Same Mistakes ~Zayn Malik Love Story~

Melody Carington has been bestfriends with the famous british boyband One Direction ever since they met one day at Starbucks, but what happens when Melody develops feelings for one of the worlds most hottest boy, Zayn Malik? Will everything still be the same? Will she even tell him? Read On To Find Out


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** Melody's POV ** 
It was around 6 in the morning and I couldn't sleep anymore. I groaned as I passed by the boys' room, they're all still asleep. Suddenly I felt someone's arms around me, I froze ... if the boys were in their room sleeping then who's arms are around me?? ' It's Niall, don't worry ' A voice said. I turned around and saw Niall, a smile on his face. I let out a sigh of relieve. ' Don't scare me like that! ' I whisper-shouted as I punched his shoulder. He smirked and he saw Zayn and Liam were starting to get up, still sleeping obviously. ' Hey wanna play a prank on the guys ? ' Niall said. I nodded yes and he took me to the kitchen and he explained the plan. ' Okey, the guys are gonna freak! ' I said after the plan was explained. I got up on the counter as me and Niall heard footsteps coming our way. I smiled as I tried to get into my character. Niall winked at me and then just as Zayn was stepping into the kitchen, he pretended to lean in .... ' WHOOAA !!!  ' Liam said, he was now officially wide-awake. Phase 1: complete. ' Phase 2 ' Niall whispered as Zayn stepped into the kitchen confused. Niall leaned in even more and now his lips were just inches from mine but from Zayn and Liam's angle it looked like me and Niall were completely making-out. ' WHOA, GROSS ! ' Zayn said as he made a face. I couldn't hold back my laughs anymore and Niall was completely red from holding back him too. Me and Niall immediately broke out into laughter and Zayn and Liam looked at us like we were crazy. ' What just happened? ' Liam asked looking more confused then ever. ' It. was. j-just a p-p-rank ! ' Niall finally said still laughing. I tripped over what seemed like plain air and landed directly into Zayn's arms. I blushed as I stood up again. Zayn smirked and then he poked my cheek before leaving out the door. ' Where is he off to ? ' I asked Liam who was drinking Orange Juice. ' Beach. ' Liam said taking another sip from his cup. I looked out the window and saw Zayn sitting in his car, his head was lying against the car window. He seemed totally depressed or something. I told Liam I was gonna be back in a few minutes and he nodded, he too was staring at Zayn too. 

** Zayn's POV **
I told Liam I was gonna go to the beach for a little bit, I needed to get my mind off of somethings. I had read through some of my mentions on twitter and saw a mention from Sugarscape, a popular website in the UK. '  Zayn Malik taken? The 1D star was spotted today with a mystery girl enjoying some lunch. But by the looks of it the girl sure did lov eher some Zayn 101 time.! Check out the pictures below !!!!!!! ' I couldn't believe it, I can't even enjoy a simple lunch with my cousin for gods sake without the world thinking she's my girlfriend! It took them a year and half to find out that Melody was just our best friend not girlfriend. I saw someone come out the house, I quickly put my phone away and looked up ... Melody. She came up to me and she looked at me for a few seconds before speaking ' What's wrong Zayn? ' She asked me looking worried. I shook my head ' Nothing ' I said staring ahead. I heard her sigh and then she cupped my face and turned it towards her, her face was beautiful the sun was shining in her face. She was perfect, absolutely perfect. ' Zayn, you know you can tell me anything love. Please just tell me what's wrong. ' She said, her hands were warm .... and soft. I couldn't lie to her ... not now, not ever. ' I can't even meet up with a relative without the bloody press thinking something's going on ' I finally said. Melody poked me in hopes of making me smile, but it wasn't helpful. ' Aw come on, it took them like a year and half to get the picture that I was just the boys' best friend not girlfriend! ' Melody said smiling and sitting beside me in the car. ' but i want you as mine ' I muttered to myself. ' Hmm ? ' Melody said. ' Nothing ' I said back smiling. ' YES! YOU SMILED! ' Melody said giggling. I laughed as I put on my shades. ' So the beach? You wanna come with? ' I asked her as I winked. She giggled as she nodded ' BEACH TIME! ' She shouted. 

- Skip to being at the beach :3 - 

** Melody's POV **
Obviously I was nervous about going to the beach with Zayn but I mean seriously WHO WOULDN'T ?!?!?! I sighed as I stepped out the girl's locker room and I put on my bracelets and I looked at myself in the mirror. Okay, I seriously have great style, hehe.  [polyvore] . Okay so maybe Lou taught me how to dress! SO WHAT!!! I stepped outside where Zayn was already shirtless, his eyes got big and he couldn't stop staring at me. ' Umm, hello ? ' I said giggling as I waved my hands in his face. He snapped out the trance and he looked at me, I smirked and I started walking towards the beach. ' COMEE ONN ! ' I yelled at him. Suddenly I bumped into someone, I fell to the sand below and I looked up and saw who it was... I gasped when I realized who it was .... Jason. 

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