Not Your Ordinary Love Story

Allison Starlings has a crazy life. She is a normal 17-year old girl going to Maplewood High. Yeah, normal until she falls for her best friend boyfriend who happens to be Harry Styles from One Direction. Paparazzi make things even more complicated. But Allison then realizes Harry and her are truly meant to be. But no one knows that Liam Payne, one of Harry’s best friends actually secretely loves Allison as well. Can ally hold her and harry’s relationship together when Liam makes himself basically unresistable?

BIO IS AWFUL BUT STORY'S BETTER I PROMISE <3 and cher comes in starting from chapter 12 :)

~totally original, please dont steal :)~


3. Chapter 3


The day came where Harry and I made our relationship public. On Twitter, teen magazines, and even Facebook, pages and accounts were filled with support of the couple Harrison.

I read mentions and interactions happily sighting tweets such as :


Hello love :) Just wanted to say thank you for making Harry happy. Love you <3 xx

Harry entered my room, and curled up beside me. "I think it's time you met the boys," he whispered quietly.

I sat up, and placed my head on Harry's shoulder.


He laughed as he held my hand as he pulled me downstairs, outside, and into his car.

Harry backed out, and at that moment, tons of paps surrounded us. We couldn't drive the car, so we jumped out, locked the door and started running, with Harry's soft hands gripping mines tightly.


Harry's POV

Crap! Where's Paul? I thought as me and Ally ran down the street, hoping to make it by Liam's car which was supposed to be parked on the next block. Then, someone elbowed me in the stomach. I knew it was a mistake, but I accidentally loosened Ally's hand. I looked for her frantically, but I couldn't find her threw the crowds of people. Just then, Louis' bright orange van pulled up next to me. He opened the door.

"Get in!"


"Get in!!"

I motioned my way to he passenger seat, with paps all over me.

Oh my god. What did I do?


Liam's POV

Shoot. Well this is what I get for trying to rescue Harry and his 'girl'. But I didn't see why this Ally girl was such a big deal. It's probably one of those girls that Harry snogged at a bar or something. Now I was surrounded with paps everywhere. Then I saw a beautiful girl, who looked to be about 17, suffering from inbetween the cameras. Man, she was hot. I heaved her out of the crowd, and without a word, I ran to my car. We sat and started driving. Finally, we lost them.

"Hello love," I said politely. "What's your name?"

"Allison Starlings."

My jaw could've dropped then and there. Lucky Hazza! We drove where the boys and I were supposed to meet. At Niall's place. I saw the Zayn, Niall, and Louis stand in front of the driveway.

We got out the car and I asked, "Where's Harry?"

But Louis ignored my question and asked, "Picked up a girl on the way Liam?" He smirked.

I saw Allison blush and I muttered a no.

"This is Allison Starlings, Hazza's girl."

I saw Louis' shocked expression as Niall said, "Oh no! Harry was going crazy looking for you Allison! As soon as he got here, he took Zayn's car and left!"

"I'll call Harry," I offered. Meanwhile it was dialing, I thought about the fact of crushing on your best friend's girlfriend. Whatever.

"Hello?" Harry's voice answered, as Allison breathed a sign of relief.

"Hey Hazza. On my way to Niall's I spotted Allison. Nice job taking care of your girlfriend," I laughed easily.

I heard Harry groan as he said, "Be there soon."


Harry's POV

How could I be so stupid? And was just the perfect way for Allison to meet the boys, I thought sarcastically.

As soon as I got there, Niall insisted we go to Nandos.

We all went in Louis' van. In there, I snuggled Ally and said how sorry I was. I explained how one of those dumb paps elbowed me which caused me to let go.

"Well if you care so much about me, you would be thanking Liam for protecting me," she smiled appreciatively at him.

"Of course. Thanks Liam, for protecting my little Boobear."

I heard Louis gasp in the front seat.

"Hazza! I thought I was your Boobear!" Louis fake cried.

Ally giggled. "Don't worry. Larry's real," I laughed lighty.

We got to Nandos and Niall asked Ally, "Have you ever eaten here?"

Ally looked around trying to recognize the place, and she said, "Nope. Never heard of Nandos before."

Uh-oh. Niall's about to start ranting her. So I decided to pitch in and save her butt.

"Yeah we did Ally. Remember I took you here one day babe?" I winked, and she caught on.

"Oh yeah! I loved the food!" Ally winked at me. I chuckled. How cute.


Liam's POV

The whole time I was with Harry and Ally, I felt sort of weird. I liked Allison. She was gorgeous. And she was adorable. The way she giggled. How she became shy at times. And damn, she was fit.

