Not Your Ordinary Love Story

Allison Starlings has a crazy life. She is a normal 17-year old girl going to Maplewood High. Yeah, normal until she falls for her best friend boyfriend who happens to be Harry Styles from One Direction. Paparazzi make things even more complicated. But Allison then realizes Harry and her are truly meant to be. But no one knows that Liam Payne, one of Harry’s best friends actually secretely loves Allison as well. Can ally hold her and harry’s relationship together when Liam makes himself basically unresistable?

BIO IS AWFUL BUT STORY'S BETTER I PROMISE <3 and cher comes in starting from chapter 12 :)

~totally original, please dont steal :)~


4. Chapter 4


Harry's POV

I woke up with a start with the sound of Ally's soft voice echoing the living room of my 3-story house. "Hazza! Stop being a sleepy head and get your ass up!" she giggled from the kitchen. I laughed lightly & made my way to the bathroom. Last night we were supposed to sleep at Ally's, but the car broke down on the way. Thankfully my house was just around the corner. "Eggs are on the counter!" she shouted from downstairs. 

"Yeah yeah," I smiled to myself. My phone went off, so I wiped my damp hands on my pjs, and I reached for my phone.  Weird. It was an attachment from Sammy. "You sure you made the right choice?" And.. There it was. A picture. Of Ally...& Liam...kissing. No! It couldn't be! It had to be photoshopped. It had to be. But, how? The picture is so real. And worst yet, their eyes were closed. AND even better, Liam was all over Ally, on top of her. I stomped my feet downstairs as the fury flooded through me, forgetting to grab a shirt.  

"What the hell Ally?" I asked, walking fast into the kitchen.  She turned around in alarm.  

"W-wha-" she began. 

"I loved you! And you just go and kiss him?! I can't believe you! And it's only been what? A month?!"

Ally's POV

I felt tears coming. No no no no!  "You're misunderstanding this! We were in the parking lot and a car came, could've ran me over too if Liam hadn't pushed me out of the way! And then he accidentally fell on me!"  

"So you thank him by kissing him?!" he spattered back, furious. I saw the pain in Harry's eyes- the same pain I saw on Sammy's face that day. I held Harry's muscular arm as he stormed out of the door. Harry didn't care about the paparazzi waiting outside his house. Or the fact that he was still shirtless.  

He turned around, and stared into my eyes. "You cheated on me. Admit it. Sammy's right-I made the wrong choice," he said calmly, frustrated. He tugged loose of my arm. He pulled keys out of his pocket, and made his way to his other car.  Sammy did this?? I thought to myself. Of course. She wanted her "boyfriend" back. I then walked to my own car, shoving the paps angrily, tears streaming through my eyes. I then made my way to Liam's. 

I knocked on the door & Liam opened the door.  

His hands wrapped around me, into a tight hug. I cried harder.  "I heard what happened. The paps had it all over TMV. Come in," he whispered softly.  

"Liam! Harry won't believe me! I told him it was an accident but-" 

"Relax, he'll come to his senses," Liam told me, wiping the tears off my cheek.  

"Thank you Liam," I said, and he simply smiled. I pulled myself to Liam's sofa and switched on the tv. I needed to get my mind off of this, and rest for a bit. Then I'll talk to Harry. Yeah, that was a nice plan.  


I woke up for the second time that morning. I turned my head and gasped. Liam's hands were all over me, hugging and cuddling me. He was asleep. But smiling and - hugging me do tightly , his head right next to me, and I felt him breath out of his nose softly. I couldn't believe it. After what happened? I got up, mad. Then I woke up Liam.  

"Liam! Why?" I asked abruptly. 

"Wha-What's wrong? he asked back, still half asleep. 

"Why would you dare do that? You were like on me- purposely this time! After what happened this morning? Why Liam?" I screamed at him.  Liam's expression changed quickly, but before he could say anything, I left, completely shocked. 

Changing the gear in the car, I thought. If Liam had hugged me and slept with me like that, had he also kissed me that day at the hospital-purposely? I shook my head. No, Liam wouldn't do that to his best friend. Would he?

Liam's POV

I sat on the sofa, my hands on my forehead, what had I done? I made this problem bigger. This thing with Harry & I. I guess if Harry finds out this was on purpose, he'll never talk to me again, would Ally ever tell him? Who knows. I wish I hadn't done that. Why must I be stupid? I do love her. But that's like bad. I guess I fell for my best friend's girlfriend, and that's a problem.


