Not Your Ordinary Love Story

Allison Starlings has a crazy life. She is a normal 17-year old girl going to Maplewood High. Yeah, normal until she falls for her best friend boyfriend who happens to be Harry Styles from One Direction. Paparazzi make things even more complicated. But Allison then realizes Harry and her are truly meant to be. But no one knows that Liam Payne, one of Harry’s best friends actually secretely loves Allison as well. Can ally hold her and harry’s relationship together when Liam makes himself basically unresistable?

BIO IS AWFUL BUT STORY'S BETTER I PROMISE <3 and cher comes in starting from chapter 12 :)

~totally original, please dont steal :)~


2. Chapter 2


We were at Harry's house when it happened. We were in his room chilling and just randomly talking. He excused himself for a second cause he heard his mom calling him downstairs. A couple seconds later, Harry's phone vibrated. I saw Sammy reach for it, but was that right?

Sammy, what are you doing?"

"What's wrong Ally?"

"Never mind...," I said.

Sammy reached for his phone, and when she saw the incoming message, her emotions flickered. I snatched the phone away from her and looked at the message.

Claire: Hey babe :) xx Are we still on for friday night? <3

I stared shocked at the phone screen. Looking in Sammy's eyes, I saw the pain and hurt.

Harry came in. "Hey guys, my mom just ordered some pizza-"

He was cut off when he saw the phone in Sammy's hand, and the tears of heartbreak leaking down her face.

"How could you have done this to her?!" I asked, upset. "She loved you!"

Harry stood in the doorway speechless. I traveled with Sammy out the door, making sure to give Harry an elbow shove on the way.


The next day was Monday, and Sammy didn't come to school. I guess she was still really upset. I felt bad for her.

I was in the hallway, near my locker, packing my books. Someone tapped the door of the locker on the other side, and when I closed it, it was Harry. Fury flooded me. "How dare you come here!" I said furious.

"No, listen please-"

"I'm serious. Leave me and Sammy alone. You know what you did was terrible. We'll never forgive you!"

"Give me just one minute to explain!"

"Okay. One minute. Go."

Words flooded from his mouth. But they were all excuses and lies.  

"Why should I listen to you?!" I asked him urgently.

"Because I made a huge mistake. I need your help!"

"And why should I even think to help you?"

"Because you said it yourself, 'nothing should get in the way of true love' . "

"Yeah, cheating is true love," I said sarcastically.

"Please!" His expression showed true sadness and determination. I didn't like seeing Sammy getting hurt, but...

I looked at him and said, "After school. You better come prepared for some major lecturing."

His eyes and face softened. "Thank you Ally."

"Don't call me that."


After school we went to the park. It felt wrong, coming here with him. He caused a huge problem. Oh well. At least he was trying to fix it. I looked up at the clouds and the sun peeking through it. We sat on the bench awkwardly, both knowing how wrong this was. Little did I know who else was watching.

"Listen, I need you to help me. I love her. I love Sammy. She was everything." An idea came to mind as I unlocked my phone and started recording. "Everyday when I see her, my heart smiles, because I can't live without her. She's my everything. And I made the biggest mistake ever." I listened to intently, trying to put myself in his situation.

"Well, you listen to me now. Do you honesty know what you did? You broke her."

"How can I get her to forgive me??"

"Well, just putting it out there, girls love when guys express their love in public."

"What do you mean?"

"Dude. You're 1/5 out of the biggest boyband in the world. I think you would know publicity. There's about 1000 ways for everyone to get your attention and apologize."

He chuckled. What? This was not funny.

"You're right." I then had an idea.

"Don't you guys have some an interview tomorrow?"

He thought for a second, and nodded.


"But what if she's not listening?"

"Trust me, I'll get her to."

We got up and walked.

"Do you need a ride home?" he asked smiling.

"Sure," I said smiling back.

Wait. Hold up. What the hell did I think I was doing. Hanging out with the man who broke my best friend's heart? What kind of friend am I?

"Harry, I got to run," I said in a jiffy trying to get out of the car. It was locked. "Harry please, I need to leave." His green gorgeous eyes just stared at me. "Harry! Open the door this instant!" He smiled and unlocked it.

I furiously opened the door, and left. "Close the door!" he yelled laughing.

I traveled back. Before closing the door, I muttered, "dipshit." He laughed.

Who did he think he was?


That jerkface. Ugh, he makes me sick at times, laughing his ass off at me. I felt my phone vibrate as I walked down to the bus stop.

I opened the text from Sammy.