I hope that when we were at Nandos, Harry didn't notice me staring at Allison like some kind of angel. Because, I'd admit, I was practically drooling.

Okay, rewind. She was my best friend's girlfriend. I really need to hook up with someone before I get things complicated between Harrison. As we left to go to the car, Harry slung his hand over my shoulder.

"You were so quiet at Nandos man. What happened?"

"Ahh, nothing."

"You sure?"

I think I needed a better excuse. So I sighed and said, "This blows. I'm the only one without a love life here."

"Well, Niall's all single and proud."

"We both know he's got his food," I laughed a bit.

It was quiet for about 20 seconds. Then Harry looked up at Ally walking in front of us with the rest of the boys, laughing and talking.

"Man, am I lucky," Harry said to himself.

"Yea. You sure are."



Ally's POV

I woke up to the sound of chirping birds on the the bright day. Normally, I would've woken up to the clatter of pots downstairs, but then I remembered. I was home alone. My parents were gone for a while and it was already Wednesday. My parents were supposed to be back Monday. Fishy. Something was up. I sat up in my bed and grabbed my phone. There was a cute text from Harry.

"Good morning beautiful :) xx" I smiled, responded, then lay my phone on my white nightstand as I went to freshen up.

I walked slowly downstairs, my ankle throbbing out of nowhere. I reached the kitchen, and my phone had fallen out of my hands to see the surprise waiting on the kitchen chair.


It was Sammy. "W-what are you doing here?" I stammered, lost in thoughts as her mouth curled into an evil smile.

"What? I can't visit my best friend who also took my boyfriend?" she sneered, tapping her nails on the island table.

"I didn't take him! You were just being completely inappropriate and not treating Harry right!" I snapped back.

"Not treating him right? You made him get hurt badly too! He had to save your little ass from that man!"

How did she know that? I put that thought aside and argued back.

"I could've gotten raped! He was just being the gentleman you don't deserve!" I shouted back, proud of what I had said.

Sammy was taken back. "You'll see... " she murmured to herself exiting the door.

What an idiot. I didn't realize my phone still laying on the floor as it buzzed lightly on the tiles below it.

Harry: Can we meet at Liam's? The boys and I want to hang out :)xx"

I responded quickly :

Me: Sure xx I have to tell you something anyways.

I hit send.

I went upstairs to get changed. I decided on a blue tank top with neon short pink shorts.

I brushed my hair and looked in the mirror. Had Harry Styles, the worldwide heartthrob really want me? The average 17-year old, not even as gorgeous as some models out there. Oh well. I guess I just consider myself lucky. From the bathroom, I heard the home phone ring loudly, and I ran, my hair half done, to the living room.

"Hello?" I spoke into the phone.

"Hey hun." It was my mom.

"Oh heyy! What's up?"

"Sweetie, don't over react or anything, but your father's in the hospital.

"WHAT?" I creeched loudly.

"Some fool ran a red light and sent your father's car flipping. He also hit another car all the way to he other end of the road. It was a huge mess."

I froze. Oh no.

"MOM! Are you okay? Is Dad going to be okay? Where are you guys? When did it happen? How long ago? Who caused this?!" Words flooded out my mouth, me being unable to stop them.

"I'm okay hun. But your Dad so far has two broken ribs, a twisted ankle, and a black eye. He's currently in a coma."

"Oh no! Mom, what hospital are you guys in?!" I practically screamed into the phone.

"Medrich hospital. Can you make it?"

"I'm on my way Mom!" I hung up the phone.

I ran downstairs, my ankle painting even more. But I didn't care about that. I grabbed my keys from the kitchen counter and headed out the door, forgetting about the boys and my half-combed hair.


I pulled up into the hospital parking lot and ran out of the car.

I headed to the front desk.

"What room is Jim Starlings in? I'm his daughter Allison," I asked the lady behind the desk quickly.

The lady searched her clipboard, and without looking up, muttered "369."

Nope I wasn't going to laugh at the number. I'm going to be more mature about this, I thought as I headed toward the elevator. I walked fast as I pulled out my phone.


An emergency came up, can't hang out. Sorry babe. Xx

I then looked up before bumping into someone. I fell to the ground and opening my eyes, I found a pair of big brown concerning eyes stare down at me.


"Ally! What are you doing here?" Liam exclaimed.

Was Liam blushing?

"I should be asking you! My dad got into a car accident!"

"Oh no. So did Louis! Some car ran a light at the intersection and sent Louis and someone else flying!"

