Same Mistakes ~Zayn Malik Love Story~

Melody Carington has been bestfriends with the famous british boyband One Direction ever since they met one day at Starbucks, but what happens when Melody develops feelings for one of the worlds most hottest boy, Zayn Malik? Will everything still be the same? Will she even tell him? Read On To Find Out


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** Zayn's POV ** - landing in Cali - 
It's like 3 in the afternoon here ?!?! I need to move over here, I swear. God, it's so warm here. It's always raining or something back in the UK. Okay America, I might move here sometime. ' Someone carry me ' Melody groaned as she got off the jet. ' Niall I told you not to wake her up. ' Liam said as he lifted Melody up in his arms, Melody wrapped her arms around his neck as he began walking. I put on my shades and walked towards the airport. I was gonna pick her up Liam. -__-
Paparazzi were flooding the airport, somehow they found out about our little vacation. ' Melody! I love your outfit! ' One fan yelled as Liam put her down. ' Thanks! ' She said smiling and giving her a high-five. Honestly, if you ask me Melody looks amazing today.  I smiled as I took some pictures with some fans, sighed some pictures, etc etc. Melody was sighing posters made and taking pictures as well. She glanced over at me and I quickly turned away... Did she see me looking at her? . Hope not. 

** Melody's POV **
I totally love it when fans tell me they love my outfits. I actually thought my outfit: [polyvore] was a bit too much. Guess not, haha. The guys sure seemed to like it. But the only person who I wanted to hear ' You look absolutely beautiful ' from hasn't even looked at me all day.... Is he mad at me??   I took some pictures with fans and I actually gave one of my bracelets to a fan who was really quiet and not being all fangirly like the others, she thanked me before giving me a hug. One Direction has some really beautiful fans... like really really beautiful fans. Hmm .. I wonder where Zayn is, ma- . Whoa ... was he staring at me? I felt my cheeks get mad hot and I turned back to the fans, they were smiling at me and giggling ' What? ' I asked. ' Do you have a crush on Zayn? ' a girl around 16 asked me. ' A crush? Oh sorry honey. No, we're really good bestfriends though ' I said before running behind the rest of the guys. They rolled their eyes playfully and they waved as I left. Was it that obvious that I fancied Zayn ?? ' PIGGY BACK TIME ! ' I yelled as I ran and jumped on Zayn's back. ' Ah! ' He yelled before falling onto the ground. I laughed as I fall too, Zayn was ontop of me and our faces were just inches apart. I felt my face burn up as I got up from underneath him. Niall and Liam chuckled and they smiled at me. ' Shut-up Harry! ' I whined as Harry teased me about the incident. ' You know you loved Zayn ontop of you ! ' He said laughing, I turned to face Zayn and found him smiling. ' What's so funny pretty boii ? ' I said as I threw Liam's cardigan at him. He laughed and he shook his head as he handed it to Liam. ' Nothing ' Zayn said as he took out his phone. ' Nothing ' I said copying the way he said it. Zayn looked at me and then stuck his tongue out at me. I stuck mine back as I walked towards a car. ' Uhh, wait who's driving which car? ' I said. Zayn and Niall pointed to the car next to the one infront of me, Lou and Liam pointed to a jeep and Harry pointed to the black mustang in front of me. I eyed Harry and he eyed me back, I smiled as I got into the car Harry had. ' Aww, why don't you go with Niall and your boyfriend Zayniee ' Harry teased loudly as Zayn passed us. 'Zayn immediately turned to face harry and gave him a dirty look. ' Shut-up Harry, He's not my boyfriend ' I said coldly as  I got into the car with him. Harry gave me an I'm Sorry look and i smiled at him. ' But seriously, how do you not see that Zayn fancies you ? ' Harry said softly. My smile quickly turned into a frown. I looked at Harry and I felt my eyes getting ready to fill up with tears ' He doesn't and he never will Harry .... ' I said barely audible. Harry turned to face me and then looked back at the road. ' What?! Of course he likes you Melody, obviously he's acting like he doesn't because he's afraid you won't fancy him back! ' Harry said. I half smiled and I faced Harry. ' You think so? ' I asked softly. My stomach started feeling weird .. but it's the good type of weird. It's the same feeling I get when Zayn's around, butterflies . Harry smiled and he put his hand on mine ' I know it Melody. You're a wonderful girl and Zayn is 100% in love with you ! ' Harry said. I smiled and I turned on the radio. 

** Zayn's POV **
'  Aww, why don't you go with Niall and your boyfriend Zayniee ' Harry said to Melody. I quickly faced Harry and gave him a look. ' Shut-up Harry, he's not my boyfriend ' Melody said to Harry coldly. Is she mad at me ? I groaned as I got into the car, Niall sighed and looked at me ' Alright, if you aren't gonna tell her than I am. because this literally killing you Zayn ' He said. ' Don't Niall, please ' I said turning on the car and driving towards our beach house. ' She doesn't fancy me back. So what's the point of even liking her anymore . ' I said as I drove in the driveway. ' Zayn. Look she fancies you. Just give her time and actually flirt with her. Gosh, I think she's getting tired of us flirting with her the whole time ' Niall said as he got out the car.
I sighed as I got out the car. ' Hey Zaynie ! ' Melody said jumping behind me as I grabbed my bags out the car. I smiled and I looked at her ' Hello gorgeous ' and I made way for the house. I didn't have to turn around to notice that she stopped walking. ' Melody, I gotta tell you something .... ' I said as I reached the door. Melody looked at me and I dropped my bag as I grabbed Melody's hands. I bit my lip and I leaned in and kissed her. Our lips started moving in sync ....It felt so right ... 

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