Sammy <3 :

How could u do this to me?

I felt my face turn to shock. Did she find out we met?

Me :

What do you mean?

Sammy replied again as I boarded the bus.

Sammy <3 :

Like you don't know?

Sammy attached a link at the bottom of the text, an I clicked on it as I found a seat at the back.

It was a magazine article. From those crazy paparazzi.


The headline read. What the hell? I read on. Pictures of Harry and I at the park were found everywhere. Oh no.

"17-year old Allison Jennings spotted at the park with Harry Styles, the 'flirt' from boyband One Direction. The two stayed with each other talking for about half an hour, smiling. Has Harry let go of Sammy and found a new girl?"

No. No no no no no. This isn't happening. Why? What kind of sick people would do this?

I copied the link and sent it to Harry.

Then I replied to Sammy.

Me :

I can explain. Come over. This stupid article isn't what you think.

Sammy <3 :

I loose my boyfriend and my best friend. Thanks for the fakeness. Bye Ally.

Exiting the bus, I threw my phone on the floor. I was furious. A tear dropped to the floor as I sat on the bench on the sidewalk. Gripping my phone tightly.

My phone vibrated again.

Harreh :

Oh my god. I'm so sorry. Does Sammy know about this?

I sighed heavily and more tears came down as I typed in what happened.

Harry said that we should meet again, but I think that we shouldn't make this any worser. He agreed. I then put my phone on my back pocket and got up, wiping the dry tears from my face. Walking down my block, I passed Sammy's house. Should I go in? I gulped and knocked on her front door. Sammy's mom opened the door, and as soon as she saw the tears, she replied quickly, "Samantha's upstairs."

I made my way to her room, thinking about what to say. Before I could knock on the door, I heard her get up from her bed, and opened the door herself. When she saw me, she immediately slammed the door in my face and leaped back in bed, crying in her pillow. "Sammy...please. I need to explain what really happened. Harry and I...there's nothing going on. We were just talking!"

She slowly opened the door and muttered, "What were you guys talking about?" I walked in her room and we sat in the bed near the window. I opened my phone and went to the voice recordings. I clicked on Harry's. Then played it for Sammy.

"Everyday when I see her, my heart smiles, because I can't live without her. She's my everything. And I made the biggest mistake ever." Harry's soft lovable voice filled the room.

As she listened, she smiled and cried. Yay I thought to myself. I think I can fix it. Then I remembered something else. The interview! It was at 3:00. Perfect! I turned the radio on, and turned to z100.

"We're here with One Direction in the studio today!" the radioist cheered loudly into the mic. Hellos came from the 5 boys. But Harry's came last. Sammy's heart leaped at his voice.

"So, is the Harrison couple real?" the lady asked Harry, smiling like a fake idiot.

"Nope," he said cheekily. The lady sat taken back.

"I'm still in love with my babe Samantha and I made a mistake. I hope and pray she'll take me back."

"And it still lives!" the lady cheered.

The interview with the other boys went on, but I was too happy to pay attention. "So you'll take him back?" I asked Sammy hopefully.

She nodded, an we went in for a big hug.


Harry's POV

I was relieved. Everyone was happy, and the rumors about Allison and I were gone thanks to the interview.

I held Sammy's hand and hugged her, whispering a quiet "I love you" in her ear. I saw Allison on the other side. She looked lonely.

"C'mere Ally," I said. "It's thanks to you that we're back together again."

We joined for a group hug, and I smirked as I grabbed Ally's bum behind Sammy. She twinced. Wait, what did I just do?


Allison's POV

I jumped back, looking at Harry. What the hell was he doing? He just got back with Sammy. But would I tell my best friend?

I pushed back, and then pulled out my phone. I pretended to get a text.

"Umm, guys..I have to go."

"Why?" Sammy asked, smiling concerned. Ouch, that twinge of guilt hit me.

"Ummm," I looked at Harry. He immediately stared at the ground, obviously regretful.

"I have to go help my mom with dinner."

"It's only six Ally," Harry said suddenly.

Why the hell does he want me to stay?

"I have to go."

I walked away, guilt stinging me from all sides. My house was a whole 11 blocks to walk, but it was worth getting away from Harry.

Just then, a black SUV pulled up next to me. I felt my eyes being covered and I couldn't see anything. I struggled, whipping my head, trapped.


I woke up, my eyes still covered. I groaned, trying to fling my arms. Nothing. I was trapped. I screamed for Sammy, even Harry. I didn't even know where I was.

"Hello," a distant voice called.

