Same Mistakes ~Zayn Malik Love Story~

Melody Carington has been bestfriends with the famous british boyband One Direction ever since they met one day at Starbucks, but what happens when Melody develops feelings for one of the worlds most hottest boy, Zayn Malik? Will everything still be the same? Will she even tell him? Read On To Find Out


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** Zayn's POV ** 
I stepped into the recording room, along with the rest of the lads. They all looked back at me to make sure I was ready, I nodded and took a one last breathe before the music started playing. After Up All Night releases, we'll see what the UK, and maybe the US think of us. ' He takes your hand, I die alittle ' I sang. For some reason I couldn't stop staring at Melody who was in the other room with our producer ... I don't know why it's just that I feel something for her. I always had, since the day we met her in Starbucks I just .... i don't know. The music stopped playing after a few minutes and Melody's voice came through the speakers. ' That's a wrap ! Guys that was amazing!.. Or should I say amaZAYN ' she said as she smiled towards me. I smiled and I felt my face get red hot. ' Why don't you just tell her you fancy her ' Louis said, patting my back. ' Because she doesn't fancy me back ' I said softly. Lou sighed and he looked at me before leaving the room. In just 3 weeks Up All Night will be released. 

** Melody's POV ** 

I smiled as the guys stepped out the recording studio. Eleanor and Danielle were pleased to see their boyfriends as usual. It's sweet that Danielle still blushes when Liam kisses her. I wish I had boyfriend who made me blush or have butterflies even though we're dating. I jumped alittle as I felt someone poke me ' Not funny ' I whined as I turned around to face Niall, Harry, and Zayn trying to hold back their laughs. ' Piggy back ride? ' I asked Niall. He smiled and nodded, I squealed in excitement and I jumped on his back. ' AH ! I thought you meant you give me one! ' Niall said wobbling alittle. I smirked ' Yeah, right ' I said wrapping my arms around his neck. He finally got his balance and he carried me in the direction of the near-by Subway. ' The usual ? ' Abby asked from the counter. Me and Abby had been best friends since we met each other at school! ' Youu Bett! ' I said smiling. ' On me today ' Abby said as I tried to hand her some cash. ' Thanks Abby ! ' I said grabbing my food. ' Anytime ' she said smiling back. I spotted Zayn in a nearby table scrolling through his phone. As usual, I thought to myself. ' Heey Best Fwend ' I said as I sat next to him. He seemed to smile ' What's up ! ' He said putting his arm around me. He never does that, hehe I like it .... well I sort of .... fanc- Ugh, no I don't. He would never fancy me back. How stupid am I ? I smiled and blushed alittle as I handed him some of my sub. ' Yummy ' he said as he sneaked a piece from mine. ' Zaynnn !!! ' I whined as I took his phone from him. ' Ha! ' I said sitting next to Niall at the other table. This is crazy, but everytime I see Zayn I get major butterflies in my stomach. I tell myself it would never happen since we're like bestfriends but who knows! My mind says no, but my heart says Yess . I'm totally confused . 

** Zayn's POV **
I quickly jumped out my seat and grabbed Melody's waist before she could sit down, she giggled in utter surprise. I laughed as I grabbed my phone. ' Don't touch my phone ! ' I said jokingly to her and I let go of her. Part of me just wanted to hold on to her even longer. Melody stuck her tongue out at me and I stuck mine back at her. Lou and Liam stared at me and then at Melody, and then back at me. I gave them a confused look and they gave me a you-know-what-the-hell-we're-talking-about look. I rolled my eyes as I went back to looking at my tweets on twitter. I couldn't get Melody out my mind. It's been like this for the past year now. ... When am I gonna tell her how I feel. Better yet, 

How am I going to tell her ?
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