I was frustrated. Why would she do this to me? I loved Ally, didn't she love me back? I was even more that she cheated with LIAM. My best friend that I've known for 2 years! We've been through so much, and... I was still driving, shirtless actually too mad to care. But where would I go? I was starving. I missed Ally's scrambled eggs... I then decided to go to Sammy's house. Call it a mistake, but I wanted to know more about the picture. Where did she get this? When could Sammy gotten this? When I reached, Sammy was outside, talking to a friend. When she saw me walk up her driveway, she winked at me. Ugh. Her friend stared at me- and my body? God, I should've worn something to make the situation more serious to Sammy.  

"Talk to ya later," Sammy's friend stalked off.  

"Where did you get it?" I demanded.  

"Last night actually," she smiled evilly. Should I trust her? The picture looked so real. Then I remembered, of course. Last night Ally & Liam were in the hospital lot alone.  Wait a second. 

"Why were you there?" I asked suspicious.  

She looked surprised, then stuttered, "I-I was visiting an ummm...cousin." Then I snuck a quick picture of Sammy's car, using my mind for once.  

I had a strong feeling Sammy was lying to get Ally back, but the picture. Then I turned around to her, "Well thanks for telling me the truth!" I smiled. If she was lying, I'd kill her...with kindness ;D 

And with that, I went home, actually hoping Ally was there, to show her something.

Ally's POV

I covered my eyes with my hands as I silently cried. First Harry and his belief that I had cheated on him. Now Liam was- no. I can't do this. Then there was a knock at the door. I swear- if it's Lia- No. It was Harry. What was he doing here? "Harry! I swear to god, it was an honest accident! He fell and I was smush-" Harry only took his phone out. 

He pulled a picture out, and showed it to me. I froze. The car! It was the same one that almost hit us last night! "Do you recognize this?" he asked sternly, looking into my eyes. 

"Harry! That's the car that Liam saved me from! That car almost hit us! Whose is it?!" I asked, my heart thumping. 

"Ally, that's ... Sammy's car." Oh my god.  

"That bitch could've hit me! Is she serious? Oh my god Harry! Please, you HAVE to listen." He looked at me, signaling for me to go in. It was now 2:00 the afternoon, and the house was quiet, except for Harry's breathing. 

"Harry, when Liam pushed me out of the way...he fell on me and his face kind of hit me, and he kissed me. But it WAS an accident!" 

"Then why didn't you tell me the truth when I came back?" he asked back. 

"Because I didn't want you to think that it was in purpose! I didn't want you to think I was kissing him back! I love you Harry! I really do-"  

He smashed his lips against mine. And then I felt him smile. I only smiled back.

Liam's POV

Well that's great. I come to Ally's house to apologize, and yup. They've already made up. I stood outside her house, looking through the window. Call me a stalker, but I was only making my way to her front door and I saw them. Thank god I hadn't gone in, or else that would've been pretty awkward. I walked away slowly, as they pulled away from the kiss.  But my leg pained me, I guess I forgot to tell Ally that my leg had gotten hit by the car trying to push her out of the way.

Ally's POV

"So you believe me?" I asked Harry smiling. 

"NOOOO," he joked sarcastically.  I laughed, he really could charm a girl good. I loved him. But then I thought was I still telling Harry the truth? About Liam doing it ACCIDENTALLY? I mean, what happened this morning with him was on purpose so, was his kiss on purpose? 

Harry saw my worried expression and asked, "Are you okay?" he asked concerned. I looked up at his beautiful face. 

"Umm, yea. As good as I've ever been," I lied. My ankle had throbbed again. 

"Agh!" I yelled, holding my leg. 

"What happened?" Harry said, bending down. 

"My ankle. It's just hurting. It started hurting about 2-3 days ago," I said to him. 

"Well," he said smiling. "Guess you'll need another way to get to the car."  He picked me bridal style, and I giggled. He smiled at me, and we went to the car to go visit Louis and my father.

Don't worry, Hazza's got his shirt on ;)

 (Three weeks later)

"Shut up butthead, I just got home," Noah's gray eyes stared me down. Noah was my 21-year old annoying brother.  

"I guess I was right, mom made a mistake 21 years ago," I laughed, finishing the perfect comeback. 

He groaned at me, but I only knew inside his head he was laughing too. We were in his room, because Mom made me help him unpack from his trip at Las Vegas. Thanks Mom.  Noah had blonde and brown hair, something like Nialler's. Noah and Niall were actually best friends. Noah also had some very unique but awesome eyes, the gray ones. They were dark, but kind. Now, my brother can be so unpredictable at times. He could be annoying-but them when it gets serious, he's pretty caring and concerned. He over reacts a lot, which is bad for me. The one thing I hated about him, was that he was SO tall. Like 6' 4". I'm serious. But when we were smaller, and we got along SO well, I asked him, "Why are you so tall?" 

And he only smiled and said, "So I can protect the ones who hurt you." I never forgot that. 

