Niall's a strong lad. ' He said patting my back. I sighed as I heard some noises from Melody's room. ' Mr.Malik?' a nurse asked coming from the hallway. ' Yes?  I said standing up/ The nurse smiled and said ' She's awake '. I immediately rushed past the nurse and stopped in front of her room, Calm down Zayn, she just got out of surgery .... I repeated to myself. I slowly started walking into the room and there I saw her... she looked beautiful as always, even if she was just in a gown from the hospital. She finally saw me and she sat up and looked at me confused ... Did i look THAT different?? ' Um .. not trying to be rude or anything but do I know you? ' Melody asked me. 

She doesn't remember me ... at all ...
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