The Only Exception

It's Zayn Malik before One Direction. Zayn and Lucy develop a relationship despite their popularity statuses. They love each other, but is it worth losing friends and family? Will their struggle to cope with outside forces end up in vain or will they have the happily ever after?


9. It's a Promise


Zayn's P.O.V.

“Where are we going,” I asked Lucy.

She laughed. “Hold your horses, Zayn! It’s an absolute top secret place. Please don’t think I’m kidnapping you,” she teased.

“I’ll try really hard,” I joked back, even though she had blindfolded and was keeping me in the back of the car.

“You’ll really like it, I think,” she said. I’ll always like anyplace you are, I thought to myself. We’ve been friends for over a month now, just not really close friends. At least not yet, I mused.

“Could I have a hint,” I asked.

“Just wait, Zayn! We’re almost there, I promise.”

“What if you crash and then the car burns up?” I asked.

This got her cracking up. “Please don’t jinx me because if it really does happen, I’m blaming you.” We both laughed at that, and I shut my mouth for the rest of the drive. The car suddenly jerked to a halt.

“Did we hit something?” I teased. She giggled as she opened the car door and then shut it again. I felt the back door open as a wave of fresh air entered the car.

“Come here,” she said, suddenly grabbing my hand. She helped me get out of the car, although I did stumble over a bit. “Don’t move,” she demanded.

“Ok, master,” I said.

“Stop making me laugh, Zayn,” she squealed. I felt her fingers untie the blindfold. I blinked my eyes a few times and saw a huge cherry blossom tree hang over me. That was quite surprising, but not as beautiful as the view behind it. I walked closer to the edge, which revealed a field of wildflowers of all sorts of colors. There were gentle slopes of green rising behind them and then the clear blue sky as well. Taking a picture or finding the words to describe its beauty would be an injustice.

“Beautiful,” I whispered.

Lucy appeared by my side. “Yeah,” she said quietly. “My daddy used to bring me here when I was younger. We never talked when we got here, which used to be really hard for me.” We both laughed at that comment.

“So what did you guys do?” I said, still looking at the landscape.

“Come,” she said, taking my hand. She went back to the car to pull out a plaid blanket and some pillows. I took the pillows while she set up the blanket on the ground beneath the tree. I set the pillows down above the blanket. I looked back at Lucy who was now pulling out a picnic basket. She set it down as she sat down on the blanket. “We would first have a picnic,” she said as I sat down across from her. “And somehow, he would manage to crack us up without ever having to say a word,” she grinned. “I don’t know how he did it, but he did.” She opened the basket to reveal a variety of food. “I wasn’t sure what you were in the mood for, so I brought in a whole bunch of food.”

I laughed, “You know, your husband will be a very lucky man.”

She smiled and blushed, “If only.” I smiled back.

“You will,” I said. “And that’s a promise.”

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