The Only Exception

It's Zayn Malik before One Direction. Zayn and Lucy develop a relationship despite their popularity statuses. They love each other, but is it worth losing friends and family? Will their struggle to cope with outside forces end up in vain or will they have the happily ever after?


3. Backstabbing is bad...except maybe this time


Zayn's P.O.V.

I was waiting in Mike’s room, which was also incredibly huge. He had posters on his wall of nearly nude ladies and then of some bands. I peeked through some of his stuff, and then I looked out of one of his windows. This one faced the backyard, where the party was being held. I saw Mike skip around the party to grab some food for the both of us. No way was I going down there just to be teased. I watched Mike walk around the crowd and back inside. I sat on his bed and waited for him. Oh, how I hated parties.

I looked in his mirror to check out my faux-hawk. I was already getting sick of the hairstyle, so I would have to figure out what I’d do tomorrow. The door suddenly opened to reveal Mike struggling with the plates of food.

“Here,” I said as I grabbed one of them. Mike closed the door behind him and then sat down on a chair across from me. I began stuffing my face with the grilled chicken, which tasted absolutely amazing. I looked up at Mike to see him smiling like an idiot. “What?” I asked him cautiously.

“You like her,” he said, still beaming.

I nearly choked on my chicken. “Like who?” I asked, shocked.

“Lucy, who else?” he said. I began shaking my head, but Mike didn’t give up. “Oh yes you do, because if you didn’t, then you wouldn’t have stayed.”

“Why didn’t you tell me she was your sister?” I said, trying to change the subject.

“I think I can make friends without them having to know about my popular sister. Thank goodness we hardly look alike, or else everybody would want to be my friend.” I lifted an eyebrow in confusion. “You see,” he continued. “Me and Lucy made and agreement. We wouldn’t acknowledge each other as siblings ‘cause she didn’t want us to be compared like we were in middle school. Moving to England gave us each a brand new slate, which is why we never talk in school.”

“But now everyone at the party knows you guys are related,” I said.

“Oh yeah, because people want to focus on the brother instead of the girl grinding on them,” he smirked and then took a bite of his hamburger.

“What’s she like?” I asked, taking another bite of chicken. I didn’t want to seem too interested or else Mike would believe he was right.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” he said, and I knew I fell in my own trap.

“Unlike you, I am a freak according to everyone at school. So why would your sister want to talk with me?” I asked.

“Zayn, even though me and Lucy have this weird agreement, you’re thinking about her in the wrong way. Don’t compare her to her friends ‘cause she’s nothing like them. She has actually defended you in many cases,” he grinned.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, wanting to know more.

“Just admit you like her and I’ll continue.”

I sighed. “Ok, so what if, hypothetically, I did like your sister, wouldn’t you be mad or something?”

“You’re wrong on both accounts. One, you actually do like her, and second, I’d be grossed out. I don’t understand why people like my sister, or at least by beauty. She’s a real angel, but God, you should see her in the morning,” he said, and we both laughed.

We ate in silence for a moment, and I was focusing on the music outside when Mike started talking again.

“Lucy and I do talk, you know. She even cries in front of me sometimes, and I used to tease her about it, but I’ve realized that it’s because she has this really big heart. She doesn’t conform to what her friends expect of her, although on the outside, it kind of looks like it. But then, when she gets home, I’m constantly reminded why she’s such a good person,” he stopped for a moment. “At first, she wasn’t aware that you and I are friends, but out of the blue she blurted out how she was sick of her friends making rude remarks about you. She told me that, even though she never met you personally, she knew you were different. And not a bad different, but a good different. She’s tried to change her friend’s minds, but they don’t listen. Her friends are actual rich, snobby white kids,” he leered.

“So that’s why you won’t let me bad mouth her,” I realized as I put all the pieces together.

“Exactly,” he said, and began eating again. I thought about what he had just said when I began to question something.

“If she’s defending me, then why hasn’t she ever talked to me, at the very least,” I asked.

Mike swallowed and then smiled. “You might not believe this, but Lucy’s very shy around guys she actually likes.”



“Mr. Malik,” I heard from a distance. Then I heard something hard slam on my desk, scaring the shit out of me. I heard the class burst out laughing as I was startled awake.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“I will see you in detention after school,” the teacher said as she began walking away.

“Wha-?” I asked, exasperated. The entire class had probably fallen asleep in this class and none of them have ever gotten detention for it.

“Nice job, freak,” Sheila sneered. I looked up at the clock. Ugh! Only five minutes had passed since I’d fallen asleep. I watched as Lucy finished her presentation, no thanks to me, and began walking back to her seat. She glanced my way with an expression I couldn’t quite put a finger on. I struggled to keep my eyes open as boring presentation after another was shown. I frequently caught my teacher staring at me with a nasty look like the rest. Why couldn’t people just leave me alone?

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