I heard a knock at the door. "Hey Acacia!" I beamed. It was Acacia Clark. (Noah's girlfriend) (pretend acacia was around 18 in this story) Yup, the model. She was beautiful. She had eyes just like mines, and curly long blonde hair.  

"Hey Allison! What's up?" she asked, her normal kind self. 

"Helping your boyfriend unpack from your trip. By the way, what made you choose HIM out of all people?" I asked quietly. 

"I heard that," Noah said, his eyes still on the clothes.  Acacia and I only laughed. Noah smiled too. 

"Guess that's it," I said relieved. "Now let's celebrate ACACIA coming back ! I recommend frozen yogurt?"  

"Hey I'm here too ya know!" Noah grunted.  

"Don't worry, how could I forget you?" she smiled, and the couple hugged.  

"Now...let's stop being all lovey dovey, and let's go to Red Mango. Noah's treat?" I asked, winking at my brother. He rolled his eyes as we walked out of the door. It was a bit chilly outside, but I didn't mind. I wanted my frozen yogurt. We went inside the store, and I saw Liam sitting with the rest of the boys at the table.  

"Hey guys!" I called to them, and I got their attention. They all smiled at me. I gestured for Acacia to come, so I could introduce her to them. But as soon as we got to the table... 

"Liam?! What are you doing here?" Acacia asked cruelly. 

"I should be asking you the same thing Acacia Clark," Liam snapped back, giving her a menacing stare. 

"So you guys know each other?" I pitched in, breaking the awkwardness.  

"Yea," Acacia answered, her eyes still on Liam.  

"We used to go out," Liam finished for her. 

"And what happened?" I piped up. Acacia only walked out of the store, taking Noah with her. 

"Liam! What was that all about?"  

"Nothing," he muttered staring down at the table.  

It was awkwardly silent for a couple seconds, and I then asked Louis how his arm was, seeing the cast.  

"It hurts every now and then. But I'm okay, thanks!" Louis answered cheekily.  But my mind was only on Acacia and Liam's little mind war just now. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Acacia's POV

That little bastard. He was here? After insulting me so badly 6 months ago? And he talked to me so rudely, like I did anything that day. He was the one blaming me for everything all the time. He never listens. I hate him.

Liam's POV

I left Red Mango earlier then the rest of the boys, but Zayn was nice enough to come with me. Ally and Harry were still there with Louis cracking jokes and Niall happily eating his frozen yogurt. But I couldn't take Acacia off my mind. Zayn noticed something wrong.  

"Man, what happened back there?" he asked me, concerned. 

"To be honest, Acacia is a frikkin whore. Sorry the language." 

Zayn gasped and said, "Okay, this Acacia is something to make Liam swear! What happened that caused you two to hate each other so much?" I sighed. I guess I'd tell Zayn. I mean, he was my best friend. 

"Well Zayn mate, it started 6 months ago. Acacia and I were going out. School was on, and we were the most popular couple. Then one day, I was with friends, and I get this text message, from an unknown number. I opened it, and it was a voice recording. Of Acacia, saying some pretty horrible things about meh. She said how she only used me to get popular and shit. I couldn't believe it. So I broke up with her. She tried lying saying it wasn't true, but it was all on the voice recording. And she's here again."

"How did you break up with her?" Zayn asked. 

"I told her off pretty rudely. I didn't let her speak nor did I listen because I've heard enough in the recording." 

Zayn looked at me. "Wow man, that's cold. But don't worry, that girl didn't know what she was doing. You don't need her, just need your best bro at your side," Zayn looked at me, and patted my shoulder. 

"Thanks," I responded quickly.

Ally's POV 

 When Harry and I went home, we found Acacia and Noah in my living room. As Noah and Harry were talking, I took Acacia into my room. 

"Acacia. What happened back there? What's this feud between you and Liam?" 

"Well, when we used to go out, Liam was the best thing that ever happened to me, at least that's what I thought. Then one day, Liam, out of nowhere started screaming at me on how using people is wrong, and I'm a terrible person. I was so confused. But then I thought of this other girl. This girl named Krystal. She was pretty jealous of me and Liam's relationship."  

"That reminds me of someone," I muttered, thinking of Sammy.  

"Anyways, Krystal made me say some terrible things about Liam on paper. She just wanted me to read it out loud. At first I didn't know what I was doing, then when I was done, I just looked at her, and she smiled. To this day, I think she was the one who made Liam act like that," she finished, sighing deeply. 

I only looked at her for 5 seconds then said, "I'll talk to Liam. I'm sure he'll listen to me, he's very understanding!" 

"Thanks Allison, this means a lot." I smiled as we went back to the living room. But my ankle wouldn't stop hurting.


Zayn's POV

"Ally!" I called to brown haired beauty in the school hallway.  

She turned around, smiled and waved threw the crowds of people swarming the school hallway. I made my way up to her. 

