Not Your Ordinary Love Story

Allison Starlings has a crazy life. She is a normal 17-year old girl going to Maplewood High. Yeah, normal until she falls for her best friend boyfriend who happens to be Harry Styles from One Direction. Paparazzi make things even more complicated. But Allison then realizes Harry and her are truly meant to be. But no one knows that Liam Payne, one of Harry’s best friends actually secretely loves Allison as well. Can ally hold her and harry’s relationship together when Liam makes himself basically unresistable?

BIO IS AWFUL BUT STORY'S BETTER I PROMISE <3 and cher comes in starting from chapter 12 :)

~totally original, please dont steal :)~


1. Chapter 1

He was a normal teen. Hahahaha, nope. But he had everything. He even had my best friend. 

Hey. My name's Allison. I'm 17 and attending Maplewood's "proud" high school. I had dark blue eyes and long light brown curly hair. I wasn't really attractive, and I was average when it came to height. I had a best friend named Samantha. Now, I have to admit, she was really gorgeous. She had short naturally straight blonde hair with light brown eyes. She was also pretty tall. She had everything. All of the boys wanted her. But only one truly had her heart. His name was Harry. Yup, Harry Styles from One Direction. He went to our school. Harry had dark brown curly hair and a smile that could light up the whole room. He was really something. I thought he was the perfect guy. But then I made a mistake. I fell for my best friend's boyfriend. And that's a problem.

I had no idea what this would bring. Harry Styles from One Direction. If I was with him, which was literally impossible, i knew it would be hard. He's one of the most famous boys on earth right now. It was hard to control myself around him, but I always felt myself shaking and my heart burst. When he held my hand, I swore to everything that we were destined. 

But Sammy, she was my best friend, wasn't she?

~end of chapter~

-So this is the introduction to my new fanfic. I hope this caught your interest. And it might take a while for the story to get interesting, but hopefully you'll stay! okay bye for now <3 

-Renuka xx

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