The Only Exception

It's Zayn Malik before One Direction. Zayn and Lucy develop a relationship despite their popularity statuses. They love each other, but is it worth losing friends and family? Will their struggle to cope with outside forces end up in vain or will they have the happily ever after?


12. The Truth Doesn't Always Hurt


Zayn's P.O.V.

Mike stared at me after I hung up on Lucy. I looked down at the floor before I relented.

“What is it?” I asked, still not looking at him.

“When were you planning to tell me?” he asked. I glanced towards him, but couldn’t tell what he was feeling.

“What do you want me to tell you?” I asked cautiously.

“Every time I mention Lucy’s name,” he said and my head popped up. “See, there you go!” he exclaimed. “Every time I mention her name, you become more interested in whatever I have to say. I could be talking about politics and you’d be the most interested man in the world if I mention her name in every sentence!”

I laughed. “What are you trying to get at?” I asked.

“Something has happened between you and Lucy and neither of you have told me anything.” Mike stood up, madly using his arms for emphasis. “And it’s definitely not fair since I was the one that kept suggesting that you guys liked each other. I’m like, freaking Cupid in this love story of yours!” he said, nearly yelling.

I continued laughing, but stopped. “Mike, I wish I could tell you what’s up between me and Lucy, but how can I if I don’t even know what’s up.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

I pondered his words for a moment. “I mean, it’s not like we’ve talked about it. And then the only thing we do at school is wave and smile as though we’re just friends, and I know it’s because her friends would seriously not like it if we were together, but it’s really confusing sometimes.”

“Mhm,” he smirked. “What do you guys do outside of school, then?” he asked slyly.

I laughed again. “Oh Mike, since when did you get a dirty mind?” I teased. I got up from the couch and towards the door with Mike in tow. I walked towards the kitchen to grab something for us to eat. “What do you think Lucy would eat?” I asked him.

“You obviously don’t know Lucy that well. She is a master at stuffing her face with food,” he said and we both cracked up. “But don’t tell her I said that.”

“Sure,” I said as I pulled out biscuits, scones, tea, fried chicken, and as much food as me and Mike could handle. We set it on the dining table and then I flipped on the tellie and fell on the couch. “Would you mind?” I suddenly asked.

“Nope,” he said without thinking.

“You sure?” I asked again.

“Yeah, you seem like a nice guy. Her last boyfriend was a total douche bag,” he said. He sat down on the couch beside me.

“What happened?” I asked.

Mike shrugged his shoulders. “Total player,” he said. “Turns out, Lucy wasn’t his only girl, but she didn’t know that until after he dumped her by text. And then after Lucy discovers the truth, the guy has the nerve to say he wants her back,” he shook his head.

“When was this?” I asked.

“You didn’t hear about this last year?” I shook my head. “Oh, I thought it was a huge scandal. Well, as you obviously know, Lucy is a really amazing girl, and she’s able to get any guy she wants. She was really interested in this college sophomore, thinking he was beyond more mature than the other dickheads at our school, but, unfortunately, she was wrong.”

“Oh,” I said silently.

“Which is why you’re going to keep your promise, right?” he asked, turning to face me.

“Yeah, yeah, definitely,” I said.

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