The Only Exception

It's Zayn Malik before One Direction. Zayn and Lucy develop a relationship despite their popularity statuses. They love each other, but is it worth losing friends and family? Will their struggle to cope with outside forces end up in vain or will they have the happily ever after?


24. Breakeven


Zayn's P.O.V.

I was ready to quit school. I could no longer stand walking through the same door only to see the same faces and learn boring crap. I couldn't stand having that stupid bitch smirk at me every single day in history, knowing just how much pain I was in. I couldn't stand passing by Lucy’s empty seat in history. I couldn't stand the empty oak tree even though I found myself there so often.

I couldn't stand a lot of things once I realized Lucy and Mike were gone. I found myself getting pissed at everything that moved. I once drove past Lucy’s empty house and found myself in tears. Not only did she fill me with hope and love, she tore it all of when she dumped me by text. Next thing I know, she disappeared. I never heard a word from her; never saw her, no nothing. She just disappeared along with her family. I had no idea where she went. Of course, I wasn't about to ask her snarky friends where she went, so I wound up in a dark hole.

I lost Jared, Mike, and Lucy. I still couldn't believe I had lost all three of my friends. Just thinking about it got me pissed. Other people might have moved on by now, but that’s only because they have other friends to replace their spots. Jared, Mike, and Lucy were all I had. So now I have nothing. It pained me to have to leave the house. My parents became worried about me.

I walked up the steps to my house determined to get my parents to let me drop out of school.

“Zayn,” my mum smiled, but frowned when she saw my expression. “What’s the matter?” she asked.

“I want to drop out of school, and I don’t care what you have to say. I’m so sick of it there. I… I can’t do it anymore,” I said. I found myself crying suddenly.

“Oh Zayn,” my mum said, giving me a hug and leading me towards a seat at the dinner table. After a while, I stopped sobbing and wiped the tears away.

“Zayn,” my father said. “Yes,” he said and I looked up at him in confusion.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Yes, you can drop out of school, but only after you give your new school a chance.”

I sighed loudly. That wasn’t what I had in mind. “What new school?” I asked.

“Oh, you’ll love it,” my mum said. “Both you and Doniya will be attending in the fall.”

“Really?” I asked. “And if I don’t like that school either, I can drop out?” I asked, making sure what my parent’s conditions were.

“Yes,” my father said.

“Alright, I can do that,” I smiled.

“And we hope you can do this as well,” my mum exclaimed, pulling out some papers. I gave her a confused expression. “Everyone…well your whole family knows you have a wonderful voice. I saw this today and I thought about you,” she said, pushing the paper in front of me. X FACTOR UK AUDITIONS, read the paper.

“The X Factor?” I repeated. My mum nodded. I looked at my dad, who waved a hand towards mum. “I don’t know…” I started.

“Zayn, please, at least give it a thought,” she said.

“Sure,” I said, getting up from the table. Honestly, I wasn't planning on filling it out. No way could I sing in front of an audience. I went into my room and dropped the paper on the desk next to my bed. I was more interested in the fact that I would be starting all over at a new school. I wished I would like it because I didn't know what I would do with my life if I did drop out of school.

For days, the audition paper rolled around in my room, until one day, I noticed it wasn't there anymore. I didn't think much about it though, and gathered all my strength to get through the remaining school year and summer.

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