"What's new?" she asked.  

"You know that thing between Liam and Acacia?" I asked. I saw her expression change from happy to serious as she muttered polite yes. 

"I honestly don't think Acacia did anything. Liam said he heard this terrible stuff that Acacia said about him, but she doesn't look anywhere near that kind of person-" 

"Zayn! Acacia's not guilty! She was set up to say that! We have to tell Liam so it won't be awkward when we hang out," she said quickly, grabbing my hand walking down the hall to the gym.  I smiled, and caught up to her.  She was so crazy at times it was hard to believe she was my best friend. We went to the gym, knowing Liam was most likely in there. But when we didn't see him, she did the craziest thing ever. She stepped into the basement that leads to the boys locker room.  

"Allison! What are you doing?" I asked, looking at her. 

She only pulled me and said, " I don't want to care what I have to do! I'm getting them happy again."  I admired her for what she was trying to do for her friends, but she's stiillll crazy. When she entered the locker room, some immature, half-naked boys started whistling, but some yelled at her to get out. 

"Where's Liam?" she asked. 

The boys only yelled at her again. Then she did the unexpected. Slamming a boy against the locker, she held his hands and repeated, "Where's Liam?" even more furious.  

I stood there awkwardly as the boy muttered, "Locker 262."  

She smiled and said, "Thank you."  Damn. She gets what she wants. She took my hand once again. We traveled down the room, ignoring everyone else. 

"Liam!" she called, and the boy looked up. 

"Ally! Why are you here?" he asked, tightening the towel on his waist, his cheeks turning red. Was Liam blushing?  Liam looked at me for an explanation, but I only raised my hands in defense and pointed at Allison. 

"Liam. You have to give me 5 minutes to really explain what happened between you and Acacia," Ally remarked with determination. 

"Ally, not now, not here," Liam said, staring at the ground. 

The boy who Ally pushed earlier passed by and whispered, "You better listen to her man," in his ear. Liam, confused, told her to start talking. 

"Six months ago, when you thought Acacia said those things about you, that wasn't her." 

"How the hell Ally? It was her. I heard it." 

"Meaning, she was set up to say that. This girl- I don't know her name, made Acacia say that. Acacia thought she was reading something else. That's what you heard," I pitched in. 

"Krystal," he said. And with that, he slammed the locker, and told Ally and I to let him change an he'll meet us." 

On the way up, I asked Ally, "Who's Krystal?" 

"The jealous bitch who made Acacia say those things." Ally seemed to have relaxed now that that was over, but she was still upset.  

She stopped on the stairs. "Thanks Zayn." She smiled and walked off to Spanish.

After school, the boys and I met up. But Niall was apparently running late. "Where's the Irish kid?" I asked Harry.

"Apparently, he met some fine lady at the gymnasium. She got pushed, and when Niall helped her up, they started talking. Guess that's them now!" Louis chuckled, pointing to the exit of the school.  

There was Niall, linking arms with another girl, as she laughed continuously. She had light brown hair and she was really pretty. It was cute that Niall found someone.  "Guys, this is Ilana. A friend I met today," Niall introduced her to us. 

"Just a friend Niall?" I laughed, winking at Ilana as she blushed. 

"Hi guys! Pleasure to meet you!" she greeted smiling. She looked extremely nice, not to mention smart. She had such light skin, almost pale, which was bad for her, because it was clearly visible when she blushed.  All of us talked, and we found out a lot more about Ilana. She had a younger sister in 9th grade. Ilana also read a lot. Then I looked at Liam as he said he was going to be right back. I looked in the direction he was looking, and there she was- Acacia looking as flawless as ever. Her eye color changed to hazel in the sun, which was extremely cool. When she saw Liam heading her way, she was flustered.

Acacia's POV

Oh no, Liam. The anger came through me once again. What did he want? To yell at me for nothing again. I looked at him prepared to fight back, but he said the least expectant. "Acacia, I'm so sorry for that day. I was so frustrated because I thought you had said those terrible things about me, so I got mad that I pretty much told you off and didn't listen to you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me."  He stopped talking as my mouth hung open and shocked. 


"I'm sorry Acacia! Please!" 

"Liam, it's okay. I would've reacted the same way. I guess you should've let me speak, but it's okay. I-I forgive you.." I finished, swallowing my pride.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Allison give me a thumbs up and a wink. I smiled and gave her a thumbs up as well. Liam smiled and gave me a big hug. Everything was okay. We were happy.


~end of chapter~

-So I hope you guys enjoyed it? :p and please, would you guys mind spreading the word about this fanfic? It would mean SO much and I would live you of you helped! Don't forget to leave comments below and in my twitter (iloveloutoo) ! :) I LOVE YOU ALLL<3 

-Renuka xx

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