"Liam! My dad was that someone else!"

"Oh no! Did you see your dad yet?"

"God no. I better get going!" I said, walk-running through the hospital hallway.

Liam's big warm hand held my shoulder.

"I'll come with you," Liam offered kindly.

Liam's POV

When we got there, Mr. Starlings room door was closed.

"Mom! What happened?" Ally asked worried.

"They're running tests sweetie. We have to wait at least 20 minutes to see him." Ally grunted as I shifted awkwardly.

"Mom! This is Liam, Harry's friend," Ally suddenly introduced.

"Pleasure to meet you Ms. Starlings!" I beamed, shaking her hand. I watched as Ally explained what also happened with Louis. Ally's mom said that Ally should go to see Louis meanwhile, so we ventured to his room.

The boys were inside.

Ally's POV

I stepped inside & met the 4 boys.

"Hey babe," Harry said as he kissed me lightly on the cheek.

"What are you doing here?" he asked coming in for a nice bear hug.

"My dad was also in the crash."

"Oh no! Is he okay?"

"Hopefully," I muttered, trying to not think about it.

Then I greeted the other boys & walked up to Louis' bed.

"Hey Louis! You feeling okay?" I asked, worried.

"I'm fine, thanks love. I just got a broken arm, that's it," Louis said, smiling.

"Awww, well feel better!" I smiled back.

"So what's up with your father? Anything serious?" Zayn piped up.

"Is two broken ribs, a twisted ankle, and a black eye serious?" I laughed lightly.

Niall gave me a pat on the back.

"Everything's going to be okay, don't worry."

"I hope so. I didn't even see him yet.."

"Here, I'll go with you," Harry said reaching his hand out to me.

We walked out of the room, my hands wrapped around his waist, my head laying on his soft shoulder. My dad & friend are in the hospital. What next?


Since my mom decided to stay in the hospital with Dad, Harry offered to take me home. What a gentleman! We got into the car. Harry then slammed his pockets looking for his keys.

"Dammit," he muttered. His gorgeous green eyes turned toward me.

"I left my keys in Louis' hospital room. Mind waiting here while I go grab 'em?"

I nodded as I saw the luscious curls open the car door and head to the hospital entrance.

I decided to wait outside the car for Harry.

Liam's POV

I felt like a stalker. Watching Allison stand outside the car alone. I then managed to sum up the courage and go talk to her. Her light brown hair glowed in the darkness, and her piercing dark blue eyes pulling me into a trance.

"Hey Ally," I said to her walking to in the darkness.

She was a bit startled, but then she turned around and smiled. What a cutie.

"Hey Liam!" she said cheekily, pulling her hair behind her ears. "Whatcha doing here?" she beamed at me.

I lied & said how I was on my way to the car and I saw her.

Ally's POV

The parking lot was stranded. Thank god Liam was here, I would've been scared alone. We chatted for a couple minutes & then I realized how late it was.

"Where's Harry?" I asked myself, scanning the lot.

"I have no id-" Liam began. But then all of a sudden a car came raging toward me. The car could've hit me, but then I felt a pair of strong hands push me to the ground. I then grunted feeling a body slam on top of me. And with it, a pair of lips. My eyes were accidentally closed, scared. I then slowly opened my eyes, and saw Liam on top of me, kissing me. He pulled back, shocked.

"I'm so sorry Ally!" he said apologetically. "The car was about to hit you, so I pushed you out of the way. I mistakenly fell on top of you, and-" he stopped. I felt my cheeks turn blood red.

"I-it's okay. You just saved me. Thank you. And it was an accident right? No biggie," I said back still surprised and debating on whether I should tell Harry or not.

I dusted myself off, fake smiling to see that Harry came back. Did he see what had happened?

"Hey pumpkin. I got the- oh hey Liam." Harry said. I breathed a sign of relief. Liam began to speak when Harry sighted blood streaming down my right arm.

"Baby what happened?" he ran over to me, worried.

"I-i fell. And Liam came over to h-help," I stuttered, guilt panging me in the face.

"Oh," Harry said relieved. He turned to Liam. "Thanks for helping out man," Harry said, patting Liam on the back, smiling. Liam smiled back, but you could see how uncomfortable this was for him.

Then Harry looked at me.

"You ready?" he asked softly.

I nodded and we walked to the car.

I turned around to tell Liam goodnight, but he had already ventured into the darkness of the night.


~end of chapter~

- i hope this story's starting to get a bit interesting.. Lol no? AHH okay.

-Renuka xx

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