Same Mistakes ~Zayn Malik Love Story~

Melody Carington has been bestfriends with the famous british boyband One Direction ever since they met one day at Starbucks, but what happens when Melody develops feelings for one of the worlds most hottest boy, Zayn Malik? Will everything still be the same? Will she even tell him? Read On To Find Out


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** Zayn's POV ** 
Okey, it's finally here. Today 1D releases Up All Night. Today is the day, we see what the UK thinks of us. Melody already downloaded the whole album on her iPod! Hahaha, she can't stop listening to More Than This. Honestly, that song is exactly how I feel about her. She loves me as a bestfriend and i can't love her more than that! It really does hurt knowing the fact that she doesn't fancy me, it really does. It's around 8 in the morning and I'm wanting to go back to the beach or somewhere other than being here. I just feel trapped here. I heard a knock on my door, who could that be ? I got up and opened the door ' Yes? ' I said not knowing who it was. It was Melody ' Hey, sorry if I woke you up . ' She said smiling. I smiled ' Nah, it's fine. I've been up for a few minutes already ' I said. She looked absolutely in her ' jammies ' haha .   [polyvore] . ' I hate Sugarscape, I swear they take things way too far! ' Melody said jumping on my bed and covering her face with the covers. ' Why ? ' I asked her. She looked up at me from her covers and handed me her iPhone. ' Just read the article ' She said as she covered her face with her hands. I nodded and started reading. The title just makes me hate Sugarscape now . Officially. 

Zayn Malik dating longtime best friend Melody Carington!?!
WHAT! ? 

Well, by reading the title you can tell we're freaking out here! We recently spotted Zayn and 1D's best friend Melody having a blast at the beach together. And yes of course they did have drama along with them. According to some sources Melody had a bit of a negative vibe with an old friend of her's. But of course Zayn was there to help her, but not in the way you would think.... He kissed her. Our pap's got some pics of the two enjoying their lips hahaha. Now we're thinking that the guy Melody had a bad start with was an ex and Zayn only kissed her to make him jealous. But hey Zayn, your famous! You don't have to kiss a girl to make another guy jealous!! By the way Melody, we loved your swimsuit. Totally looks awesome! Click next to view the pics! 

Still Zayn's POV - 

I groaned as I threw my head back on my bed. ' Are you fucking kidding me!? ' I said. Melody looked over at me and then grabbed her phone and immediately started typing non-stop. I stared at her and then smiled ' what are you doing ? ' I asked her still smiling. She looked at me shyly and then went back to typing. I smirked as I laid on my bed beside her. A few seconds later my phone vibrated and I saw she had mentioned me on twitter, oh this can't be good

Alright, @sugarscape . You wanna get the full story? Here it goes. That guy was my ex. I hate him. Zayn saw that I just hated the living crap outta him and he suggested that we make them jealous. Get that?? to make him JEALOUS. We are NOT dating. Okay. So get that straight before I file a lawsuit against you for false advertising, and yes I can do that. Trust me, I'm not mad. :)xx . Again, Me and @zaynmalik are friends! That kiss meant nothing. 

I felt my stomach drop to the buttom of the earth .... That kiss meant nothing. Meant nothing. Nothing. 
Was that really how she felt about that kiss ?? ....

Melody's POV **
I knew that Zayn only meant for it to make him jealous. I mean obviously, why the bloody hell would he fancy me?!. ...
If only Zayn knew that he was my first kiss ..... Sounds pathetic doesn't it? I'm 17 and I haven't even had my first kiss .. Yeap. Pathetic. ' Zayn, Liam sa- ' Niall said coming into Zayn's room. Niall stared at me and than at Zayn ' What ? ' I asked, looking at him. Niall smiled and shook his head ' Nothing. Since you two are in the same room i don't have to go running to your room Melody. ' Niall said. Zayn put his phone down and looked at Niall ' What does Liam need? ' he said. ' He asked if you two wanna go to California, you know go to America . ' Niall said looking at us. ' Yess !! ' I said jumping up and down on the bed. Zayn and Niall laughed as I calmed down. ' Alright ' Niall said leaving the room but came back quickly ' We're leaving today ' He said. I stared at him confused ... wait what. ' We didn't have a choice anyway ' Zayn said laughing. I laughed too and I ran to my room. California here we go! ' MELODY! ' Liam yelled from the bathroom ' Yea ! ' I shouted back running towards the bathroom and knocking on the door. Liam opened the door, he took a shower and his lower half of his body was covered by only a towel. ' Straighten my hair? ' Liam asked, pointing to his curls. I laughed as I hopped onto the counter. ' Alrighty ' I said beginning to work on his cute curls. ' Alright Melody where is my hair gel ' Zayn asked coming into the bathroom. He stopped in his tracks and stared at my legs. My legs were wrapped around Liam's waist, while Liam's back was towards me. ' Erm .. my room on the bed, I think ' I said. Zayn nodded before leaving. Once he closed the door, Liam fake coughed. ' What? '  I asked, feeling my face getting red hot. ' Did you not honestly see what just happened?! ' Liam said turning to face me. ' No ' I said before turning him back, honestly yes I did. ' Melody, face the truth. Zayn fancies you. ' Liam said. I put down the flat iron and turned Liam to face me. ' No he does not. ' I said looking into his eyes. Liam rolled his eyes and turned back around. ' Melody. Seriously even Niall notices it! ' Liam said. I finished the last curl and I hopped off the counter. ' Okay, Melody. If you let me and the guys excluding Zayn flirt with you this whole trip while we're in California. You'll see that Zayn will get jealous. ' Liam said. ... the guys? flirt with ME ? ' Fine. but I don't see what it's gonna do. He doesn't fancy me! ' I said giving up. 

Oh, this trip just got very interesting. Very .... 


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