I tried speaking, but I couldn't.

The tie was ripped from off my mouth, and I screamed, "What do you want?"

"Well you're one gorgeous fit one aren't ya?" the cold voice smirked.

"What do you want?" I repeated, starting to feel tears stream through my covered eyes.

I heard the man come closer.

I gasped as I felt lips brush against mine. I tried shaking my head, but hands clasped my cheeks. The man kissed me, and I started crying. I bit the man's lip, hard, and he pulled back.

"Aghhhh!" I heard the man groan.

Suddenly I heard a door slam open. "Get away from her!" voices a familiar cute British accent.

Hands wrapped around me, but I was confused on if it was Harry or the mysterious man.

"It's me love," a gentle whisper echoed in my ear. I breathed a sign of relief as the curly haired boy unwrapped the cloth around my eyes. I saw myself stuck in a room, probably a basement sewage room. It was gross. I held Harry's hand as he lead me out. But then something pulled me away from Harry. I screamed as cold gripful hands grabbed me. I twisted and turned but failed. Harry stormed up behind the man, carrying a brick brought from the corner of the room. Harry hit the man on the head with it, and the man fell. I gave Harry a huge hug. But then I remembered earlier events, pulled away from Harry, and gave him a nice slap on his right cheek.

"What the hell man?" he asked, rubbing the right side of his face.

"You grabbed my frikkin ass you ass. You have a damn girlfriend. Can't you control yourself?!" I screamed.

He smiled and said, "I'm sorry. I couldn't help it."

"Why do you take everything as a joke?"

"Cause... YOLO."

I had the temptation to laugh, but I swallowed it and walked ahead of Harry. It was dark. Then something hit me. "Where's Sammy?"

"Oh..." Harry's eyes drifted to the ground.


Harry's POV

I didn't want to really talk about it, but I looked into Ally's pleading eyes.

"Okay. Well right after you left, we had a discussion about the stupid paps."


"Paparzzi. Anyways, Sammy said that I shouldn't spend that much time with you in public.."


"She was afraid those rumors would start again. I argued with her saying that she couldn't control me. She can't tell me not to spend time with my best friend." I looked back down at Ally. I saw her blush.

"Overwhelmed we had a fight over you?" I chuckled.

"No," she said giving me a light punch in the arm giggling. Even in the dark, Allison glowed. Man, was she fit. We got to her house, and leaned in for a kiss on the front porch. She turned her head, so all I really got was a kiss on the cheek. I sighed, and she spoke up.

"Thanks. Thanks for protecting me tonight. I would've been done if it weren't for you."

"Who would've resisted? And you're welcome love," I said letting go of her warm, soft hands and stepping off the porch into the dark moonlight.



Allison's POV

The next day, I got up at 11 to find myself home alone with a note on the fridge.

Ally, your brother's with his girlfriend in Atlantic City. Me and your Dad arent gonna be home till next weekend. Sleep at Sammy's if you want. Be safe xoxo



Sammy! I should check on her. I grabbed my phone from the counter.

Me : Morning girl! :)

Sammy <3 : Don't 'morning girl' me.

Me : What did I do?

Sammy : It's all your fault you dumb bitch.

I was furious.

Me : What the hell?

Sammy : it's your fault I'm loosing Harry again. He broke up with me.

Me : I'm so sorry but I don't see how this is my fault.

Sammy : either you stay away from hazza or we're done.

I was mad. Why the hell was she blaming this thing on me? It's her fault for bossing Harry around.

Me : at least I have a best friend who cares at the moment. And not you. Bye .

I stomped my foot up the stairs, not in the mood for breakfast. Then, I heard my phone vibrate. Please don't be Sammy.

Hazza : Hey babe. Sammy's being a damn hoe. Can I come over ?

Me : Yes, please xx

I rested my phone on the table, and laid down on the couch with a bowl of cereal and the remote on my lap. My eyes closed again.

"Babe? Wake up!" Harry's voice echoed in my ears. I opened my eyes, and the sun from the unblocked window hit my face as I stared at his gorgeous dimples and bright green eyes.

I got up, realizing I fell asleep on the couch waiting for Harry.

"Hazza, what took you so long?"

"More threatening texts from Sammy."

I sighed. "So you guys are officially done?"

Pretending not to care, Harry muttered a no. Harry then rested beside me, cuddling me into a hug. He wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered softly, "But that doesn't matter. I'm done with her. You're mines now," he smiled at kissed my ear softly. We laid there. And I was here with the perfect guy at the perfect time.


~end of chapter~

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