The Only Exception

It's Zayn Malik before One Direction. Zayn and Lucy develop a relationship despite their popularity statuses. They love each other, but is it worth losing friends and family? Will their struggle to cope with outside forces end up in vain or will they have the happily ever after?


14. Miss You Already


Lucy's P.O.V.

For days, I felt as though I were floating on air. Saturday kept bringing itself into view even though I tried really hard not to think about it. It wasn’t just the fact that we made love for the first time because it was more than that. I got this tingling sensation every time I thought about it: Zayn loved me. And this time, it felt whole and pure.

Then, every time I was trying to relive it, I was forced into reality by some sort of interruption. It was maddening in school, especially in history. I wanted to snuggle up against his chest while he played with my hair. It seemed so simple, but just thinking about it made me so joyful.

I began spending my lunches with Zayn and Jared outside of school. I began thinking about him all the time. It was all I could do not to blurt out that I loved him as well.

The more time I spent with Zayn, the more my friendships with my friends worsened. After arguing with Sheila, I was practically shunned from the group. The guys still talked with me, but were constantly asking me what I saw in Zayn.

“What are you thinking about?” Zayn asked me as he drove me home one day.

“Nothing much,” I said as I stared out the car window. Zayn took my hand and squeezed it gently. He knew my friends looked down upon us hanging out, but he didn’t know how much of a toll it was taking on me. It felt weird not being able to call someone, anyone, when I was bored. I even texted Sheila one day and found out she had blocked me. I’ve always wondered who my real friends would be, but this wasn’t the way I wanted to find out.

I kissed Zayn goodbye and stepped out of the car once he parked outside of my house. I didn’t turn around even when Zayn called after me. I just wanted to go up to my room and cry. I unlocked the front door and was taken by surprise when I saw both of my parents sitting in the living room along with Sheila, Sally, and Robert. The tears inside turned into anger as Sheila smiled and waved at me. I dropped my backpack by the door and walked towards them.

“Lucy,” my mother said in a concerned voice. I looked at her with a confused expression.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

My dad stood up and herded Sheila, Sally, and Robert towards the door. “Thank you for coming to us today, but I think we’ll handle it from here,” my dad said as he opened the door for them. Sheila was the last to leave, but not before she waved and said, “I’ll text you later.” I immediately remembered her saying I would regret dissing her for Zayn. Oh God, what could she have possibly done?

I glanced up the stairs only to see Mike. He had a grave expression on his face and then pulled out his phone to text someone. I felt my phone vibrate soon after, and then I looked back at Mike, who had disappeared.

“Lucy, please, come and sit down,” my dad said as he closed the door and walked towards me. I let him lead me to the couch. I sat down and pulled out my phone.

It’s about Zayn, Mike’s text read. I sighed, but still couldn’t comprehend what had happened that could be so serious.

“What’s this about?” I asked, hoping so much it really didn’t have anything to do with Zayn.

“Well Lucy,” my mom began. “As you saw, your very good friends came by to talk with us.” I almost scoffed aloud when she called them my ‘good friends.’ “They told us about your friendship with a boy from school.”

I sat on the couch, silent, hoping no tears would escape. I didn’t like where this was going; not one single bit.

“We know you’re a very sweet and kind person, Lucy, but it does more harm than good if you’re friends with someone who’s hurting you.”

“Zayn’s not hurting me,” I retaliated.

“What your mother is trying to say,” my dad started. “Is that you have been friends with your little group since elementary school, and now this boy pops up and you’re ready to ditch them.”

“Dad, I wasn’t trying to ditch them! If they really were my friends, then they wouldn’t judge my friendship with Zayn,” I cried.

“They’re not trying to judge the friendship; they’re just worried about what he’s pressuring you to do!” he said.

“He’s not trying to pressure me into anything!” I yelled, standing up.

“Young lady, who do you think you are?” screamed my mother.

“I’m not going to sit here and let you run my life! They aren’t my real friends and I should have known that since the beginning!” I screamed back at her.

“Enough!” yelled my dad. “You are forbidden to see that boy!”

“Oh please, this isn’t some Romeo and Juliet love story! You can’t tell me who I can be friends with!”

“As long as you are living under my roof, you will do as we say!”

“No!” I screamed and then ran up the stairs and into my room. I locked the door and fell onto my bed, and immediately began sobbing into my pillow. I had always prided myself in behaving like an adult, but screaming out no longer seemed so childish, I felt like kicking myself. I cried harder as my father’s words sunk in. They had forbidden me to see Zayn. Now that I had, like zero friends, Sheila was willing to take away the only person who understood. It was so typical of her. Once you got on her bad side, she wouldn’t let you go. I had seen it first hand on several occasions as she blackmailed her offenders.

I felt a vibration in my pockets. I took out my phone and reluctantly checked the test.

I hope you’re a good girl and listen to your parents. – Sheila

I scoffed and wiped my soaked eyes. I wasn’t planning on never seeing Zayn again, but I wondered what Sheila meant by her text. Instead of pondering it, I decided to text Zayn, but for the first time I was at a loss of words. After a few minutes of deleting every message I came up with, I heard a knock on the door.

“Go away!” I yelled, expecting it to be either of my parents.

“Lucy,” I heard Mike’s soft voice call.

I stood up and unlocked the door. When I opened it and saw Mike, I fell into his arms and hugged him tight. Before I knew it, I was sobbing into his shoulder. Mike gently rubbed my back as I continued crying. I didn’t want to stop seeing Zayn, yet at the same time, I feared what would happen if I continued.

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